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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Sol-U-Guard Botanical

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Coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea and a runny nose are all evidence that the body is ridding itself of disease-causing viruses or bacteria. While eliminating viruses and bacteria is part of the healing process, it is also why it is so easy for a sick person to contaminate the places they touch.

The most common so-called "stomach flu" is caused by noroviruses. (True flu or influenza is a respiratory illness.) It takes a very tiny amount of virus to make us sick: A handshake from an unwashed hand, or a salad or sandwich prepared by unwashed hands after visiting the restroom, can transmit enough viruses to make us sick. It is no wonder that infections occur frequently in confined areas such as cruise ships.

While most "stomach flu" is caused by viruses, bacteria contaminated food can also cause food borne illness. This USDA chart lists disease-causing bacteria, the associated foods and symptoms along with the steps needed to prevent food borne illness.

We are shocked to learn that our computer keyboard, kitchen sink, phone handset, remote control, and the refrigerator handle might harbor more germs per square inch than a toilet seat!

Indeed our kitchens harbor bacteria in places where we may miss cleaning such as the refrigerator-water dispenser and the rubber gasket on most blenders. Two-part spatulas, can openers, and the refrigerator meat and vegetable compartments also have the highest germ counts.


Bleach with its caustic, poisonous nature and toxic fumes will disinfect, but it is hazardous to people and pets. It is particularly hazardous to persons with asthma and other breathing problems.

Fortunately essential oils are effective. In nature, plants produce antioxidants and other natural chemicals that act as their own natural insect repellents and healing compounds to fight diseases and viruses. Science Daily reports that the antimicrobial activities of eight essential oils were tested. Thyme oil was found to be the most effective.

And it is thyme oil with citric acid that Melaleuca combined to make a disinfectant formula that works on viruses and bacteria. Both active ingredients are necessary because some germs are more vulnerable to thyme oil, and others are more vulnerable to citric acid. The result is mild herbal-scented, EPA approved Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x.

An independent study proved patented Sol-U-Guard Botanical to be 99.9% effective against cold and flu viruses, including MRSA, E.coli, strep, salmonella, and more. Made entirely of food-grade ingredients, Sol-U-Guard Botanical is safe to use around pets and children, and can be used on surfaces where food is prepared. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends the use of Sol-U-Guard Botanical on hard, non-porous surfaces including faucets, sinks, door knobs, countertops, high chairs, changing tables, toys, and any hard surface where big or little fingers repeatedly touch.

Flu seasons continues into the months of April and May, and "stomach flu" can infect us anytime of the year. Washing our hands and carefully cleaning commonly touched surfaces and food preparation and storage areas, along with all kitchen tools, is one of the most important measures we can take to remain healthy.

~ Richard M Barry

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Sol-U-Guard Botanical Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I have been using Sol-U-Guard Botanical ever since the product introduction. When I clean house, I spray it on the furniture and the carpeting for a fresh and clean smell, as well as to eliminate any germs that may be lingering from guests with colds or coughs. I spray down the mattress and pillows when I change the bed linens, and leave the bed open during the day to disinfect. It is my cleaner of choice for the bathrooms knowing it will kill 99% of the germs. How great it is not to worry about chemicals and toxins when using Melaleuca products. I have "happy" lungs.

~ Joan

I have 3 young children...1-1/2, 3, and 5 years old. Ever since my pediatrician told me that hand sanitizer doesn't kill the flu virus, I have been taking my Sol-U-Guard Botanical spray everywhere with us!! And now instead of hand sanitizer, I spray my kid's hands with Sol-U-Guard while we are out running errands. It doesn't dry their sensitive baby skin out like the regular alcohol based hand sanitizer, and protects them from many more germs!! We have been healthier this year than ever before thanks to Sol-U-Guard Botanical!! Thank You Melaleuca

~ Jenny

I am still discovering the many uses for Melaleuca's products, but one of my favorite discoveries thus far is for Sol-U-Guard Botanical. We used to use a multi-purpose cleaner-disinfectant spray to clean our kitchen sink and cutting boards, etc. especially after working with raw meats. But right on the back of the spray bottle it says "Hazards to humans and domestic animals" - and we were spraying this stuff on our sink and cutting boards!! One day I tried Sol-U-Guard Botanical spray and was absolutely delighted with how our stainless steel kitchen sink SHONE (the other spray had left an odd film), and even more pleased with the knowledge that now we were using something SAFE and EFFECTIVE, instead of toxic chemicals!

~ Karen

After many years since selling our tent trailer, we missed it far too much and decided to purchase another used one. The new (to us) tent trailer was the perfect size with just the right conveniences. The only problem was a musty smell the first time we opened it. With my allergies, this was a real problem for me. I decided to spray all the cloth on the interior of the tent trailer with Sol-U-Guard Botanical spray. We let it dry for a couple of hours and closed the trailer. The next day when we opened it back up again, the musty smell was completely gone and has never returned. We are so pleased to be able to enjoy camping again!

~ Deborah

Our family loves using and sharing Sol-U-Guard. My husband uses it to clean out his camel-back after each hike (so much better than using harsh, toxic cleaners in containers and tubing that you'll be drinking from!). We've used it to clean out a new well holding tank! My husband is a public school teacher and often sprays his classroom with it. We use it around our church building as well, especially in our baby classroom to clean toys and everything the little ones touch! I enjoy shopping thrift stores, but each item is sprayed thoroughly before using in our home.

~ Holly

I have kids that are bedwetters. When they have an accident and I change the bedding, I spray the mattress with Sol-U-Guard. I like the smell and it deodorizes and sanitizes at the same time. A win-win for me!!!

~ Sandy

My mother is in the final stages of her life and Parkinson's. Some of her problems lead to rather messy situations. It isn't that difficult to clean up, but I really appreciate Sol-U-Guard Botanical, because I know I am not poisoning my mom nor myself and I also know that when I clean up the messes, they are sanitized as well. I will not be without one in her bathroom which is where everything messy happens. Thanks, Melaleuca for such great science to come up with such great products!

~ Eileen

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