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Tea Tree Oil for Wound Care

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Most minor wounds are caused by accidents or falls and can be easily treated at home. However an animal bite can cause wounds with a greater risk of infection. Approximately 4.5 million dog bites and 400,000 cat bites occur each year in the United States. Dogs and cats cause damage and infection by different means. Dogs with their rounded teeth and strong jaws can cause deep tissue damage by exerting over 200 pounds per inch.

Cat bites can cause more serious infections than dog bites because their teeth are sharp and capable of infecting an area around a joint or tendon with bacteria. A study found that about one out of three people who were treated at Mayo Clinic for a cat bite to the hand had to be hospitalized, and most needed surgery to clear out bacteria and infected tissue. Bites over a joint or tendons that were red, swollen and painful tended to require hospital admission.

A cat or dog bite, or even a scratch, can transmit antibiotic resistant staph bacteria (MRSA). Interestingly people can also transmit staph bacteria to their pets. If antibiotic resistant staph enters the skin through a wound it can cause a life threatening infection.

First Aid

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that cat bites and scratches from all animals, and man, promote infection. Cat bites and scratches are among the worst. Because of the high population of bacteria growing on the claws, scratches can be particularly bad. Immediately wash the area with Sol-U-Guard Botanical Hand Wash or the Gold Bar. Apply a few drops of Sol-U-Mel to the wet washcloth for additional disinfecting. Apply straight T36-C5 to deep and bleeding wounds to speed drying and to slow bleeding. Apply MelaGel to a sterile bandage and cover.

T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil is a very effective first aid treatment for a cat or dog bite. It naturally reduces infection risk, and soothes irritated skin. It has been tested for effectiveness against antibiotic resistant staph (MRSA). Tea tree oil preparations were found effective, safe, and well tolerated when compared with two topical hospital MRSA treatments.

Please visit your doctor if the wound is more than superficial. A doctor may recommend a tetanus booster if your last tetanus shot was over 5 years. Rabies is no longer common in dogs and cats, but if you suspect the animal may be sick see your doctor right away.

~ Richard M Barry

Essential Oils Booklet

Practical Guide to Essential Oils with References and Traditional Uses

Cover of the Practical Guide to Essential Oils

Plants have been used for thousands of years to help heal, soothe and alter moods. We can imagine early man experimenting with stems, leaves, barks and roots, noting which reduced pain, which reduced swelling, which were calming, and which were stimulating. By trial and error remedies were discovered, and cherished traditional treatments were passed on from generation to generation.

An "essential oil" is the highly concentrated "essence" of the plant from which it was derived. Today research is beginning to explain some of the mystery behind the art and science of essential oil therapy. Clinical studies are currently underway, and many of these studies confirm the remarkable healing properties of essential oils.

Practical Guide to Essential Oils was written for those who are just beginning to experiment with the healing properties of essential oils. Designed as a primer, it gives the reader a basic understanding of what these natural wonders are, and what they can do. Each chapter is written as an introduction to one of the more commonly used essential oils, explaining how that oil has been traditionally used, how it is used today, and what research there is to confirm its effectiveness. Scientific studies and supportive articles are referenced for additional reading.

Tea Tree Oil for Wound Care Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

Years ago I saw my friend at the beach and she told me she had been bitten by a brown recluse spider and she showed me her leg, an awful looking bite the size of a quarter. About a week later I visited her in the hospital and she was crying. "They are going to amputate my leg next week!" I pulled out a little bottle of Melaleuca's T36-C5 and gave it to her with the instructions to put it around her wound which was now the size of a platter, 4 times a day. Within three days her leg began to heal and I believe that Melaleuca Oil helped heal her and saved her leg! Now I carry T36-C5, Frankincense, Lavender, a sample Renew Lotion, a small Pain-A-Trate and a MelaGel disc with me in my purse! I'm here to help.

~ Beth

A few years ago my son, then 18, was chopping some vegetables for dinner. He was on the last jalapeno pepper when he screamed out. He had just chopped his index finger! It wasn't too bad, no bone was affected. But he did cut away about half his fingernail on one side. We did what we could at home and then headed to the emergency room. We thought they'd stitch the cut off piece back on, but they said that would only make things worse. They told him it would heal better as it was; skin would eventually grow over it; he'd just have a "dent" at the end of that finger. They did clean it and dress it with antibiotics and sent us home with instructions to care for it until it was fully healed. We did some research of our own and decided to use Melaleuca's T40-C3 Tea Tree Oil instead of the recommended antibiotic ointment. Three times each day for a week we changed the bandages after cleaning the open wound and liberally applying undiluted T40-C3 tea tree oil. It always took away the pain on contact so my son was eager to keep doing this. The 3rd or 4th day we noticed fresh new skin completely covered the wound so we switched the thick bandages to just 2 band-aids. By the end of the week all we were doing was applying the T40-C3 tea tree oil topically - no band-aids, no more soaking and cleansing. Sometime during the 2nd week after injury he noticed the "dent" was "filling in" and the area of the nail that had been cut off was growing out normally. We expected it would grow more like the end of the nails do - unattached to the finger; but as the finger dent filled out, the area the nail attached to also grew out. It took several weeks. My son continued to apply the T40-C3 tea tree oil himself 1 or 2 times daily until the finger looked completely normal again. No dent visible at all. Quite the unexpected success, considering the part chopped off was 5/16" at its deepest and 9/16" at its longest, including about 3/16" of attached fingernail. The doctor at the ER said to expect it to get infected before it healed. He also said to expect a permanent dent in the finger and nail. He was surprised, when some time later, during a different emergency, he could not even determine which finger it was that had the end chopped off - not even a scar remained!

~ Andee

Last winter I handed my husband a cup of coffee right out of the Keurig coffee maker and he went out the door and proceeded to fall down the slippery stairs. He spilled the coffee on his arm and continued to go to work to plow. Four hours later he came home and we looked at his arm. He had 1st and 2nd degree burns. We washed it and put T36-C5 Tea Tree oil on it and topped it with Renew lotion. We did this every 4 hours for a couple days. When the blisters popped we started using Triple Antibiotic ointment and the Renew. I have to say we could literally watch it heal. I have never seen a burn heal so quickly. So thankful for Melaleuca products, not sure how we survived before!

~ Norma

My husband had shingles on his face in April of this year. He regularly applied the Melaleuca (tea tree oil) to help it heal. He had a much shorter episode than the average person and we believe it was due to the Melaleuca oil. He continued using it to keep the shingles from returning as well since it is anti-viral. We also have a 5 year old little boy that has scrapes and scratches pretty regularly, so Melaleuca is a staple in our house. We have a friend whose son had a severe carpet burn on his arm, I let her borrow my Melaleuca oil and it healed very quickly. She then wanted some to keep on hand as well!

~ Kelli

Tea Tree Oil is a miracle oil. I had laser treatment used to get rid of brown spots on my face; many spots. This starts to sting right away, and the dermatologist gave me ice and said to use a good moisturizer. Getting home was very, very uncomfortable as my entire face was stinging and burning. As soon as I got home, I put a little T36-C5 on my face; the burning stopped immediately, and never returned, as I kept applying the T36-C5 for several days. What a relief!

~ Janice

In 2012 I had my first knee replacement surgery and ended up with a wound about 9 inches long on my knee. I'm diabetic and have scarred easily my whole life (I'm now 64), so I was willing to try anything to cut down on the scarring. After the surgery it took a while to get the oozing stopped but finally it did. At that point I mixed up a small amount of Renew with the tea tree oil and twice a day I carefully rubbed it onto my scar. I did this faithfully for over two months. I sure didn't want to end with a scar like a friend had shown me. I enjoy wearing skirts and I didn't want an ugly scar to draw attention to my knee. Well, I needn't have worried. The scar is practically invisible! The following year I had my other knee done and followed the same procedure, again, very little obvious scarring. I had been originally concerned about a long ugly scar on each knee but with tea tree oil and Renew, it didn't happen. Miracle in a bottle for sure! I'm never without a bottle and I use it on any cuts I get.

~ Darbra

Last week my husband petted an excited purring cat. We didn't know this cat likes to bite and he bit deeply into my husband's hand. Soon after I used T36-C5 on the ragged puncture wound and applied MelaGel over it. (Years ago my husband was bit on the top of his hand by a cat and the hand swelled up terribly. T36-C5 fixed it up in a few days, but we learned that cat bites can be very dangerous.) So we were so pleased that by the next day this latest cat bite was fine and it healed quickly with no swelling!

~ Anna

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