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Coronavirus - Most Important Video You May Ever See

Originally published APRIL 2, 2020

Dr. David Brownstein is a Board-Certified family physician and is one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI. Here is a video of an interview with one of his patients. This video is very enlightening regarding the differences between the "conventional medicine" approach and the natural holistic approach to medicine ("Germ theory vs terrain theory").  


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Prepare Your Internal Terrain for Coronavirus

Originally published March 28, 2020

In my newsletter #371 last week I introduced you to the "Germ Theory" and the "Terrain Theory." If you missed this newsletter, click here to read it.  If you don't want to read the entire newsletter, please take a look at this short video by Dr. John Bartemus which will give you the basic idea.

Melaleuca, Inc is definitely a company focused on "terrain." Terrain refers to your internal environment or internal health. In this newsletter, when we talk about "terrain" we are referring to your body's ability to fight off disease, specifically viruses. Our task right now is to make our internal environment a "hostile terrain" for germs like the Coronavirus. In this newsletter we will cover two simple strategies that will work together to help ward off this virus, or help you to recover should you be infected.

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Coronavirus – Germ Theory Approach or Terrain Theory Approach?

Originally published March 19, 2020

When it comes to our health, the Western world has largely adopted the germ theory, meaning we need to identify and destroy anything we deem as a foreign invader, as it is directly responsible for causing disease. However, there is another theory called the terrain theory, which believes that it is not the “germ” that determines disease, but rather, the state of our internal health and its ability to maintain homeostasis in the face of “unfriendly” organisms.

Let’s look into each theory a bit further to determine which theory we should adopt when trying to be healthy, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus—Hopeful Information

Originally published March 14, 2020

It looks like coronavirus (COVID-19) could be around for a while. As long as it is the top news item and the topic of conversations, I will continue doing research to discover concrete steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here are some things I learned this week.

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Natural Insect Repellent

Medline Plus warns that breathing or swallowing DEET bug spray can cause poisoning. And even pyrethrins bug sprays can cause problems. We also learn that DEET is especially dangerous to small children.

Special precautions are advised when products containing DEET are used on kids. Low doses should be used sparingly, and not used on kids' hands or face. The product should be applied in an open area to avoid breathing it in. And a child's skin should be washed with soap and water after coming indoors. The clothing the child wore when DEET was applied should be laundered before it is worn again.

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