About RM Barry Publications

Richard Barry, together with his wife Tina, reached Director III status at Melaleuca, balancing this with part-time work. His earlier career in the chemical industry, where he developed a keen awareness of the dangers of toxic chemicals in household products, led him to publishing. This new path began with his successful pamphlet, 'Let's Stop Poisoning Our Children!', which sold over 2 million copies and marked the start of RM Barry Publications.


The Ultimate Guide for Melaleuca

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide - 16th Edition is a concise 320-page guide detailing over 200 health solutions, 150 cleaning solutions, and 85 pet remedies using Melaleuca products and tea tree oil. It covers health conditions, home care, pet care, essential oils, and the impact of toxic chemicals in household products, along with product indexes for easy reference.

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The Melaleuca Quick Reference

The Melaleuca Quick Reference Guide is your compact 64-page ally for health and home care, answering common questions about Melaleuca products. Packed with remedies for health issues, home care problems, and pet ailments, this guide makes Melaleuca wisdom always accessible, right from your purse or planner.

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Melaleuca Healthy Animals & Garden Solutions

The Melaleuca Healthy Animals and Garden Solutions guide is your compact, go-to resource for holistic animal and garden care. Packed with proven remedies for over 120 ailments in pets, horses, and farm animals, and 40 solutions for thriving gardens, it helps you maximize your use of Melaleuca products, all within a convenient 64-page booklet.

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Built on Solid Principles: The Melaleuca Story

"Built on Solid Principles: The Melaleuca Story" is an engaging narrative of Melaleuca, Inc's remarkable transformation under Frank L. VanderSloot. The book chronicles its rise from a struggling enterprise to a $2 billion industry leader, spotlighting VanderSloot's journey from a humble country boy to an innovative business leader. It's a testament to how core principles and integrity can drive astounding success in business.

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The CleanGleam Electric Scrubber

Perfect with Melaleuca products, the CleanGleam Scrubber makes every clean-up effortless. From home to car, achieve a spotless shine with ease.

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