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Melaleuca Dogs And Cats

Issue #273

Melaleuca Dogs and Cats

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Did you know that humans and animals can share the same diseases? What’s more, humans can transmit some diseases to their furry friends and vice versa. For instance, influenza (flu) affects birds, animals, and humans. In addition, humans can suffer fungal, bacterial and viral infections and so can their dogs and cats.

Natural Alternatives for Pets and Humans

Just as some human diseases are the same or similar to those that affect animals, the medicines used to treat these conditions may be the same, but in different doses or formulations. The same is true when using a natural remedy.


The Melaleuca Wellness Guide lists 50 ailments that affect dogs. Dogs appear to do quite well when treated with Sol-U-Mel, Renew Bath Oil and diluted T36-C5. PRECAUTION: T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil needs to be diluted. There is an increased risk of an adverse reaction the stronger the solution, the longer it is used and the larger the area covered (even more so if your dog is light-haired or gray). See The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for dilution recommendations for dogs and cats.

Arthritis Pain Can Be Worse in Winter

Many human arthritis sufferers will tell you their joints hurt more in winter. The following article helps us understand why, and we can conclude that animals who suffer with arthritis also will feel more pain as the barometer falls.

Painful inflammation of the joints usually causes a dog to limp on one or more paws. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are recommended for dog joint health. ProCare Hip + Joint Treats for Dogs are formulated with both of these and Replenex technology powered by Oligo. Your dog will enjoy the barbecue chicken flavor.

Dry Winter Air - Coat Conditioner

In between bathing your dog, keep its coat healthy and pest free by mixing 3-5 drops of T36-C5 in 1-1/2 cups of carrier oil. Jojoba may be a little more expensive but it really does make a difference to the coat. Store this mixture in a dark glass bottle in a cool place. Sprinkle a few drops all over the coat, especially around the neck area, and comb through the fur. ProCare Skin + Coat Treats for Dogs provide Oligo and Vitality Coldwater Omega-3s, nutrients shown to help your dog maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

Dogs - Year Round Problem:  Fleas

If your dog is prone to pick up fleas, the best thing you can do is keep the fur well-groomed and bathed every week with the following mixture: For every 2 teaspoons of Melaleuca Original Shampoo add 1 teaspoon jojoba oil. Mix well. Shampoo your dog, avoiding the eyes, and rinse well. Apply coat conditioner (previous tip) between washes. As a flea repellant add some Brewer’s yeast to your dog’s food. Some pet owners swear by it.


Never use undiluted T36-C5 on your cat. If possible a cat will lick and groom an injured area. Using undiluted tea tree oil or applying it over a large area or using it for a long period of time could cause an adverse reaction. Never use T36-C5 on a cat with impaired liver or kidney function, or on young kittens without the guidance of a vet. Light-haired cats and pedigree cats may be more sensitive. That said, your adult cat can benefit greatly by using diluted T36-C5 for minor first aid applications. A tiny bit of T36-C5 goes a long way. See The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for dilution recommendations.

Cats - Year Round Problem:  Fleas

If a cat has a flea problem, the best thing you can do is keep his fur well combed, and bathe the cat with the following mixture: 1 teaspoon Melaleuca Original Shampoo and 1 teaspoon jojoba oil. Mix and shampoo the cat avoiding the eyes. Rinse well.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide gives natural recommendations for some of the most common cat health problems. Web MD tells us that fleas, diarrhea, eye problems, urinary tract infections, vomiting, and tapeworms are the six most common cat health problems. Interestingly, or should we say grossly, tapeworms are almost always caused by a cat swallowing a flea that is harboring an immature tapeworm in its digestive tract.

Dogs and Cats - Exposure to Indoor Toxicity

Removing grocery store brand cleaning and personal care products from our homes is probably the easiest thing we can do to prolong the health of our pets. This is especially important in the wintertime when we keep our windows and doors tightly closed. Animals are more exposed to toxic chemical vapors because vapors tend to accumulate on the ground. A study found higher levels of chemicals in dogs and cats than in humans. Pets are unable to avoid chemicals on the ground where dust, dirt, and pesticides concentrate. It is up to their human companions to make healthy choices for them.

Good to Know

Humans can give a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection to a pet. If a family member is repeatedly treated for MRSA, it might be a good idea to also have the pet checked.

~ Richard M Barry



Melaleuca Dogs and Cats
Success Stories

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

We had a cat who was traumatized by another cat (we had to adopt him out as he was trying to kill-not exaggerating--her for almost a year). She peed on things as a sign of her trauma. I would not get rid of her for that. We used to use a pound of baking soda in the wash to get the smell out of items we could launder. Then we got Melaleuca. One capful of Sol-U-Mel does the trick. Sadly, she passed last year at age 13. She was a beautiful long-haired tortie-tabby polydactyl with 23 toes named Thumbellina and we loved her dearly. We still use Sol-U-Mel to clean up cat vomit and hairballs. And I still use a capful of it in the wash when I wash my husband's pillow cases. Yeah, they need it. We sometimes foster kittens and I'm happy knowing that all our cleaning products are safe to use around them.

~ Gabrielle

I love Melaleuca and all the uses for the products. I love the treats for my dogs and cat. The dog treats; I have given them for years. I used the one for skin and coat and have transitioned now to hip and joint and they are older now. I have noticed an improvement in their gait and getting up from resting. It's so funny because around 11:00 pm every night they get their treats. But I will tell you if I am not watching the time, they tell me it's time for their treats. They stand in front of me and stare. If I don't look right away they start to jump and then go to the drawer where their treats are. They love them. My new cat has joined the bandwagon and she will jump up on her tube and wait for me to put them on there for her to eat. I like the fact they help clean her teeth. I don't feel guilty giving them their treats because they are high quality and help them stay healthy.

~ Kevin

My aging Bassett Hound had dry nose condition in her last few years she was with us. I found Renew Lotion was just the thing to give her little rough and dry nose the moisture it needed to keep her comfortable. I also gave her the Procare Hip + Joint Treat with Replenex because she had terrible arthritis and one leg that was turning almost completely backward. It kept her mobile for years longer than anyone expected. I have a Persian Cat who is so finicky he won't even eat the fancy wet cat foods most cats love so much. I buy him treats and he turns his nose to them unless they are the Melaleuca Procare Dental Treats for Cats. He eats those as fast as I can put them in front of him and the dogs wait in case I drop one for them.

~ Jen

We have a healthy...better yet...ALIVE cat because of Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 (EVERYONE should have this for MULTIPLE reasons)! Our kitty was a stray and unfortunately he still seems to get into fights. He came home with two puncture wounds on his chest, he was losing the battle of healing them and as a last effort before going to the vet I treated them with Melaleuca Oil. He wasn't very happy about it, fought like a tiger, but the wounds scabbed overnight! We kept applying it and he healed completely in a few days! Imagine the discomfort he would have experienced going to the vet, not to mention the cost? I noticed he was not eating as usual and discovered a sore in his mouth. Applied Melaleuca oil/olive oil and within a few days...gone! On another occasion our cat was bitten clear through his ear (there was an actual hole!). I said, "Let him alone, he will care for it". WRONG! The next morning his ear was horribly swollen and infected hardly recognizable as an ear. We had healed his battle wounds with Melaleuca Oil T36-C5 before, so we used it again. The swelling reduced significantly overnight, and over the course of days we watched it heal beautifully! The scab was large, dry, and red, and was curling his ear backwards. So we washed it with Hydrating Facial Cleanser and rubbed in Renew several times a day for a few days, and could not believe the difference it made! About a week later his ear looked absolutely normal and the hair was starting to grow back in. He hasn't had a fight in months but just last week our cat came home after fighting who-knows-what, but SEVERELY lost. After wiping away the blood I found several puncture wounds in both-ears, cheek and several in his neck and chest. One side of his face swollen, his eye almost shut. Interestingly enough when we went to douse him in Melaleuca Oil he just sat there and let us do it. I think he has figured out that this "smell" helps! The next day the swelling was way down, his eye looked good. We gave him a bath with the Procare Pet Shampoo (which wonderfully lives up to its claims) and re-treated him with the oil. By the third day all wounds were scabbed over and NONE became infected. Simply amazing! I am always excited to save money on household, food, and personal items but never thought we'd be saving thousands at the Vet!!! Thanks Melaleuca!

~ Chery

My dog, Jack, was old and began having "accidents" in the house. My daughter bought several different kinds of carpet stain removal products. The stains kept returning and Jack started having seizures. Finally, I insisted she stop and I attacked the stains with Sol-U-Mel. Well the stains disappeared and Jack stopped having seizures! Even she was convinced that Melaleuca is the answer!!! And Jack lived seizure free until he died in his sleep an old, old man.

~ Melly

We have an English Mastiff that a couple years ago started having hip problems at a early age (1 year old ). Our vet told us to get him on glucosamine so we showed her the Replenex that we take and asked if it was okay to give to him. She said it would be fine so we started him on it. And as long as he is taking his Replenex he is fine. Without his Replenex he can't get around....with Replenex he has no issues at all. Thanks so much for such great products!! We love Melaleuca!

~ Bhavani

We had an 18 year old cat that developed mange on her upper back right where her neck and back join. I took her to the vet and he prescribed an antibiotic cream no bigger than the MelaGel tube that would cost me approximately $50.00 and I would probably need two tubes. I told the vet I would try some of the natural products I had at home first. He said, "They won’t work. You will be back." I went home and washed the cat with antibacterial soap with a couple of drops of T36-C5 added. Then I put Triple Antibiotic Ointment and a couple of drops of T36-C5 all over the area. I repeated this every day until the mange was cleared up. It took about 3 to 4 weeks to cure it, as every time the cat saw me she ran away and hid. The cost for all that was less than $30.00.

We had a 6 yr old Yellow Lab who fell off the dock at the cottage and broke his ankle. Two years later he developed arthritis, and I started him on Replenex daily, and if I could get him to take it, the Vitality Calcium. There wasn't the Pro Care Hip & Joint Treats. He weighed about 70 lbs. I gave him 3 tablets per day and he stopped limping and was walking better. At the dog's annual vet visit the vet noticed he was limping a bit asked what happened and when I told him. The vet said he would write me a prescription for glucosamine to help with the arthritis. I said I was already giving him the same glucosamine that my husband took and it helped a lot. The vet asked why I would give the dog the same glucosamine that my husband helped my husband with his arthritis and. as human and dog physiology is almost the same. I assumed it would help and it did. I have a customer who has a boarding kennel and doggy day care, and when she bathes the dogs she uses MelaPower. It is more economical than the Pro-Care Shampoo. No dry, itchy, flaky skin on the dogs.

~ Susan

We owned a veterinary hospital in Los Angeles, California. We had a senior dog with diabetes, arthritis, and that was missing half her hair. My husband said she could go with standard treatment or talk to me about a natural treatment as neither the arthritis nor the hair-loss were responding to normal treatment. So I suggested she put her poodle on Provex Plus to help with the diabetes and hair loss. She gave the dog one capsule per day. (About 10 pounds). In a month she returned complaining. The dog’s hair was much thicker and the dog was bouncing around like a puppy. She said, "Why can't I take the dog medicine?" So she started taking the (now) Peak Performance and Replenex. Her arthritis and lupus both improved.

~ Bonnie

We had the pleasure of watching my in-laws dog for a month while they were on vacation. The dog was being treated with a cream given by the vet for oozing, itchy, and hairless spots all over her poor body. Obviously the cream wasn't working so I had the opportunity to put Melaleuca pet products to the test for a whole month. I bathed her with the Procare Pet Shampoo, added Sol-U-Mel to the rinse water, blow dried her, and then used the Renew Bath Oil and Renew Lotion to finish off her bath. I also treated the spots daily with MelaGel. Needless to say, when my in-laws returned from vacation, their fur baby was all better. Spots that had no hair, now had hair, and she was no longer itching. My mother-in-law said they had been treating her for over a month, and the cream just wasn't working.

~ Pamela



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