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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Melaleuca Wellness Guide Suggestions for Natural Insect Repellents

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on watch for vector-borne diseases. They warn that vector-borne diseases (diseases transmitted to humans and other animals by blood-feeding insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas) are some of the world's most destructive diseases. Some examples of emerging and growing diseases found in the United States are: Heartland Virus, Denque, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and West Nile Virus.


Insect bites should not be taken lightly. At 100 feet away a mosquito can smell the carbon dioxide from our breath, and the lactic acid on our skin. Once they get closer they sense our warmth. Since mosquitoes also consume nectar from flowers, they are also attracted to perfumes. Once they get closer they can see us.

We can avoid insect bites by taking protective measures. First of all, whenever spending time outdoors, especially at dusk and dawn, wear long pants, long sleeves and socks. A hat is also a good idea. Loose fitting clothing makes it harder for a biting insect to reach your skin. If you are planning an outdoor gathering, a gently blowing large fan will not only keep your guest cool, but will also blow away weak-flying insects. Anything that can hold water for a few days can attract breeding mosquitoes. This article shows some backyard areas that hold water and can breed mosquitoes.

Insect Repellents

Bug sprays are recommended, but caution is needed. Medline Plus warns us that breathing or swallowing DEET bug spray can cause poisoning, and that even pyrethrins bug sprays can cause problems. We also learn that DEET is especially dangerous to small children.

A study was done comparing DEET as an insect repellent versus the essential oils from eleven Australian plants. Although the protection against mosquitoes did not last as long as with DEET, Melaleuca oil was found to be effective.

For many years Melaleuca customers have successfully formulated their own natural insect repellents. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide suggests some proven combinations. Take a few minutes now to consult your copy and mix up a natural insect repellent.

Insects are more than nuisances some may carry disease. Enjoy a healthy summer.

~ Richard M Barry

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Natural Insect Repellents Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

A few years ago, my husband replaced our back deck, even digging out the support beams due to rot. He must have disturbed a nest of "pincher bugs" because we had an all-out invasion. I mixed up an insect repellent solution from a recipe in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide. One shot was all it took and results were almost instantaneous. It was safe enough for my young niece to use as well. It works on ants, too. I keep it on hand always. Thanks,

~ Joy

Although there are several naturally wonderful remedies in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide; last summer, I was out weeding my garden, and since we live on water, the mosquitoes were terrible to say the least! After several minutes of swatting these miserable insects, I ran into the house, opened the cupboard under my sink and grabbed my mixed spray bottle of Sol-U-Mel. I sprayed myself down and returned to my weeding project WITHOUT ANY further interruptions from the mosquitoes! Just another wonderful product we ALL have in our cupboards WITHOUT toxic chemicals! Last summer I was then prompted to research the ingredients in "OFF", and it made me even more thankful I use these great Melaleuca products!

~ Mickey

I seem to attract mosquitoes unlike anyone else! It doesn't matter what I wear or the color or my clothes or who else is around, mosquitoes just cluster around me and leave everyone else alone. If I use a commercial repellant, I just get a bad rash wherever I put it. That's a serious problem for me because I have always been sensitive to mosquito bites and get great red welts whenever I get bitten. I had been with Melaleuca only a few months when I learned about mixing the Melaleuca oil with the Renew body lotion as a repellant. I just pour a bit of oil into the palm of my hand and then add a pump or two of the Renew and mix it up - instant mosquito repellant! As a bonus I'm also adding extra moisture to my skin to help fight the very dry air here in Western Canada. Try this formula the next time you need repellant - you'll be amazed!

~ Darbra

I live right outside Houston Texas. We have so many bugs in the heat of the summer. We used to put out all kinds of candles and sprays just to have people over outside. After enrolling 2 yrs ago, I tried spraying Sol-U-Guard Botanical outside. Since there are no toxins it is just a deterrent for the bugs. They leave my yard in plenty of time for a party. No more Mosquitoes or June bugs for my parties!!!

~ Kelly

A few years ago, my son went canoeing the Boundary Waters with Boy Scouts. The mosquitoes are notorious for being brutal there. He was in one of two crews, and the other scouts all had 100% DEET as a repellant. The year before he also used DEET as his crew chief wouldn't let him take the Melaleuca formula, afraid it would attract bears. This second year, my son decided we would take his Melaleuca repellant (rain forest formula). After a few days on the water, one of the leaders didn't want to go back into his tent for his repellant so he used ours. From that point on everyone in John's crew used his repellant. They used the last of it on the last day. When they met up with the other crew, everyone was amazed that John's crew was completely bite-free, while the other crew were covered in bites.

~ Dawn

My customer is a single man who loves to be outdoors. He is an electrician who farms on the side, and cuts his own firewood. When he first became a customer he asked me if Melaleuca had an insect repellent so I emailed him one formula from The Melaleuca Wellness Guide. He later told me it worked better at keeping the ticks off of him, and the black flies out of his face, than any commercial insect repellent he had ever used. He and I are both members of a BNI chapter, and more than once he has given a testimonial about the efficacy of the insect repellent made from Melaleuca products.

~ Jane

Horse Bug Repellant: (from "Horses - All Purpose Spray Mixure" in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide) I mix the ingredients in a sprayer with water for my horse fly, mosquito, tick and flea repellent. Her coat is shiny, skin never been healthier and no dirt attraction or sticking. Works better than anything I have ever used! I only spray her every four days or as needed. It works in the mane and tail as a conditioner as well. Also works on minor wounds. I wipe around eyes and ears (inside ears) and have no greasy build up or scabbing from mites, gnats or flies. She is so comfortable and less bugged over all. I Love it!! You can use this on people too so we grab the same bottle for us as well. If you get funky hooves you can spray it on the sole as well. Happy Trails!!

~ Jen

Last year I went on a mission's trip to Uganda during July. Getting bitten by malaria-carrying mosquitoes there is no small matter! I knew I didn't want to use regular mosquito repellent as I knew the horrible chemical substances many of them have (besides the fact the smell is horrible!) I will never forget as a child when we had a traditional mosquito repellent and left it on the dashboard of our car. Because it was lying sideways, some of it spilled on the dashboard. To our horror, the combination of repellent and the sun, the liquid actually ATE THROUGH our dashboard! My dad vowed to never put that on our skin as children after that. However, running around in Uganda without mosquito repellent is not something I could do, so I went to The Melaleuca Wellness Guide to find help. I purchased small travel sprayers at Wal-Mart and filled them up with the easy recipe (under "Insect Repellents"). I can't even begin to tell you how well it worked! A wonderful plus was that it smelled lovely and fresh, left my skin super soft and healthy and didn't ruin my clothes with the combination of sun and repellent. My friends were constantly asking to borrow my solution! To this day we still joke about the sound of my sprayer during my night time rounds, spritzing everyone's bed with my Melaleuca repellent like a crazy woman! By far the cheapest and best repellent! Thanks Melaleuca!

~ Windy

On one side of our house we seem to get a ladybird infestation at certain times of the year, we couldn't open the windows without getting bedrooms and a sitting room full of ladybirds which make a mess and horrid smell when squashed. We have found that spraying around the window frames with diluted Sol-U-Mel keeps them away - now we can have fresh air and no unwanted visitors! And if we ever get insect stings or bites we have found MelaGel is the best! Thanks again Melaleuca for these brilliant and safe products.

~ Sarah

When I realized mosquitoes no longer loved me, I knew the Gold Bar was a keeper! I've showered with the Gold Bar for 20 years and even use it as my face wash. I plaster MelaGel on chigger bites until they disappear, and spray my ankles and arms with diluted Sol-U-Mel before going into the woods or mowing my lawn. Tough & Tender is my natural pesticide for garden vegetables and flowers, and PreSpot kills ants and insects in my kitchen. Melaleuca's products have almost eliminated the peskiness of insects in my life!

~ Jane

We are so thankful, grateful in fact for the natural insect repellant that Melaleuca provides our family. We have 3 young children and just before finding Melaleuca, our 3 year old got 4 mosquito bites on his little face and the left side of his left eye swelled shut for 3 days. He looked so miserable it broke my heart BUT then we became Melaleuca customers and mixed a few of our favorite products together, and he hasn't been bitten since! We are so thankful to be able to repel mosquitoes and other pests without harmful chemicals! Thank you Melaleuca.

~ Jenny

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