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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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What Are Your Favorite Baby Care Tips?

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Our modern world provides many conveniences and benefits, but those conveniences can come with cautions. Fortunately research-based information can help us make healthier choices especially for those most vulnerable, our babies and young children.


Potentially hormone-disrupting phthalates are found in lotions, personal care products and children's toys. According to research, pregnant women with higher exposure to phthalates, have children with more behavioral problems and lower test scores. Rodale News notes that while we likely will not find phthalates listed on product labels, they hide inside the majority of personal-care products, air fresheners, scented candles, laundry products and more. Thankfully all Melaleuca's products are phthalate and BPA free.

More Cautions

Another study warns that well-child doctor visits are a risk for contracting flu-like illnesses within two weeks of the visit. When visiting the doctor, try not to let your child play with the office-toys. And most importantly wash hands as soon as possible.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide advises us to not put a child to bed with a nursing bottle of fruit juice or formula. This is the most common cause of dissolved baby teeth. As soon as the baby teeth appear, brush with sugar-free Koala Pals Training Tooth Gel.

Healthy Tips

By breastfeeding, a mother passes to her baby good bacteria from her immune system. If a mother has an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria, she may pass unhealthy bacteria to her baby. This article reports that taking probiotics during pregnancy and lactation may reduce the risk of eczema and colic. Florify contains a blend of 5 billion colony units of "good" Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis.

Koala Pals Tear-Free Body Wash, Koala Pals Conditioning Tear-Free Hair Wash, and Koala Pals Hand Wash will gently wash away dirt and germs from your little ones using natural cleaning and moisturizing botanicals such as coconut and oats. Koala Pals are especially formulated to be safe and gentle for baby's sensitive skin. They also do not contain formaldehyde, quaterium-15, DMDM hydantoin, 1,4 dioxane.

For diaper rash or baby-eczema use Renew Intensive Skin Therapy applied to baby after towel drying. Renew will help form a natural protective skin barrier. Three recipes for baby wipes can be found in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide.

Our babies are precious…only the safest products will do for baby and mother.

~ Richard M Barry

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Widely recognized as the definitive resource for the many questions about uses of Melaleuca products, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide features over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 215 suggestions for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals.

Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have found that when they make sure their new customers have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, they are happier with their choice to switch stores. Using The Melaleuca Wellness Guide helps people understand the many applications for Melaleuca products. Understanding of the products helps create product-centered organizations which have higher average order size and retention rates.

Baby Care Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I have a few favorite baby care things! First off, by just not having the chemicals in our Koala Pals Hair and Body Wash, plus none in our detergents and everything else, our babies rarely ever have diaper rash! Plus NEVER yeast infection! When they are teething is about the only time that they get a little bit of a rash, so we use Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion in replacement of diaper rash ointment. Clears it up in less than a day! Then we make our own baby wipes thanks to the RM Barry's The Melaleuca Wellness Guide (We tweaked the ingredients slightly). We use select-a-size Bounty paper towels (roll cut in half). Works wonderful, even on the biggest messes. Plus it's the perfect size for a baby wipe! When the kids get sick, we rub Pain-A-Trate on their feet (instead of Vicks), after a bath in Renew Bath Oil, with either footie jammies or socks. Also when they're sick, we put a couple of capfuls of Sol-U-Mel in a humidifier in their room. They don't stay sick for long! Plus it keeps their lungs clear and the bath oil helps activate their immune systems. We will never shop at any other store ever again!

~ Misty

I have been using Melaleuca for the past 2 years now and it has been amazing. I started using it when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. Little did I know at the time how much I would fall in love with the products. I converted my house immediately to the cleaning products so that it would be safe for my little one. As he has grown up, the 3 main products I use on him are the MelaGel, Renew Lotion, and Koala Pals Body Wash (bubble bath). The MelaGel has been amazing for when he has a cough. I rub it on the bottom of his feet before he goes to bed and he sleeps soundly without any cough. He loves the bubble bath, and I love that it a safe bubble bath for him. And it makes his skin smell and feel great. The Renew Lotion has been such a great product. We use cloth diapers and can't use any diaper ointments. Anytime I see the start of diaper rash, I put the Renew Lotion on him, and the next day it is gone. I also use it on his little eczema patches and they clear up overnight. Thank you Melaleuca for making such amazing products that are safe and work phenomenal!

~ Natalie

I have a one year old son that has really dry skin! When he was a small baby, only a couple months old, he would have really bad diaper rashes that would break open and bleed! It was just awful, and he would cry! I asked his doctor for something, and what she gave me never helped at all, and I was a little worried about putting such a strong cream on such a little baby! So I asked my mom, who is a Melaleuca customer who shows others about the business. Anyway she told me about the Bath Oil and Renew Lotion! It worked so well that I could put him in the tub with the oil in it and let him play awhile! After getting him out, I would put on the lotion. By the next morning he would be totally better! I love Melaleuca! With small children the cleaning products are wonderful. I am just so thankful for something that won't hurt my babies! Thanks Melaleuca!

~ Juli

We use the Renew Body Wash for our grandchildren.They smell so good without the perfumes, and definitely without the quaterium-15 (formaldehyde) that is in some other baby shampoos. Since little ones put everything in their mouths, I am so glad that they are just chewing on clean bath toys instead of getting chemicals and toxins on the toys. Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Vicki

The Renew Lotion is the best for diaper rash. What's funny is the grandbabies know where the lotion is when they are hurting down there. They know that it will help them. My daughter would not use the products for years until she had kids. One night her husband had changed their daughters diaper and she had diaper rash. Constance told him to put Renew on. Of course he thought "this won't work." But the next morning he was so amazed because the rash was gone. It is the best product Melaleuca makes.

~ Beverly

I have a 6 month old daughter, and feel good using my Melaleuca cleaners knowing they will not harm her. She has two teeth now, and I'm so glad I have a safe apple gel to brush them. What I love about Melaleuca products is the multi use of them. The PreSpot works great for baby stains. With a baby, "blow-outs" are pretty common. I don't always have time to go to the laundry room and PreSpot those "mustard" diaper stains. Often I just go to the bathroom and grab whatever I get to first, liquid hand soap, bath bar, Affinia shampoo, and the like; and rub a bit, and the stain is out. That's why I like Melaleuca. It all works, whatever I take to use for wherever I like or have handy at the moment.

~ Heidi

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