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Pain-A-Trate: How Do You Manage Pain?

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Mayo Clinic researchers identified the top 10 reasons people go to a doctor. The number one reason is skin conditions. Numbers two and three involve pain: osteoarthritis, joint disorders, and back problems.

Tips to Reduce Pain:


You have probably heard it said that "sitting is the new smoking" and yes while physical inactivity is part of an unhealthy lifestyle, this article explains that it is more complicated than that.

It is well known that exercise, even just a walk around the block, can make you feel better. Our body has the ability to produce its own feel-good hormones and pain-killing endorphins.

Movement is needed to lubricate a joint. Exercise pumps nutrients in and wastes out of cartilage. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide states that knitting, with its steady rhythmic motion, is reported to help painful hands.

Sure, if exercise is new to you, starting can be hard. Warm up slowly, and afterwards apply a bit of Pain-A-Trate. Patented Extra-Strength Pain-A-Trate not only contains methyl salicylate and menthol, but also camphor which numbs pain and increases circulation, helping muscles heal. It also contains T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Supplements

Health Magazine notes that there are a variety of anti-inflammatory diets. A common thread among them is making sugary treats and "white" foods a rarity instead of part of your daily diet.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We noted in a previous newsletter (and it is worth repeating) that omega-3 fatty acids help reduce pain and reduce the progression of osteoarthritis. And they have the potential to prevent cartilage degradation. Omega-3 fatty acids were found to reduce the need for NSAID drugs. Coldwater Omega-3 contains the recommended omega-3 fatty acids.

Grape Seed Extract

The use of grape seed extract is "antinoceptive" or pain-blocking against joint damage. Grape seed extract has successfully been used to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This is a common diabetic condition causing tingling, pain, numbness, or weakness in the feet. ProvexCV and ProVex-Plus contain powerful grape seed extracts.


Replenex Extra Strength targets the type of joint inflammation and pain associated with getting older or having an active lifestyle. Both Replenex Extra-Strength and Recover AI contain A.I. Blend, a combination of six well-known anti-inflammatory herbs

More Pain Reducing Tips

Scientists have discovered that the brain has a lot to do with pain, especially in the development of chronic pain versus acute pain. Stress and anxiety can increase pain by putting us in a state of "fight and flight." We wish relaxing was as simple as just telling our brain to be calm, but it is not that easy. But we can move into the "rest and digest" state by what we do. In one study researchers found that distraction reduced pain.

Taking slow deep breaths, using essential oils and gently massaging our painful spots with Pain-A-Trate are self-care steps that can be calming ways to manage pain.

Essential Oils

The Practical Guide to Essential Oils references several oils that have been shown to reduce pain. Many of these same oils are known to also be calming. A blend of lavender, marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint oils diluted in carrier oil significantly lowered pain and depression. Essential oils can also be used in a relaxing bath and in combination with heat therapy.

Good to Know

Some over-the-counter pain medications, such as naproxen sodium and ibuprofen can cause you to retain water, thus increasing blood pressure. This is more common with higher doses.

~ Richard

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

The cover of the Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Widely recognized as the definitive resource for the many questions about uses of Melaleuca products, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide features over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 215 suggestions for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals.

Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have found that when they make sure their new customers have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, they are happier with their choice to switch stores. Using The Melaleuca Wellness Guide helps people understand the many applications for Melaleuca products. Understanding of the products helps create product-centered organizations which have higher average order size and retention rates.



Pain-A-Trate Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I use Pain-A-Trate for tension headaches, muscle aches, arthritis pain and congestion relief. But one day a few months ago, I tripped and "bounced" off the door jamb; very thankful for no major injuries! I did smack my forearm quite badly against the door jamb so I thought I'd try Pain-A-Trate for keeping bruising to minimum. Because I didn't have any broken skin, I applied it directly to my spot of impact! A few days later, as I was getting dressed, I noticed that my upper arm had a massive bruise on it! It was the second spot that I had hit against the door jamb but hadn't registered it at that time. I had not applied Pain-A-Trate to that spot. Now I had my own "test spots" -- the lower arm treated with Pain-A-Trate = no bruise after 2 days; upper arm untreated = big, bad bruise! Yep, it's only a small test but for me, it was enough to add another use to my list for Pain-A-Trate. I really wish everyone knew how great Pain-A-Trate was!!

~ Michele

Pain-A-Trate is why I joined Melaleuca. A friend noticed that I always had a hand on my left shoulder and brought it to my attention. He told me that he knew of something that could alleviate that pain. I didn't believe him, but he insisted that I try. I was hooked. I called it my pain chaser. Once it took the pain out of my shoulder, next was my elbow, then right down my arm and into my thumb and first finger. Did Pain-A-Trate heal my neck with one disc badly bulging and another ruptured that was causing the pain? NO. Did it make it so that I could live with it, YES! My neck has since healed. And the other Melaleuca products have greatly enhanced my life. Now I share it with many people. I tell them just like I was told; it won't cost you anything to try it. I'll gladly give them the first tube. Then set up their account to get more!

~ Eileen

There are so many uses for Pain-A-Trate! It relieves growing pains, muscle aches, sinus headaches, and I have gotten tremendous relief using it on painful bruises. The most amazing experience I have witnessed was when a friend and I went to visit someone who had recently had knee surgery. We were sitting in the kitchen and she was having real difficulty getting up and down. She agreed to let us put some Pain-A-Trate on the sides of her knee. We talked a bit more and then her son walked in the room. She stood up and turned to us wide-eyed with amazement at how easily she was able to stand. Her knee pain and stiffness had been drastically reduced. Got to love Pain-A-Trate!

~ Kaylene

I just wanted to share with you that I use Pain-A-Trate, not because I have pain in my joints, but I use when I have cough-cold coming on. I take a small portion and rub on my throat and neck instead of Vicks. I am new to the products but I am using as much as my budget will allow. I must say so far I have used everything I have purchased and don't mind sharing.

~ Debra

Pain-A-Trate PAIN-A-TRATE!!! The beautiful turquoise tube is ALWAYS with me! That and the T36-C5 and MelaGel! It is a pain-miracle! I got my index finger caught in the window of a car as it was rolling up. Quickly it was reversed... but excruciating pain in the tip and it was swelling and the fingernail was turning black. I reached in my purse and grabbed the Pain-A-Trate and rubbed it on my finger and then held my finger. WITHIN 4 MINUTES (I timed it) my pain was gone and the next day my fingernail wasn't black. Of course, I added the T36-C5 and MelaGel on top for added protection.

~ Beth

Pain A Trate is a product that we will never be without. We discovered 18 years ago that it will relieve muscle cramp pain faster than anything we have ever heard of or tried. We just squeeze on an inch or two of Pain A Trate and massage it all over the cramped muscle area and get instant relief in seconds to maybe a minute. Unbeatable for general aches and pains as well. We keep a tube in both ends of our home as well as in our van. Thank you Melaleuca!


My husband has had back pain for many years and the only way he has survived was for me to heat the Pain-A-Trate a little and rub it into his back. We did this for many years. Then Melaleuca came out with the essential oils and we added Blue Heat on top of the Pain-A-Trate and made it even better. He often said that the Pain-A-Trate should come in much larger containers, the way we went though it every month.


We love Pain-A-Trate in my home from us adults to the children. When the kids get sick with a cold and cough we will rub it on their chest to help with congestion, also as they grew a few would complain with growing pains at night. We would rub on there shins and knees to help with pain. As a mom my hips get achy and sore making it even hard to sleep at night. I rub pain a trait on the soar spots, with its deep penetration I soon fall asleep. It really has multiple properties of uses and cuts down costs just by buying one item.


Well now you got me started. Pain-A-Trate was used when my cousin stubbed her toe some time ago. She didn't believe me that it would work. Within minutes she said the pain had gone. I've used it several times for that. A month ago I was catching a plane to fly back to Canada and too late to get first Aid help. I had slammed the car door on my little pinky. I grabbed the Pain-A-Trate as it was the closest thing to me and covered the finger. It was super painful and I had a flight to catch. I wrapped it in paper towel, and when I got to my destination 10 hours later I had it xrayed and the joint was broken. They wanted to give me pain killers but I said I was doing ok. I've used it on the outside of my jaw when I had teeth removed. It helped the pain. Can't take antiinflammatories. Love Pain-A-Trate. It has saved my day many times.


I am very thankful that I don't have pain (I'm 84 and take the Total vitamins) but I did have a headache awhile back and rubbed Pain-a-Trate on my temples and it immediately stopped the headache. I am addicted to Melaleuca's products! Thank you, Mr. Barry, for this site.


We LOVE Pain-A-Trate in our home! We always give it as a much-welcomed gift to my father-in-law too! We use it for headaches; just rub a little bit into your temples or the back of your neck. There was one particular day that my knee was hurting, so I rubbed some Pain-A-Trate all around my knee. When I stood up, it felt so much better, that I realized the other knee hurt too (just not as much as the first knee had hurt)! My husband rubs it on stiff and sore muscles, and it relieves them very quickly!


With having fibromyalgia and arthritis, there are times when I need extra help with joint pain. I take the Peak Performance Bone and Joint pack which has literally given me my life and mobility back. There are still times when I need something more, especially for low back pain.

Pain-A-Trate to the rescue! This cream is a lifesaver in a tube. The relief is instant and long lasting, and the Melaleuca oil in it makes it go deeper and last longer than any other topical pain cream I have tried. Sometimes I add a drop of the Blue Heat Pure Essential Oil blend as an added pain relieving boost if I am extra sore.

My mom loves it, she is 93, and so do my customers. It also smells good! I am going to experiment with adding some of our Pure Lavender Essential Oil to the Pain-A-Trate to help it smell even better. I am grateful that we have so many options to enhance our well being with Melaleuca! I am grateful to the R.M. Barry newsletter for sharing our experiences. I learn so much from these newsletters!


I use Pain-a-trate most times after a long day of walking and/or standing when aching legs prevent sleep. After putting on a dab of Pain-A-Trate and covering it with Renew lotion, I have almost immediate relief and can go to sleep. My daughter used it for migraines. She would put a bit on her temples. I asked her if the scent bothered her but her reply was, "No, Mom. It smells like relief."


I could not live without Pain-A-Trate! I use it mostly for my jumpy and sore legs at night. It settles my legs like nothing else and I love the smell. I also use it on my clients (I am a Reflexologist/Foot Care Nurse) when they get a leg or foot cramp and it will almost always stop it, and on any sore arthritic area.


Pain-A-Trate is a life-saver! I have lived with migraines since I was only five. When I joined Melaleuca almost 20 years ago I was introduced to Pain-A-Trate and told of the almost miraculous way it controls pain. The next time a migraine hit, I was advised to rub the cream onto my forehead, temples and the back of the my neck. Then, as I usually did, I went to bed and tried to sleep. I expected to have to try to sleep for the next three days - missing work and all planned activities. Within 24 hours, I was up feeling great and was able to pick up the pieces of my life. Pain-A-Trate truly is a life-saver!


I first joined Melaleuca because of Pain-A-Trate. I kept rubbing my shoulder. Someone gave me a tube of Pain-A-Trate, which I would rub into my shoulder and the pain would go away, but then my elbow would hurt, so I rubbed it in there. Then my hand, my thumb and first 2 fingers. I called it my pain chaser. It turned out I had a ruptured disc in my neck causing the pain, but Pain-A-Trate kept me working and being able to function in life. My disc has been healed and now I share Pain-A-Trate with others and always keep it on hand for those occasional aches and pains


Thanks to Melaleuca I don't get migraines any longer, but for the occasional stress headache, Pain-A-Trate is my go-to. Before I even grab CounterAct, I'll put some Pain-A-Trate at the hairline of my forehead and on the back of my neck. It isn't long before the headache is nonexistent again, and I didn't have to use CounterAct at all. As always, if I have some joint or muscle pain, my first thought is to grab the tube and start rubbing it in. It really never fails to make things feel better. The smell is refreshing, too. Along with hand sanitizer, acetaminophen, and lip balm, Pain-A-Trate actually goes with me every day.

~Bobbie Jo

Our pain a great success story, after 20 years as a Melaleuca customer who always maintains a supply of Pain-A-Trate, we were rescued again thus past week! My wife, Betty, had a bad fall while taking downhill skiing lessons and hurt her ankle. By the time she got home, her foot had turned blue and badly swollen. She also has varicose veins in the area, which were about to start bleeding! I urged her to go to the emergency ward at the local hospital to determine if it was broken or just badly sprained, but she refused based on past experience of long wait times! I recommended she at least try to apply some Pain-A-Trate, which she complained it was too sore and tender! After some gentle persuasion, she finally did apply the soothing cream and soon reported the throbbing pain was subsiding. She hobbled off to bed and the next morning she was ecstatic at her lack of pain or any discomfort! She was able to walk normally and her foot had returned to normal. Pain-A-Trate to the rescue again!


When I joined Melaleuca 26 years ago I was told I had degenerative disc disease and would be in pain, always, and expect to be in a wheel chair by the time I was 60! Not a good prognosis. I took handfuls of NSAIDs, and to sleep I took very strong pain medications - every 4-6 hours. I purchased a Home Conversion Pack (career pack) when we enrolled which included a large tube of Pain-A-Trate. I applied it to my back before I went to bed. I slept all night for the first time in years. I put it on a couple times a day. I was able to get off pain pills for the first time in over 10 years. I have never taken another pain pill for my back. I did use 3-4 tubes of Pain-A-Trate a month at first. Then with our supplementation, I no longer need the Pain-A-Trate except for an occasional over exertion or headache. It's wonderful stuff!! I never leave home without it!


We have used Pain-A-Trate for many things over the years: leg cramps, sore muscles, etc. But of late I have been rubbing on my shoulders due to pain in my upper arms from arthritis. I rub on am & pm. Gets me through the day & allows me a good night's sleep without pain. Not saying it cures anything but boy does it give relief from the pain!


I have been shopping at Melaleuca for 24 years and one of the original products we got back then was Pain-A-Trate. It was in those early years that a customer told me she had been standing on a coffee table changing a light bulb and suddenly lost her footing doing the splits as her feet went off the table on each side. She grabbed the Pain-A-Trate to ease the pain but what she discovered was that she didn't get any bruising. So for well over 20 years I have used Pain-A-Trate for this purpose and it works no matter how bad the fall or impact on the muscle tissue. Once I tripped on a wrinkle in the carpet at Convention and did a face plant though my knee took the worst of the impact. The corporate staff came running and wanted to know how I was…I cried, "Get me some Pain-A-Trate right away and it will be fine." Apparently they weren't aware that it will prevent bruising and therefore the soreness until the blood drains away. I showed them the next day that my knee was perfectly OK and not one bit sore! I can think of at least 4 other falls on that same knee that Pain-A-Trate has saved the day!


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