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Tea Tree Oil for Summertime First Aid

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Most of us love summer. We spend more time outdoors, so we can expect that someone in our family will probably need a first aid remedy. During World War II a bottle of tea tree oil was standard Government Issue in the Australian Army and Navy first aid kits, especially for those soldiers serving in tropical countries. It was their "first aid kit in a bottle" and it can be ours.

The University of Western Australia confirms that tea tree oil contains over 100 components. Their research has discovered that tea tree oil has broad-spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral activity.

Staphylococcal bacteria are common microbes that can be found on our skin or in our nose without causing symptoms. If antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus enters the skin through a wound, it can cause a life threatening infection. Scientists are working hard to find alternative treatments for infections such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Tea tree oil preparations were found effective, safe and well tolerated when compared with two topical hospital MRSA treatments.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends tea tree oil for over 120 conditions and problems. Cuts and abrasions should be washed and then treated with T36-C5 and MelaGel. A few drops of T35-C5 mixed in with Renew Intensive Skin Therapy will soothe insect stings, and the same combination will repel insects. An abstract published in the British Journal of Dermatology acknowledged that tea tree oil can alleviate allergic responses, like the itchy reaction suffered after a sting or a bite.

Sunburn and burn injuries are some of the most common household accidents. It only takes playing out in the sun too long, or a distracted moment and quick contact with a hot pot, barbecue grill, burner, or hot curling iron for a burn to occur. Immediately flush a fresh burn with cool water until the area is cool. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends the application of T36-C5 and a thin coat of Renew Intensive Skin Therapy. Repeat the T36-C5 and Renew every hour until the pain is gone. Third-degree burns require immediate professional care. A third degree burn penetrates into muscle and deep tissue and occasionally chars the flesh.

T36-C5 tea tree oil is a "first-aid kit in a bottle" and so much more. The oil naturally reduces infection risk, and soothes the sting and itch from bites, burns, and irritated skin. Enjoy summer and make sure a little bottle of T36-C5 is at close reach for those first aid moments.

~ Richard M Barry

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Tea Tree Oil for Summertime First Aid Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I use Melaleuca Oil for literally everything, and now it is a staple in my house, first aid kit, and purse. Before my son left for college, we were sharing some time with a few of his friends over a pizza. One of my son's friends was scratching and rubbing a spot on his arm that was about the size of a dime. I asked him what happened, and he said that he was bitten by a spider. Of course I pulled out the Melaleuca son rolled his eyes because I pull it out for everything! I told his friend to use it on his bite. The next day, he told my son that the spot was gone! My son is a catcher, and later after he had left for school, he called and told me that his arm had gotten hurt while playing baseball--he had some cleat burn. He called just to ask if I had left any Melaleuca Oil in his apartment when I unpacked him. Now it's a staple for him as well--no more eye rolling!

~ Connie

My dog is my best friend and service dog. So the care she gets is just as important as my own. Whenever Leah has a bug bite or a tick that needs to be removed, I turn to Melaleuca for tea tree oil. Summer is the most active time for bugs, and just a drop of oil on a bug or a bite helps it heal quickly. For ticks a drop of oil will make them remove themselves without harm to my pet. It is nice to be able to care for Leah (and myself) without chemicals. Thanks Melaleuca.

~ Rebekah

Summertime and bugs go hand in hand living in the beautiful woods of Maine. Recently my friend experienced a severe reaction to bug bites she had gotten. I immediately pulled out the MelaGel for her to try. She could not get over how much better her bites felt right away. She said it was the only thing that helped her and she had a better night's sleep. I keep MelaGel with me all the time for first aid purposes, especially in the summertime.

~ Sue

Tea tree oil, we proudly call it Melaleuca Oil, is one of our most loved products. This oil, known as a strong antiseptic, is the best item for first aid, especially in summertime. We spend a lot of time in the yard and, if we're bitten by mosquitoes, ants or spiders, we rub on the oil. Relief comes in minutes! The same for sunburns, especially combined with the oil-containing lotion Renew. Relief runs smoothly and lasts longer. This oil is the best remedy for minor cuts and scratches. It quickly stops bleeding, and disinfection is guaranteed. It is good to drip oil on the wound, then drip oil on the bandage and cover the wound with the bandage. With best wishes.

~ Doni and Essa

I live in an area that is prone to mosquitoes due to the almond, walnut, and pistachio orchards. Although it's beautiful here, the bugs and mosquitoes are really a pain. I get bit and immediately reach for my tea tree oil and dab some on. After that it doesn't itch, so I don't scratch. I use it on my entire family and usually it's gone the next day. I also use Sol-U-Mel which has tea tree oil in it as a spray to prevent bug bites, not only does it work, it smells good too! Thank you!

~ Sharon

Richard, first I want to thank you for The Melaleuca Wellness Guide and your Hints, Tips and Stories newsletter. I refer to them quite often. When we first moved to Florida, I wasn't watching where I was walking and stepped in a fire ant pile. The little red ants were all over my feet and legs and biting me. I brushed them off as well as I could and then I ran into the house and grabbed my MelaGel. I applied the MelaGel on each of the bites I could identify. A few hours later it was easy to tell which bites had the MelaGel. The bites I missed were big red, itchy bumps. Of course I applied MelaGel to those. That wasn't the last time I stepped in a pile of fire ants, but after the first incident I carry MelaGel in my pocket. The sooner you can apply MelaGel to the bites the better. My passion is fishing. Whenever I stick myself with the point of the hook, get stuck by a fish's fin, or scraped from grasping a fish by the mouth, I apply the Melaleuca oil or the MelaGel. It works better than anything else in soothing and healing the cuts. I love the Sun Shades Sport SPF 45 spray. I can spray it before I go out fishing and then fish all day without getting sunburned. I always have some of the Sun Shades After Sun with me because inevitably someone in the group will insist on using their own sunscreen and then they are burnt at the end of the day. Of course, they are miserable until they apply the Sun Shades After Sun which cools and moisturizes their skin. Even though I don't get sunburned, I still apply the After Sun or the Renew Lotion to moisturize my skin.

~ Sharon

Fire ants were a problem for us last summer. We had them all over the house and yard until we got the problem taken care of. Days after they bit our ankles, we would still hurt. Then we read in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide to use Melaleuca Oil on them and it helped relieve the pain and itch. We applied it full strength on the ant bites and it helped take it away so we could sleep at night! My husband kept the bottle right by our bed! Very handy!

~ Naomi

With a large garden, we process a lot of vegetables! Several summers ago, I was close to the end of the time-consuming job of freezing corn. Must have been in a hurry because I cut the heel of my hand badly on the corn cutter I was using. I immediately grabbed the bottle of T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil and applied it liberally. It instantly eased the pain, and I was able to bandage my hand and finish the job. I also use the oil to rub on any skin that has come in contact with poison ivy after washing with Sol-U-Mel. We wouldn't want to go through a summer without this wonderful product!

~ Diane

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