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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Melaleuca Farm Animals

Issue #274

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Did you know that humans have some of the same DNA sequences as dogs, cats, pigs and other mammals? Surprisingly some of our DNA sequences are also similar to chickens and yes, even to bananas!

With so much similarity it is logical that some natural remedies that are effective for humans will also help our pets, horses, farm animals, and yes, even for some of our plants. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide contains chapters entitled: “Healthy Dogs and Cats,” “Healthy Horses,” “Healthy Farm Animals,” and “Healthy Garden Solutions.” The remedies have been recommended by veterinarians, farmers, ranchers and horse and pet lovers.

Each chapter lists the remedies, precautions, and formulas based on the species. Therefore make sure to consult the The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for correct recommendations.

Here are a few samples:


T35-C5 is very effective when used on almost any injury as is MelaGel and Triple Antibiotic Ointment. For fly control in the stall areas, spray the area liberally with a 16-ounce spray bottle of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of Tough & Tender and 2 ounces of Sol-U-Mel. Carefully protect the horse’s eyes and face from any type of spray. Apply liberally early in the day. This solution may be sprayed on the horse’s body to repel flies. Melaleuca Original Shampoo can be used to get rid of lice and discourage ticks. It also softens mane and tail hair and encourages growth and prevents tangles. And it is antistatic which means dust does not collect as readily. In addition it helps prevent any skin fungus. Today’s Horse gives several tea tree oil remedies that can be used on horses.


Sunburn, Photosensitization - T36-C5 is very soothing for the cattle that get sunburn and photosensitization. Mix ¼ teaspoon of T36-C5 and 1/3 cup of water and spray the affected area. Be careful to avoid the eyes. Provide shade, if necessary, for severe cases and avoid excessive direct sunlight until the condition clears. Photosensitization occurs worldwide and is most common in cattle and sheep. It seems to be triggered by ingestion of certain plants such as St. John’s Wort.


Abscess - If an abscess has not erupted in an injured area, dab full-strength T36-C5 on the site with a cotton ball or cotton swab. If it is draining, clean the area with Sun Valley Hand Wash powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical and water. After it dries drop 1-2 drops of T36-C5 on the site. Repeat the cleaning and treatment 1-2 times each day until the abscess is healed.


Bathing - Wash the hogs in Sun Valley Hand Wash powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical and it will not only clean them, it will heal their sores from scratching, and keep their skin from drying out.


Sheep ked - (sheep tick) can spread rapidly through a flock as this insect can spend its entire life on its host. After shearing, put 1/2 teaspoon of T36-C5 into 1/2 cup of water and spray the animal thoroughly.


Chicken House Salmonella - Use 1-ounce of Sol-U-Mel in a quart of water when spraying the chicken house to kill salmonella. This will also kill other types of bacteria. CAUTION: Avoid direct contact with the birds when spraying.

Good to Remember

All life, whether human, animal, or plant, benefit by using safer products. Applying harmful pesticides can be dangerous not only to our animals and the person applying the products, but also to the rest of our family. And pesticides are known to drift into the environment harming wildlife and insects including the honey bee. Fortunately we have safer solutions.

~ Richard M Barry



Melaleuca Farm Animals
Success Stories

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

We run a small dairy goat farm and Melaleuca products are an important part of our operation. Udder wash: Spray Sol-U-Mel on the udder prior to milking each doe, wiping dry with a clean, dry cloth. Cuts on teats: Sometimes kids can be rough on a doe's teats. When we find scrapes or cuts on the teats we clean with Sol-U-Mel and then apply a small amount of MelaGel to the affected areas. Straight Melaleuca oil may be used instead of MelaGel. Staph pustules/sores on udder: First, clean sores thoroughly with Sol-U-Mel. Apply straight Melaleuca oil onto open sores as well as any bumps-pustules that have not ruptured. Finally, spray the entire udder with Sol-U-Guard and allow to dry. We have seen staph clear up very, very quickly with this procedure. It works MUCH better and faster than any conventional treatments. Cord dip: Cords of newborn kids may be sprayed with Sol-U-Mel as a preventative for navel ill. Kidding complications: When a doe is struggling to birth her kids and we need to go in to reposition kids and or pull them, we scrub our arms to the elbow with Melaleuca’s anti-bacterial soap (Sun Valley Hand Wash powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical). Then we spray our arms with Sol-U-Guard to the elbow. This can help prevent harmful bacteria from entering the doe when invasive action is required. Thank you

~ Mrs. A.P.

Melaleuca first aid saved a 5 day horse camping trip. The first night out, I had tied my horse to the overhead picket line and thought I had carefully measured rope length. Anyway, Tessa ended up with a hind leg caught over the rope in the pastern area (part of horses foot). Fortunately, I had my first aid solution spray mix (anti bacterial soap, Sol-U- Mel, T-36 and water). I sprayed her several times a day with this, let it air dry a bit, and then applied MelaGel and kept it loosely covered. Rope burns can be very nasty, painful, take a long time to heal and can leave scarring. She had no swelling, crusting over or weeping, and showed no signs of discomfort for the entire trip. About 10-14 days after I thought it looked so good I thought I could discontinue treatment. Well, that was the proof of how the Melaleuca was looked pretty nasty later in the day. I continued with treatment until I was sure all was well. No scarring and no missed riding! I ended treatment with Renew once or twice a day for a week or two. This was so easy and so worth it.

~ Barb

We have chickens and one of our hens started to peck on some of the other hens and the rooster to the point of drawing blood and one hen in particular had a bald behind. The feed store recommended a salve to stop the pecking and heal the area, but after reading the label I decided Melaleuca was the route I would go, as the salve label said it was a carcinogen. Having had cancer I didn't want to use it on the animals whose eggs I ate and am around daily. So I used a carrier oil and put a few drops of Melaleuca oil in the bottle and misted the hen daily. Her backside not only started growing feathers again after a week, but the inflammation from being pecked subsided after a few days and the other hen left her alone. I used the same spray on one of our dogs who got into a fight and his ear was slightly torn. It healed in less than a week and never became infected. Just love Melaleuca oil!

~ Rhonda

Last summer my 4 year old horse got tangled in a ranch panel and sliced her leg wide open. The wound was almost 4" long and just as wide. We called the vet, and he said that because of the shape of the wound (triangle) and because of the location (across her tendons) we couldn't stitch it up. It would just tear the stitches out. We agreed with him and decided to go ahead and put MelaGel on it a couple times a day and wash it with antibacterial soap. After a few days the wound had closed nicely, and within a couple more days it was nearly healed completely. Our biggest fear was that the wound would never heal properly and cause the scar to continually open. Not the case, you can't even find the scar!!! We also have a gelding that cut his ear, MelaGel healed it in no time...with no scars! We mix our own fly spray for the horses and cows. We have never loved products as much as we do Melaleuca! Thank you.

~ Londa and Bret

Sol-U-Mel the best thing to have around for all critters! We use it for fly spray, and in the Texas heat it works great without spraying poison on my babies. It is also very good for cleaning and healing of cuts. Mix in a spray bottle for the hard to clean areas around the hoof. And for sun screen for the "fair of noses," Sun Shades Suncreen is wonderful. For a shiny coat and manageable mane and tail Melaleuca Oil Shampoo and Leave-in-Detangling spray is a must. Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Cheryl

This year has been horrible for mosquitoes and biting flies! We use a recipe of Melaleuca products that are extremely effective and very affordable for our horses and dogs.

Horse Fly Spray: In empty quart spray bottle mix 1/4 cup of Tough & Tender, 1/8 cup of Sol-U-Mel, 10 drops each of T36-C5 oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil. Fill to the top with water. This horse fly spray can be used on dogs as well, but for the dogs' ears we use: 3 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil, 10 drops each of T36-C5 oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil. Apply with a cotton ball to the tips of the ears. It lasts for several days!!

~ Carrie

While in Hawaii, when I was doing barefoot hoof trimming, I noticed that quite a few horses suffered from "rain rot" on their backs! Horse owners would tell me that it was common due to the constantly wet environment. I went with my neighbor to try our Melaleuca oil and diluted Sol-U-Mel directly on the rotting fur region. Within just three days, the patch began to heal. It later disappeared altogether!

~ Mimi



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