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Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

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What do a soft fluffy loaf of bread, a traditional crusty loaf of French bread, and a store-bought loaf of bread with the first ingredient listed as wheat flour have in common? They may taste delicious but are made with refined wheat flour, and lack fiber along with other nutritious ingredients that are found in "whole" wheat flour. Our convenient Western diet is filled with foods that look healthy but lack nutrients. Most Americans only get about 15 grams of fiber a day, much less than the recommended 20 to 25 grams per day for a healthy adult. Healthy fiber is found in nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

Fiber is more than "roughage" to keep things moving. Fiber is the part of a plant that passes through your digestive tract somewhat undigested. It is classified as soluble if it dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance. It is found in citrus fruits, apples, carrots, oats, beans, barley, and psyllium.

Soluble fiber reduces inflammation. This article notes that soluble fiber changes our immune cells from pro-inflammatory to "healing" cells, and the amount of soluble fiber needed for this healing process is reasonable. This is an amazing finding because inflammation is a part of so many diseases and conditions that plague us.

Insoluble fiber does not break down in water, and aids movement through the digestive tract. It is found in whole-wheat flour, nuts, beans, vegetables, and potatoes. Most plants contain both types of fiber. For instance, an apple contains insoluble fiber in the peel and mostly soluble fiber in the flesh.

Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol. As gel-like soluble fiber travels through the intestines it binds with bile acids that are made in the liver and excretes them. This causes the liver to take more cholesterol from the blood to make more bile acids. The result is lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in your blood.

Fiber helps us lose weight and control diabetes. A high fiber diet is associated with greater weight loss and lower body weight. Eating fiber slows down the movement of food through the digestive tract, making us feel less hungry. This article points out that fewer calories were absorbed and more calories were excreted when participants ate high-fiber psyllium gum-based crackers. The article also notes that a high-fiber diet helps keep blood sugars stable and may help prevent type 2 diabetes.

FiberWise Drink and Bars

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that supplementing the diet with both soluble and insoluble fiber will help promote the elimination of toxins and other wastes. Whenever your daily intake of fiber is increased, it is crucial to increase your water intake as the fiber absorbs water.

FiberWise Drink Supplement contains twelve grams of fiber from seven natural sources, 10 soluble and 2 insoluble plus probiotics. FiberWise Bars have ten grams of fiber, including soluble corn fiber.

Good to Know

A very recent study revealed that a fiber-rich diet can help with chronic inflammatory joint diseases and help strengthen bones. When our gut bacteria ferment fiber, they produce short-chained fatty acids that are very healing to the body. The short-chained fatty acids propionate and butyrate are found in joint fluid and are believed to be very important for joint function and maintaining healthy bones.

~ Richard M Barry

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Widely recognized as the definitive resource for the many questions about uses of Melaleuca products, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide features over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 215 suggestions for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals.

Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have found that when they make sure their new customers have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, they are happier with their choice to switch stores. Using The Melaleuca Wellness Guide helps people understand the many applications for Melaleuca products. Understanding of the products helps create product-centered organizations which have higher average order size and retention rates.

FiberWise Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I started taking FiberWise to help with weight management. I was told that, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it could help me get my body back to "pre-pregnancy." I take it 30 minutes before dinner, and it helps me not over eat! Not only have I lost 10 lbs in the past few months, but my bowels are regular, and it's delicious! I like to drink it if I am tempted to snack on something during the day, too. I love the orange and peach flavors. The fact that it is helping my gut health is huge, too! I am so thankful for Melaleuca.

~ Jordan

I have been using FiberWise for about two years now. I can't say enough about it. Not to be gross but before FiberWise I always bled when I went to the bathroom. I also only went every 3 to 4 days. I hated going because it was so painful. I tried Benefiber, Miralax and other stool softeners. I never really benefited from them. Then I tried FiberWise and within a week and a half I was going every day. I started healing and soon there was no more pain or bleeding. I have gone through this problem for over 50 years. If only I knew about FiberWise a long time ago. I think it has also helped lower my cholesterol.

~ Kevin

When I opened my Melaleuca shopping account, I started with an Essentials Pack that had the FiberWise in it. For some reason, I was a little fearful of taking fiber. It sat on my shelf for a couple of months, but I decided if I was going to share it with my customers, I'd better give it a try. I started taking it, and within six weeks I'd lost 14 pounds. And I felt so much better! I've taken it regularly ever since starting on it, and those 14 pounds have stayed off. I love my FiberWise!

~ Mary

I have been using FiberWise for quite a long time now. I have a family history of heart disease and know the importance of daily fiber intake. On average, most people get between 8 and 10 grams of fiber a day. This is 1/3 of what your daily intake should be. I take 3 scoops of FiberWise every morning. I also take a GC Control shake and this will be my breakfast. I used to be on a cholesterol medicine, but with this product and eating right, my doctor weaned me off. It has been a blessing being introduced to Melaleuca and their greatness of WELLNESS!

~ Chris

I like to say FiberWise changed my life. I had a terrible case of acid reflux and digestive issues for over two years. I would wake up every day with a sore throat. I went to several doctors and had many tests, and tried many prescriptions to no avail. I started FiberWise and Florify daily, and within 4 days my symptoms left me and have not returned! I use these products daily and am so happy to have my singing voice and, most importantly, my health back.

~ Bonnie

I have recently been to the doctor for an issue I have had for about 10 years. He diagnosed me with a type of colitis. He then put me on a medicine that was really expensive. I got to thinking about insurance and thought one day they may not think it's necessary to be on it and I would have to pay for it out of pocket, which I don't think I could afford, so I decided to try the FiberWise. What did I have to lose? It was good for me anyway. When my medicine ran out I continued the FiberWise and have stayed regulated. My husband can now take me on trips without me screaming for a bathroom! FiberWise has been a lifesaver.

~ Polly

I want to tell you that I have been having stomach troubles due to acid reflux for months, and when I feel that burning in my stomach I go straight for my FiberWise. This product relieves my acid indigestion immediately, and makes my stomach feel better instantly. I am so thankful for the healthy ingredients that calm my stomach and allow me to get on with my day, or back to sleep at night. And with FiberWise, I know I don't have any harmful side effects to worry about later. This is a healthy alternative and provides me with the fiber I need to keep my digestive system healthy and my immune system ready to fight off germs. I work in an airport, around sick people every day from all over the country, and I have never been healthier when it comes to cold and flu season. I am a lifetime customer because of this product!!

~ Jennifer

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