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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Melaleuca Healthy Animals & Garden Solutions

Melaleuca Healthy Animals & Garden Solutions

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64-page booklet   

The Melaleuca Healthy Animals is a handy version of our healthy animals and garden solutions found previously published The Melaleuca Wellness Guide editions. This booklet answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of Melaleuca products for horses, cats, dogs, gardens, and much more! 

In the Melaleuca Healthy Animals you'll find:

  • Recommended uses for Melaleuca products based on the experiences of veterinarians, farmers, ranchers, horse and pet lovers, and gardeners.
  • Over 80 ailments common to dogs and cats with remedies recommended by veterinarians and pet lovers.
  • Over 40 ailments common to horses with proven remedies.
  • Also sections for cattle, calves, cows, chickens, goats, hogs, pigs, piglets, sheep, lambs, and turkeys.
  • And over 40 recommended solutions for healthy gardens and trees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kristen Garnier

Melaleuca Healthy Animals & Garden Solutions

Matthew Arnold
Smaller than I thought but...

There is some excellent information that is useful.

Amy Bray
Great book on animal care!

Love how many ways products can be used... Safer for the animals and work better than store bought stuff. Love it!
Best products to use to help us and all living things. Great details in this book!

Natalie Morrison

A wonderful resource to have at your fingertips!

Peggy Murphy

I think it is EXCELLENT. I am very impressed with the information and that many of the Melaleuca products for animals uses are interchangeable with the products I purchase for my own usage. Every person, whether they have animals or not are absolutely astounded with the recommendations suggested for the animals and pets. I'm so happy for this book. I love animals and am already using several of the suggestions for my two cats, yard, garden and flowers.