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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Sol-U-Guard Botanical Instead of Bleach

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Regularly we hear reports of infectious outbreaks caused by E.coli, H1N1, Salmonella, Influenza, and MRSA. Currently scientists are watching the possible emergence of a SARS-like virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Washing our hands and keeping our environment clean continues to be a very important means of prevention.

Bleach, with its toxic fumes and caustic, poisonous nature, will disinfect, but it is hazardous to people and pets. It is particularly hazardous to persons with asthma and other breathing problems. Combining bleach with other ingredients can produce a very poisonous gas.

Science is discovering that harmful bacteria can develop resistance not only to antibiotics but also to some disinfectants. Fortunately essential oils are effective. In nature, plants produce antioxidants and other natural chemicals that act as their own natural insect repellents and healing compounds to fight diseases and viruses. Science Daily reports that the antimicrobial activities of eight essential oils were tested. Thyme oil was found to be the most effective.

Melaleuca combined thyme oil with citric acid to make a disinfectant formula that works on viruses and bacteria. Both active ingredients are necessary because some germs are more vulnerable to thyme oil, and others are more vulnerable to citric acid. The result is mild herbal-scented, EPA approved Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x.

An independent study proved patented Sol-U-Guard Botanical to be 99.9% effective against cold and flu viruses, including MRSA, E.coli, strep, salmonella, and more. Made entirely of food-grade ingredients, Sol-U-Guard Botanical is safe to use around pets and children, and can be used on food surfaces.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends the use of Sol-U-Guard Botanical on hard, non-porous surfaces including faucets, sinks, door knobs, countertops, high chairs, changing tables, toys, and any hard surface where big or little fingers repeatedly touch.

~ Richard M Barry

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Sol-U-Guard Botanical Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

We have really hard water here on the farm, and our shower stall floor has become much yellowed over the years. I have used the Tub & Tile on it, and the walls come clean, but because the floor is pebbled, it has never really whitened at all. I recently tried the Sol- U-Guard in combination with the Tub & Tile and could not believe the difference it made. The floor pan actually became white again. Thanks Melaleuca for these wonderful products.

~ Mildred

My husband used to spray Lysol before we would close up our sailboat. Gross! I always insisted he let me get off before he sprayed. Now, he sprays Sol-U-Guard. It works like a charm and no worries if we have to breathe the scent!!!

~ Natalie

I live right outside of Houston Texas. After dark, we usually get swarmed by June bugs, gnats, and mosquitoes. If you plan a outdoor party, or even letting kids play in the yard, you will be covered! Well one night I was outside on a very important call, I was tired of swatting bugs! I went into the kitchen, got my Sol-U-Guard, and sprayed it all over the outside door, windows close to me, and outside light. Within about 3-5 min they were gone!!! All bugs gone!! It didn't kill them, because there are no toxins in it, they were just deterred. I enjoyed my phone call peacefully, and use it every time I want to go outside after dark. It is wonderful!!!

~ Kelly

My use of Sol-U-Guard is for the tub/shower. Our tub/shower is sort of a drab green, and even Tub & Tile left the appearance of a white residue after I cleaned. Lately, I have been cleaning it with Sol-U-Guard and it leaves just a lovely shine. I know it is not only looking clean, it is disinfected clean and ready to use again.

~ Nadine

Sol-U-Guard Botanical is one of my favorite products. I grew up in a household that used bleach exclusively for cleaning. It never occurred to me that it was unsafe. When I was teaching kindergarten, the cleaning personnel would leave a cleaner in my classroom to spray on the tables. I was not allowed to use it around my students, and it always left a dull film on the tables. Then I was introduced to Melaleuca. I took a bottle of Sol-U-Guard botanical to use in my classroom. After the students ate their snacks, I would spray the tables, and students would take turns wiping the tables dry. Thank you, Melaleuca, for making a disinfectant that is safe for children, adults, and smells really great!

~ Sherry

I have been a Melaleuca customer for over 2 years and love so many of the products that it's hard to claim a favorite. When I first enrolled I was drawn to the Sol-U-Guard as a way of eliminating the use of bleach in 2 areas. One is in my salon for a healthy way of disinfecting the common use areas, and the other is for the puppy play area. My customers never fail to comment on the natural scent in the salon. Plus I figured that, if I don't want to breathe harmful bleach fumes, then those puppies shouldn't have to either. We are all healthier for the use of Sol-U-Guard! Thank you RM Barry and Melaleuca.

~ Elizabeth

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