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by RM Barry Publications

Lice Advice (Pack of 50)

Lice Advice (Pack of 50)

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Lice Advice Pamphlet (50 pack)

How to Prevent and Treat Head Lice
Naturally, Safely, Effectively, Inexpensively

 When it comes to head lice, most parents only know one way of treating their child - toxic pesticide treatments. These over-the-counter treatments are poisons, readily absorbed into your child's skin and bloodstream. Additionally, these toxic treatments are no longer effective. Researches have found that 99.6% of lice in the US are resistant to these pesticide treatments. 

There's a safer natural treatment that research has shown to be four times more effective than the toxic pesticide treatments. This treatment uses Melaleuca Original Shampoo, Melaleuca oil, and lavender oil to kill lice and nits, and Melaleuca Original Shampoo to prevent further lice infestations.

"Lice Advice" clearly and succinctly explains the lice treatment dilemma, and what to do to easily, safely, effectively treat a lice infestation utilizing an online treatment protocol written by Dr. Zora Degrandpre, ND with illustrations on wikiHow


Lice Bytes Success Stories

I have a friend who was not a customer. She called me because I have been a nurse for 13 yrs. She asked me what to do for lice on her 7 yr old girl. She was on her way to the grocery store for the Nix lice treatment. I told her to turn around and come to my house. I showed her The Melaleuca Wellness Guide and what all it says about lice treatment. I gave her all of the products it recommends. I told her what to do. I also told her that I have researched the Nix and found in the ingredients: turpentine, ether, and a colorless flammable chemical compound - all listed from the CDC. She was shocked! She called me the next morning with no sign of lice! And now I have a new customer!!! It is just that easy! A little knowledge and the perfect products!!!

~ Kelly

My daughter got lice from school. I panicked and ran to the store for a treatment kit. I used it but it didn't get rid of them. After a couple of days my mom told me to try Melaleuca's Original Shampoo because it contains the Melaleuca oil. I had the oil and the shampoo on hand so I washed her hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I had her lay in the bath with several drops of the oil in the bath water. After a few minutes the lice were floating in the water. I used the lice comb to remove leftovers and the lice were gone for good. Now that's the only shampoo we use!

~ Candace

I have been a kindergarten teacher in public school for over 20 years. I also have been a Melaleuca customer for over 20 years. I am head to head with my students on a daily basis and the chances of getting lice are very high as each year I usually have several cases in my room. I have never gotten lice! I attribute this to my using Melaleuca's Herbal Shampoo or the Original Shampoo. And I love the smell of the Herbal Shampoo in my morning shower. It is invigorating and gets me going! Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Mary Lou

Head lice: just reading those words makes me itch! My family and I are very thankful for Melaleuca and RM Barry! We have yet to get head lice, and know full well it is because we use Melaleuca Original Shampoo! School is about to start and we all know what that means! I read an article the other day about lice and how they are mutating and becoming resistant to over-the-counter treatments. Not a worry here! It also prevents fleas, ticks and flies on our animals! We love it and wouldn't change a thing! Thank you RM Barry for your great Melaleuca Wellness Guide!

~ Londa

Melaleuca Original Shampoo is part of our head lice protocol because of the Melaleuca Oil in this product! Add a few drops of Melaleuca Oil to Original Shampoo and wash hair. Massage Melaleuca Oil into hair and scalp while still wet. Wrap in towel and leave for 15-20 minutes. Unwrap, rinse lightly and use a nit comb to gently remove eggs on hair shafts. Repeat daily for a week and then twice a week for a month. The best way is to use Melaleuca Original Shampoo as a preventative for all children that attend school!

~ Karen

My husband's daughter was very prone to head lice. We would shampoo and soak her hair in T36-C5 Melaleuca oil and wrap it in a hot towel. Wash all her clothes and bedding in MelaPower and do it all again every other day for 3 or 4 treatments. Then we switched her to Melaleuca's Original Shampoo. How do you say good bye to head lice? With a smile. Never again did we have them in our home!

~ Eileen

I started using Melaleuca products before my kids ever started school or daycare. I have always added several drops of Melaleuca Oil to whatever shampoo my family members have been using at the time. With my son going into high school and my daughter, who loves having long hair like Mom, going into first grade, my success story is - we have never had lice!!

~ Ruth

When my daughter was in elementary school she complained her head itched. We blew it off as dry scalp because the school nurse had just checked the kids for lice that day, and all was clear. She complained for a few weeks about her scalp itching. Her annual physical came up and I mentioned to the pediatrician that she'd been complaining about her head itching. He checked it and he looked at me and said "LICE" quietly. I was sick and felt like a bad mom. I found out that weeks prior to our daughter telling us about her scalp, the mother of the little girl she had stayed the night with didn't tell us other moms her daughter had lice. I was not a happy. I knew one of the risks of using Lindane was brain damage if not used properly. I wasn't going to risk that happening. Being new to Melaleuca I heard we had products that killed lice. I called my mentor and she gave me a recipe using Melaleuca products. I saturated our daughters scalp with the T36-C5 and Sol-U-Mel, wrapped it with saran wrap and a shower cap. She wore it for a couple hours. I then washed her hair with the Melaleuca shampoo and ran a nit comb through her hair. I just cried seeing all those nasty DEAD critters coming from my daughters scalp. We washed her hair daily with the Melaleuca shampoo, and every other day for a week I treated her scalp with T36-C5 and Sol-U-Mel. I wanted to make sure her scalp was clear of lice. I also washed all bed coverings and pillows with the MelaPower laundry soap, with a cap full of Sol-U-Mel, and sprayed the mattresses and carpet with Sol-U-Mel as well. Our family never had a lice problem again. Thank you Melaleuca for giving us safer alternatives to use for such things without risking the health of our children.

~ Pam

My husband's daughter was a magnet for head lice. After fighting it a few times we learned that head lice do not like Melaleuca oil. So we used what is now called Melaleuca Original Shampoo and never had the problem again. How did we get rid of the lice? We sprayed her head and saturated her hair with straight Sol-U-Mel, and wrapped it with a warm towel. I combed it all out with that special comb, of course. Washed all clothes and bedding and combs with MelaPower with added Sol-U-Mel.

~ Eileen

We have multiple lice stories. My daughter has long black hair to her waist and got lice when she was young. It was a nightmare. She was exposed to them a few years later. When we were at a salon the stylist spotted some dead bugs in her hair. She said she had never seen anyone get lice and be able to kill them before they even laid eggs. She had been using Melaleuca Original Shampoo. We were sold. During an outbreak at my daughter's college she was one of very few that didn't get lice. At another outbreak at camp she cleaned their cabin with Sol-U-Mel and Sol-U-Guard and everyone used the Melaleuca Original Shampoo. No one in her cabin got it. By mid week they were lined up at her door. Now her daughters go to camp and they ask them to bring the Melaleuca cleaning products and shampoo.

~ Ybsick

When I was fairly new to Melaleuca I read as much as I could about the products, especially the oil. I was caring for my granddaughter when a round of head lice was going through the schools. She contracted it. The itching was so severe that her head was sore from scratching, and ordinary shampoo stung her scalp! My son was very leery about using the recommended treatment, knowing how caustic it was. He and I consulted The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, and were quick to use the T36-C7, which was the grade at the time. We put his daughter in the bath and washed her hair with the Melaleuca Original Shampoo and added oil to the water. It was a remarkable sight watching the bugs jump off of her head! The shampoo and the oil soothed her scalp and the hurt was gone, and it was easy to comb the eggs off the hair. With the regular use of the shampoo there was no recurrence of the problem, as there had been in former years before our discovery of these great products. Now there are many more children added to our family, and many more threats of lice and scabies, but we know there is nothing to worry about anymore. Melaleuca cured the problem and set up a defense!

~ Faith

My granddaughter is a social worker and works with children who often have lice. She needs to pick them up, cuddle them, and otherwise be in close contact. When she shampoos her hair she adds Melaleuca oil after her conditioner and rubs it in well. She has not contracted lice in over 3 years. Also, there is lice going through a local school and I have told all the moms to use Melaleuca oil after shampooing to prevent occurrence/reoccurrence until the epidemic, yes it reached epidemic proportions, is over.

~ Iona

My daughter has long black hair to her waist. She contracted lice and we used the Melaleuca Original Shampoo and put some Melaleuca oil on the scalp with a shower cap for 20 min and Renew Oil to comb the nits out. After that she used Melaleuca Original Shampoo when going to camp. Twice they had a huge outbreak. She cleaned with Sol-U-Mel and had everyone in her room wash with Melaleuca Original Shampoo. No one in her room got it. Another time she was infected from sharing a baseball hat. The lice died in her hair before they were even able to lay eggs. So glad we have a natural way to not only reverse this problem but prevent it too.

~ YB

Our story with Melaleuca Original Shampoo has to do with my daughter. She was very prone to head lice. After treating her several times with Melaleuca products to get rid of the head lice, we started washing her hair with the Melaleuca Original Shampoo. Once we started that, she didn't get head lice any more. It was such a simple solution!

~ Eileen

I have always had long thick hair, and I have two daughters with long thick hair. I was always so scared of lice because our hair would be extra hard to work with in removal. My oldest daughter went to camp, and there was an outbreak in her cabin. Eight girls in the cabin and she was the ONLY one who did not contract lice during an outbreak. She was also the only child shampooing with Melaleuca Oil shampoo! I don't think that is a coincidence. Lice don't like Melaleuca oil. Mom wins, lice lose!

~ Jennifer

Lice kept going around my daughter's elementary school. When we switched to Melaleuca's Original Shampoo, we never had a problem again!

~ Barrie

It works! It really works! That is so important because school children are exposed to other student's lice infestation... and most people still use the toxic chemical that, of course kills lice, but is also a dangerous chemical that is rubbed onto children's little heads, only 1/2 inch from their developing brains! Melaleuca to the rescue! I recommend applications of the Melaleuca Original Shampoo with a few drops of the T36-C5, and another the following day. That should get rid of those lice pronto! And continued shampooing keeps the lice away!

~ Beth

My husband's daughter always was susceptible to head lice, and she often would bring them with her when she came to visit. We would treat her with T36-C5, rubbing it into her scalp, then covering her head with a hot towel for about 15 minutes. Then we would wash it all out with Melaleuca Original Shampoo. We finally bought a second bottle for her to take to her Mom's house to use. As long as she used the shampoo, we didn't have to deal with the head lice! Thank you Melaleuca for the great products and RM Barry for helping us to learn how to best use them.

~ Eileen

Let me start by saying that I love and use my Melaleuca Wellness Guide often. It continues to impress me with the amount of useful tips and tricks it has in what looks like such a small book! My granddaughter had gone with relatives to play with some children for the day. Come to find out after one of the parents called and let my daughter know they had found lice on their child, there was a chance our 3 year old granddaughter now had lice. After my daughter consulted her Melaleuca Wellness Guide, she called me knowing that I had converted our home 100% to Melaleuca, and asked if we could use the products needed which included Sol-U-Mel cleaner. Considering what I've learned about not only the "brand name" cleaning products, but the lice products as well, I was very concerned about putting ANY chemicals on such a sensitive area of a child. Imagine my relief and delight when I followed The Melaleuca Wellness Guide's advice, used the Melaleuca products, and was yet again rewarded with what has now become expected when using Melaleuca products - positive results! No redness or irritation, as well as no more lice. Thank you yet again Melaleuca for providing effective and safer alternatives.

~ Kim

We have multiple lice stories. My daughter has long black hair to her waist and got lice when she was young. It was a nightmare. She was exposed to them a few years later. When we were at a salon the stylist spotted some dead bugs in her hair. She said she had never seen anyone get lice and be able to kill them before they even laid eggs. She had been using Melaleuca Original Shampoo. We were sold. During an outbreak at my daughter's college she was one of very few that didn't get lice. At another outbreak at camp she cleaned their cabin with Sol-U-Mel and Sol-U-Guard and everyone used the natural shampoo. No one in her cabin got it. By mid-week they were lined up at her door. Now her daughters go to camp and they ask them to bring the Melaleuca cleaning products and shampoo.

~ YB

I began using Melaleuca Original shampoo 4 years ago after returning from a mission trip with head lice. I had also read that it helps with hair loss in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide. I was having trouble with hair loss, so decided it would be worth a try. I have found that it does help, as each time I wash I do not lose as much hair, and the areas of loss have not increased, and I am thankful for that. I went on the same mission trip last year and didn't get head lice and all the other participants also used the shampoo as protection with no one getting head lice.

~ Nancy

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Great Advice!

We had lice in our household this past winter and the Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo with a couple drops of Melaleuca Oil not only killed the lice but kept them away when the kids were exposed again this spring

Ruth Ann Gingerich
Great Brochure to hand out!

These brochures are great for handing out to customers and to potential customers!

Fiona Saunders
Lice advice

Awesome , informative and non toxic even better.

Lice advice

Really good for natural ways to treat people that get lice. It works! This pamphlet helps you understand why non pesticides are better and healthier.

Susan Young
Lice advice

My neighbors appreciate the lice advice I sent them.

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