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Sun Damage Protection and After Sun

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Most of the wrinkles and aging we see on our skin is caused by daily, ordinary sun exposure. Sunburns early in life are associated with developing dangerous melanoma later in life, and a lifetime of cumulated sun exposure often leads to non-melanoma skin cancers and damaged skin.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study (including a picture) showing what years of sun exposure can do. The story is of a 69 year old man who drove a truck for 28 years. There is marked aging on the left-side of his face.

Sunscreen with UVA/UBA broad-spectrum protection can protect against the damaging and aging rays of the sun. The ingredient zinc oxide provides a physical barrier to protect against sun damage.

A sunscreen of 30 SPF will screen 97% of UVB rays. New FDA sunscreen guidelines will allow the term "broad spectrum" to be used only on sunscreens that protect against UVB and UVA rays and help prevent skin cancer and sunburn. Sun Shades Mineral Plus Sunscreen with zinc oxide passes the test. It has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is water-resistant for 80 minutes and ideal for sensitive skin. The label tells us that, when used as directed, it decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends Sun Shades Mineral plus Sunscreen with zinc oxide for daily sun protection. Naturally derived micronized zinc oxide dries sheer and never leaves a white chalky film. If you have "age spots," sun exposure will cause the brown spots to get darker, leaving the light spots lighter. Going out without sun protection on cloudy-cool summer days can cause sunburn. It might just take longer.

It takes consistent effort to remember to reapply sunscreen and avoid sunburn. Using Sun Shades Sport SPF 45+ Spray makes reapplication simpler.

When your skin suffers sunburn, your immune system launches an inflammatory reaction that causes red, painful symptoms followed by peeling skin. The inflammatory reaction is the body's effort to remove and repair damaged skin.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends we use Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E after a day in the sun to instantly cool overexposed skin, reduce redness, and soothe dryness. After Sun contains antioxidants and Melaleuca oil.

Enjoy your summer. Never run out of Sun Shades Mineral Plus Sunscreen and Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E.

~ Richard M Barry

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Sun Damage Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

Hi Mr. RM Barry, I have really enjoyed reading and learning from your newsletters and books. They have cleared up many problems and issues with us.

My friend was in Mexico two years ago and they were telling her that she had to buy their special sun screen to protect their beaches and ocean. She asked if she could use hers – Melaleuca. "Oh Melaleuca, why yes that ONE is okay!" Thanks you for your faithfulness to get the word out and help people make better decisions!

~ Belinda

I wanted to submit my experience with the After Sun Hydrogel E: The first really nice day of summer this year, my 6 year old played outside all day. Unfortunately, I had overlooked sunscreen. When she came in, her skin was red and I could tell it was only going to get worse. By the time you notice redness, it's too far gone. I felt horrible. I immediately grabbed the After Sun Hydrogel E and applied it everywhere. I applied it once more that evening and again right before bed. Upon her waking the next morning, I was AMAZED. The redness was completely gone. I share her porcelain complexion, and know how bad it could have been left untreated. She would have continued to cook after coming indoors, and probably would have blistered and peeled. She never even complained that it stung. I will never be without this incredible product! Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Penny

When I was in Honduras, high in the mountains where the sun is so close, I slathered on the Sun Shades before I went out for the day, but I put on my old lipstick like I had been using for years. After a full day in the sun, I was not even pink, except for my lips, which felt like I had stepped on them. Rest assured, I doused them with MelaGel immediately, and then dug out the Sun Shades Lip Balm for the rest of the trip. I also passed around the After Sun for the unfortunate souls who had refused my offer of Sun Shades earlier.

~ Beth

While on vacation for one week in Daytona, the Renew Lotion and the Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E saved mine and my husband's sunburned skin after long days in the Florida sun. The After Sun Hydrogel cools and soothes the burn, and the Renew Lotion penetrates deeply to heal. We came back to Chicago with a fabulous healthy deep brown tan that all my friends were jealous of. Thank you, Melaleuca, for keeping my skin healthy from the outside in.

~ Lorrie

A couple of years ago we were at the beach in Florida on a very sunny, windy day. Before playing in the high waves, my husband asked our 10 year old daughter to put Melaleuca Sunscreen on his back. Later we found out that she mostly put it in the middle area of his back but missed some on the sides ... thus the middle of his back wasn't at all burned but the sides were "baked." Fortunately, we had the Melaleuca After Sun with us to ease the pain! Which it really did! Thanks Melaleuca for products we can really count on!

~ Heather

My sensitive, freckled skin burns easily. With Melaleuca's Sun Shades Sunscreen, I can stay out a lot longer with no fear of overdoing it. I like the spray Sport Sunscreen. It is so easy to protect those hard to reach body parts. Now, I rarely ever burn. But when I do, I turn to Melaleuca's Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E. Before, I used my own mix of Aloe Vera and lavender oil. Not anymore. Believe me, there is nothing on the market that works as good as Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E! The first time I used it, I was amazed at how it performed. Almost instantly, After Sun took the heat out of the burn, reduced the amount of time it was red, kept my skin soft , and it didn't peel! It is so cooling and healing. Once again, I sing the praises of the out-performing products that Melaleuca provides!

~ Brenda

Melaleuca's Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E was the very first Melaleuca product I ever used. I had a roommate in college that had some, and I borrowed it once after a day on the lake when I got a pretty bad sunburn on my shoulders and the tops of my thighs. I assumed it was just like any other aloe vera gel, that it would just cool my sunburn off and that's it. So I applied it liberally a couple times that evening. Boy was I surprised when I woke up the next morning and saw that the redness of my sunburn had almost completely disappeared! And I was even more surprised when I never peeled, even a week later! I wasn't introduced to Melaleuca as a company until almost 10 years later, but when I did, I immediately thought of that After Sun Hydrogel E. I knew that if their other products were even half as impressive as the After Sun, that I definitely wanted to try them all!

~ Kylie

I have an after sun story of how Melaleuca helps my husband. My husband works with asphalt all day in the Carolina heat and constantly comes home with sun burn and/or burn from the heat of the asphalt. He does put some sun screen on but not frequently enough to combat all the heat he is exposed to. Just recently I ordered the After Sun and have begun applying it on his burns after he gets home. I should also note most of the time his burns are so bad they are almost a purple/dark red in color. After we have applied the After Sun and have waited a few hours, we noticed that his skin is no longer purple/dark red! Then the following morning we check again and it is almost completely gone!! Thanks Melaleuca for helping heal my husband!

~ Samantha

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