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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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What's Your Favorite EcoSense Product?

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The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that when we pick up a product at the local grocery store most of us like to think we are getting something that has been tested and proven to be safe. After all we have laws to protect our health and safety, don't we? Actually the government has very limited power to regulate manufacturers, or require testing of their products.

Chemicals can cause death, cancer, central nervous system disorders, learning disorders, birth defects, respiratory illness, and many other health problems. Disturbingly another potentially harmful class of chemicals known as glycol ethers are found in some products that are sold as "green" cleaning products. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that the general public may be exposed to glycol ethers through the use of cleaning products, soaps, and cosmetics.

This article tells us of the prevalence and dangers of glycol ethers. We learn that cleaning with a product containing this type of chemical can cause glycol ethers to be absorbed by inhalation. Glycol ethers can also be absorbed through the skin. And wearing gloves does not guarantee skin protection, as these powerful chemicals can pass through natural rubber gloves, and most types of plastic gloves.

The EcoSense lines of household cleaners do not depend on harsh alkaline chemical reactions. Instead, soil is dissolved and rinsed away by the use of natural enzymes, solvents, and surfactants. They do not contain surface damaging abrasives, bleach, ammonia, phosphates, or glycol ethers.

Harmful chemicals may be everywhere, but when we make safer choices we improve the environment where we spend the most of our time — our homes, and thereby lighten our toxic chemical exposure.

~ Richard M Barry

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

The cover of the Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Widely recognized as the definitive resource for the many questions about uses of Melaleuca products, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide features over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 215 suggestions for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals.

Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have found that when they make sure their new customers have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, they are happier with their choice to switch stores. Using The Melaleuca Wellness Guide helps people understand the many applications for Melaleuca products. Understanding of the products helps create product-centered organizations which have higher average order size and retention rates.

Favorite EcoSense Product Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I am writing about the wonderful experience I have had with Melaleuca's MelaPower laundry product. Last year when my medication changed, I had a severe outbreak of acne. Nothing worked clearing it up, so after about a year I went to see a dermatologist. One of his recommendations was to change to natural soaps. The acne was not only on my face but my body. After a short time using the MelaPower I was free of 98% of the acne. This was one wonderful phase of clearing up my problem. Without Melaleuca I would still be dealing with this. It is amazing how helpful changing to the Melaleuca products has been for my health, both internal and external. Great job Melaleuca, much to be thankful for.

~ Rebekah

It would be hard to pick just one favorite EcoSense product. I started with Melaleuca about 6 months ago and the Sol-U-Guard was my primary interest in the products. I operate a kennel. The use of safe products for my pets and my clients pets are a priority. The opportunity to be able to clean safely and not breathe in chemicals when doing that is so wonderful. I could never go back to using more toxic cleaning products again. We are so excited to be part of the Melaleuca family and promote a safe environment for my client's pets, my champion show dogs and their pups, my own health as well as the planet. You could not ask for anything better. We take it on the road in spray bottles as well. Thank you Melaleuca.


I have been a Melaleuca customer since 1995, starting with the EcoSense line based on safety for us and the environment, and the fact that the products work! I taught Biology and Environmental Science at the High School level for 3 decades, so I do have an appreciation for the science and research of all the company products. I would have to say that Sol-U-Mel is my favorite in this line because of its huge number of uses. Perhaps it will help others know that it is wonderful for removing permanent marker from overhead transparencies and laminated posters, not to mention many other surfaces! I am also fond of using it in the summer as an insect repellant, and take it traveling to spray around hotel rooms ... on light switches, pillows and bedspreads, and remotes ... There's just no other product in the marketplace like it!


My favorite EcoSense product has got to be the PreSpot. I bought my two year old grandson new pajamas. He ate Oreos and turned the once white top black! The pajamas were washed and dried several times before we were introduced to Melaleuca. Of course the stain was really set in after months of repeated washing and drying, but we figured if this could even lighten the stain a little we would be thrilled. One use, ONE USE and it was GONE! We were beyond thrilled and share our story with every mom we know. Thanks Melaleuca, you have a lifetime customer in me!

~ Starlene

Hi, my favorite EcoSense product is the MelaPower which my daughter and I have been using for about 5 years. Her son had asthma and was on an inhaler, but since she has changed to MelaPower he has not needed to use it. I have found my asthma also is worse when I have stayed away from home with people who don't use these products. I also love the fresh smell of my newly washed clothes.

~ Rae

It's so hard to choose just one when they are all wonderful! But I would have to say the MelaPower, because it helped my daughter stop itching, and introduced me to the wonderful world of Melaleuca!! So thankful for being introduced to it in April of this year!

~ Jennifer

My favorite EcoSense product is the laundry detergent. It is so concentrated (6X), you use so little for a full load of laundry. My clothes have never been so clean and they smell great too, but not overpowering like most other detergents. The whites are no longer dingy and gray. One thing I noticed almost immediately, after starting to use the detergent three and a half years ago, is that there is much less lint in the dryer lint catcher. That is how I know that the EcoSense detergent isn't damaging my clothes like other detergents.

~ Renee

My favorite EcoSense product is Sol-U-Mel. One of my dogs had an accident in the house on a rug in my hallway. I stepped in it, and not knowing what I had done, walked into my bathroom where I have light orange rugs. I saw it and just knew there was no way it was coming out. I sprayed some Sol-U-Mel on it and it came out. I didn't have to do it a second time. I couldn't believe it! Last night I was messing with my fireplace and my whole right hand got black. I washed my hands, but it didn't come out. I put some Sol-U-Mel on it and it came out. Love Sol-U-Mel and all Melaleuca products!!

~ Cindy

As a new Melaleuca marketing representative, I was excited to try all the products from my Melaleuca Essentials Pack. Almost immediately, my son's actions provided me with a seemingly impossible stain to remove from his bedroom carpet. His discarded "empty" bottle of thick, chocolate protein drink leaked onto his carpet, leaving deep, hardened, dark chocolate stains. Pushing away my skepticism, I forged ahead with my newly mixed bottle of Sol-U-Mel. Relying on past experiences from traditional store-bought cleaners, all I hoped for was a lesser-degree of stain. When I finished and was left with a completely stain-free carpet, I was seriously amazed! What a remarkable product! Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Lynn

I would have to say that the Tub & Tile is my favorite EcoSense product. My then 3 year old daughter decided to "clean" my 10 month old son with Tub & Tile, even though the cleaners were locked up. This was the first time she learned to unlock the cupboard. I am so glad that I decided to change the cleaners in the spray bottles to a safer alternative. He came out with Tub & Tile all over his head, in his eyes and his mouth. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had been anything other than EcoSense cleaners. Well he was the cleanest and still the happiest little guy.

~ Michelle

Sol-U-Guard has to be my favorite EcoSense product. This summer our home was flooded during our warmest weather. We had no electricity, and because our whole town was flooded, we had to evacuate and returned after 10 days. When we returned the fridge and freezer were in a horrendous state and the smell was unbelievable. Most people taped them shut and disposed of them. I decided to empty them and then sprayed them with Sol-U-Guard (we didn't even have water at this point). We returned 2 days later and there was absolutely NO ODOR in either the fridge or freezer ... the germs were ALL GONE!! Thank you Melaleuca ... you saved our appliances!

~ Heather

It is hard to pick just one product to be my favorite. But I must say that I have fallen in love with Sol-U-Mel. I have a very impulsive son, and never know what he is going to write on next. We have had crayon on walls, permanent marker on furniture, and many others. The worst was blue dye in my dryer. So I put Sol-U-Mel to the test. With a little scrubbing I was able to get all of the dye out of my dryer, and it no longer looked like a Smurf homicide scene. While I was scrubbing, it splashed back and got me right in the eyes. I wear contacts and so I instantly pulled back and squeezed my eyes shut. I realized that they didn't hurt or burn and slowly blinked them open. They didn't bother me at all. I took my contacts out as a precaution and then decided to call poison control. They told me that I didn't have anything to worry about with it being a Melaleuca product. So then I asked what would have happened if I was using bleach or Lysol. They said that my contacts would have burned to my eyes and I could have possibly lost my eyesight. I am so thankful that I have found this company, and that I no longer have to worry about what is in my home!

~ Sarah

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