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Practical Guide to Essential Oils
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Practical Guide to Essential Oils

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Practical Guide to Essential Oils 

with References and Traditional Uses (80 page booklet)

Plants have been used for thousands of years to help heal, soothe and alter moods. We can imagine early man experimenting with stems, leaves, barks and roots, noting which reduced pain, which reduced swelling, which were calming, and which were stimulating. By trial and error remedies were discovered, and cherished traditional treatments were passed on from generation to generation.

An “essential oil” is the highly concentrated “essence” of the plant from which it was derived. Today research is beginning to explain some of the mystery behind the art and science of essential oil therapy. Clinical studies are currently underway, and many of these studies confirm the remarkable healing properties of essential oils.

Practical Guide to Essential Oils was written for those who are just beginning to experiment with the healing properties of essential oils. Designed as a primer, it gives the reader a basic understanding of what these natural wonders are, and what they can do. Each chapter is written as an introduction to one of the more commonly used essential oils, explaining how that oil has been traditionally used, how it is used today, and what research there is to confirm its effectiveness. Scientific studies and supportive articles are referenced for additional reading.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: The Best of Science and Nature
  • Chapter 2: Bergamot
  • Chapter 3: Cedarwood
  • Chapter 4: Cinnamon Bark
  • Chapter 5: Clove
  • Chapter 6: Eucalyptus
  • Chapter 7: Frankincense
  • Chapter 8: Geranium
  • Chapter 9: Grapefruit
  • Chapter 10: Jasmine Absolute
  • Chapter 11: Lavender
  • Chapter 12: Lemon
  • Chapter 13: Lemongrass
  • Chapter 14: Marjoram
  • Chapter 15: Myrrh
  • Chapter 16: Orange
  • Chapter 17: Oregano
  • Chapter 18: Patchouli
  • Chapter 19: Peppermint
  • Chapter 20: Rosemary
  • Chapter 21: Sandalwood
  • Chapter 22: Tea Tree Oil
  • Chapter 23: Wintergreen
  • Chapter 24: Ylang Ylang