About RM Barry Publications

RM Barry Publications is a niche-market publisher of books, audio, video, booklets and pamphlets all about the wellness revolution. We focus on educating the public about toxins in household cleaning products and educating Melaleuca Inc. customers about Melaleuca's product uses. 

Meet Richard Barry   

Richard M. Barry
Owner, RM Barry Publications

Richard BarryRichard Barry joined Melaleuca in 1991. He and his wife, Tina, achieved Director III status gradually working part-time before Richard decided to dedicate himself to publishing. Working in the chemical industry, Richard developed a keen interest in the health effects of toxic chemicals, many of which appear in common household products. Richard's first pamphlet, Let's Stop Poisoning Our Children! quickly became very popular and RM Barry Publications was born. This first pamphlet has now sold well over 2 million copies!

Richard was further inspired in 1996 by a conversation with Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca's president and CEO, and quickly established relationships with authors Dr. Clark Hansen and Debra Lynn Dadd to begin the process of expanding his company's line of publications.

In 1996, Richard got the idea for a book about the Melaleuca company history. Over the years, he had collected information from various sources on the history of the company, and the background of Frank VanderSloot. Everything he learned convinced him further that there was something special about this company, and the story needed to be told — especially for those who were new to Melaleuca. After almost two years of research and numerous drafts, Built on Solid Principles, The Melaleuca Story was finally published in 1998.