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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Welcome Package
by Various Authors

Welcome Package

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Group of Four Publications

Have you ever wondered how you can keep the customers you've worked so hard to enroll? Well, one of our customers came to me and asked if we could put together a package of our publications that she could send to her new enrollees as gifts. Oh, ... and she didn't want to spend more than about $5 per customer. A tall order to be sure!

We came up with something that we thought would be appropriate. It turned out to be just what she needed, and she'll tell you it's helped her to make her customers among the most loyal in Melaleuca, Inc. Many of her business-builders have now duplicated her efforts and are having the same success. The small investment they make comes back to them in the form of higher reorder rates, higher average order size, and more active business building organizations.

The Welcome Package includes one of each of the following publications:

  • Melaleuca Quick Reference 64 page booklet
  • Let's Stop Poisoning Our Children! pamphlet
  • Please Protect Yourself From Household Toxics pamphlet
  • Toxin Checklist two-part form
  • A gift card