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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Sun Shades Products in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

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May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and a good time to remember that a history of a few sunburns or visits to the tanning bed is a risk factor for this most aggressive form of skin cancer. According to a new Mayo Clinic study, the overall incidence of skin cancer has increased almost eightfold between 1970 and 2009. Women between 40 and 50 had the highest rates of increase.

Although many people feel more attractive with a tan, daily unprotected sun exposure contributes to premature skin aging and increased skin cancer risks. No tan is considered a "safe tan" and sunscreen should be applied every day. Incidental sun exposure slowly adds up and damages our skin.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide reminds women to use Sun Shades Mineral Plus Sunscreen SPF 30+ under foundation, especially when using skin care products that contain retinol or alpha hydroxy acids. Sun Shades Mineral Plus Sunscreen feels like a moisturizer, and features a unique form of zinc oxide dispersion that dries clear and provides protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Sun protection for the lips is especially important for those who suffer from cold sores, since exposure to sunlight is a known trigger for cold sores. Sun Shades Lip Balms protect delicate lips with SPF 15. Sun Shades Sport Sunscreen SPF 45+ comes in an ultra water-resistant spray formula that is easy to reapply when playing in the sun.

If you do get sunburned, Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E contains T36-C5, aloe, Advanced E, glycerin, grape leaf, and green tea. It instantly cools overexposed skin, helping to deeply moisturize, soothe, reduce redness and help heal sunburned skin.

For a healthy, attractive, golden glow eat vegetables that contain carotenes. Beta-carotenes can be found in pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, spinach, and carrots. Lycopene can be found in red vegetables such as tomatoes and watermelon. Lutein and zeaxanthin can be found in spinach, kale, broccoli, and zucchini, and also in NutraView Vision Support.

~ Richard M Barry

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Sun Shades Reviews

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I have been with Melaleuca for almost 19 years and I have a customer that has her eyebrows waxed monthly, and she has always broken out with a burning red mark that stays for days. She decided to try the Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E and almost instantly the pain was gone, along with the redness that used to stay for weeks. My former husband had skin cancer and he used the sunscreen all year and his dermatologist said it was better than any sunscreen he had ever seen. Thank you Melaleuca.

~ Patricia

I am so thankful for Sun Shades Lip Balm! I tell everyone it is the reason I became a Melaleuca customer. Several years ago I had braces. I began getting sores that cracked open in the corners of my mouth. They were so painful. Every time I opened my mouth to eat or even just to speak; searing pain. I remember not being able to eat salad because my preferred dressing was oil and vinegar. My orthodontist recommended Desitin. I don't recall many years later what else I tried, needless to say, nothing helped. The sores were beginning to scar. I'd nearly given up when a friend told me about Melaleuca. I found instant relief using Sun Shades Lip Balm. Within a few short days, the sores had disappeared completely, never to return!!! It was some years later that I became a Melaleuca customer, because of my experience with Sun Shades. I now have a completely Melaleuca home!

~ Karen

I love Sun Shades Mineral Plus SPF+30 Sunscreen! I order one every summer and generally use up the entire tube. It covers and protects very well, rubs in well and is moisturizing. If I know I'm going to be at the lake or in the sun most of the day I just put it on as my “lotion” in the morning instead of my daily Renew Lotion. By reapplying throughout the day... No sunburn for me!!

~ Teihla

Sun Shades Mineral Plus SPF+30 Sunscreen is a wonderful product! My daughter has sensitive skin, and whenever I used to put non-Melaleuca sunscreen lotions on her face she would get a rash around her mouth. We seldom went swimming outdoors to avoid that. When we started using Sun Shades that was NOT a problem!! She was able to enjoy swimming in our pool in the sun without worries! I really appreciate Melaleuca's outstanding products.

~ Belinda

Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E is one of my favorite products. One afternoon I was taking a cake out of the oven, and burned my finger on the wire rack. It immediately turned white, and really burned. I managed to get the cake out, grabbed an ice cube for my finger, and headed for the Sun Shades. After washing my hands and drying them thoroughly, I applied a dab of Sun Shades on the burned spot. The burning immediately stopped. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I repeated this routine, applying a new dab of Sun Shades. I then applied a band aid and went about my daily routine. Later that afternoon I removed the band aid, and there wasn't a sign of a burn anywhere. Later that night, I really couldn't remember which finger was burned. I had heard stories similar to this one, but was skeptical. Now I know! I also have plenty Sun Shades on hand in the summer for my grandchildren who like to swim in our pool. Three of them are redheads, and have very fair skin. If they do get too much sun, relief is instant after applying Sun Shades, and there's no peeling! Thanks, Melaleuca, for such a wonderful product.

~ Annie Jo

My daughters and I play tennis weekly in the warm inland San Diego sun. Sunscreen has always been an issue with this fair-skinned blonde-haired mostly blue eyed family. The problem has been finding a sunscreen that doesn't cause our sensitive skin to rash up or our eyes to tear as we apply it to our faces. Additionally the first thing we couldn't wait to do once off the courts was to shower off the pasty-colored skin-drying sunscreen. We have been customers since November and I was waiting to use up our non Melaleuca sunscreen stock. After trying one great product after another from my Essentials pack I thought "Okay enough, I'm ordering Sun Shades in my next order." With just one use we were thrilled. In addition to protecting us from sunburn, we had no skin irritation, no burning eyes, no dry skin feeling and we did not look like mimes. And that evening while preparing dinner I realized "Wow! I didn't rush home to shower off the sunscreen after tennis today." Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Paula

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