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Safe to Go Outside? or Another Lockdown Coming?

Issue #386


I had planned to do a newsletter on "Vitamin D and Depression" this week but current events take precedent, so we're doing another COVID-19 newsletter. In last week's newsletter I posted an article by Dr. Mark Sircus who I respect as a great physician, and who almost exclusively (and very successfully) treats patients with natural medicines. In his article, Dr. Sircus states in the title that the lockdowns have been unnecessary based on recent developments. "In fact, not only was it unnecessary but it turns out that locking people in their homes was exactly the wrong thing to do. A study of almost 800 people shows that the higher your vitamin D status the less the coronavirus will affect you. Get enough sun, the data suggests, and you simply cannot die of the coronavirus," he says. Read the entire newsletter here.

As you know I have been advocating that people do certain things to protect themselves from the virus, like eat right and take supplements to boost immunity, and baking soda to raise PH levels. Most everything I have recommended has been based on research or the advice of qualified physicians. 

However, the article by Dr. Sircus generated a few negative comments from my readers including a comment that posting the article was "dangerous and misleading." And one reader called the article "quackery and intelligence-insulting garbage." Obviously these people have good intentions and believe the lockdowns were (and still are) the right thing to do. And they may be right. Only you can decide what's best for yourself and your family. What Dr. Sircus is writing about is another viewpoint. 

It just so happens that Dr. Sircus published another article two days ago where he writes about this very topic again, which I have posted below. He also includes some treatment recommendations in the article. 

But first, here's one important bit of evidence that you may have missed, a
Wall Street Journal article entitled, News From the Non-Lockdown States. Per-capita Covid fatalities were 75% lower in open states.

The article by Dr. Sircus below has much more.

~ Richard M Barry


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All Clear Siren or Lock Them Up Again?

by Dr. Mark Sircus

We Don’t Quarantine Treatable Diseases

COVID-19 is a treatable infectious disease. Quarantine is a restriction on the movement of people and goods, which is intended to prevent the spread of non-treatable contagious diseases, but is not necessary when there are effective treatments. We are being played, for the only thing health officials are interested in is a fast-tracked vaccine.

However, doctors around the world were up to the task during this pandemic. In four short months, they have developed numerous answers to this virus, and by extension, other viral infections. Both pharmaceutical and treatment with natural substances have been extraordinarily useful, even in the face of serious pre-conditions, yet the mainstream narrative continues to ignore these advancements.

Read the entire article here.
FDA Effective but Prohibited Treatment for COVID-19

NPR article:  Politics Around Hydroxychloroquine Hamper Science

"Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients."  Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


New Covid-19 Research Shows Vitamin D is the Key

In May some 780 Covid-19 patient records were examined for their vitamin D levels. The graph below shows very clearly the dependence of the death rate in hospitalized Covid-19 infected patients on the measured vitamin D concentration in the blood. There is a very sharp drop in the death rate in the range of blood levels between 27 and 32 ng/ml vitamin D (area which is shaded pink). At vitamin D levels above 32 ng/ml, the death rate determined in this study is a factor of 10 lower than at vitamin D levels below 27 ng/ml.

Also see Vitamin D levels may impact COVID-19 mortality rates, study claims from a previous newsletter.

Recommended blood levels of vitamin D by Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD. Two products by Melaleuca, Inc are appropriate to help increase blood levels of vitamin D, Vitamins K2-D3 and Vitality Vitamin D3.

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