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Healthy Pregnancy

Issue #278

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Safer Products, Healthy Pregnancy

For over a hundred years scientists have been developing plastics and other modern chemicals, and have discovered amazing uses for their products. Undeniably mankind has greatly benefited from many of the applications of these products. However, back then, who would have thought of a future where most of us carry some of those chemicals in our bodies.

The following study tested pregnant women to see how many manmade chemicals could be found in their bodies. They found that almost all of the pregnant women they tested had multiple chemicals, some possibly dangerous to baby and mother.

Birth Defects

A recent study found that quaternary compounds commonly found in store brand cleaners and personal care products, caused birth defects in mice and rats. This research raises a serious warning to both fathers and mothers.

Brain Disorders

Another study found that pregnant women and children exposed to chemicals that disrupt the thyroid (endocrine disrupting hormones) found in pesticides, cosmetics, medications and plastics are linked to brain development disorders in children.

Unfortunately hormone-disrupting phthalates and BPA are ever present in our environment. They are found in lotions, personal care products and children's toys and in so much more. This article lists some of the items that have phthalates and how they are absorbed, inhaled or ingested.

Safer Alternatives

EcoSense household products do not depend on harsh alkaline chemical reactions to be effective. Instead they break soil down by using a combination of natural enzymes, solvents, and surfactants. This line of biodegradable cleaning products does not contain bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, quaternary compounds, or glycol ethers. In addition all Melaleuca's products are phthalate-free and BPA- free.


Vitality Pack Prenatal contains not only Prenatal Omega-3 in the right dosage and right ratio of DHA to EPA, but also includes patented Oligo for enhanced mineral solubility. The Prenatal Vitality Pack contains 23 essential nutrients and 4 sources of calcium.

A very recent study found that pregnant women who supplemented with fish oil and probiotics reduced the risk of allergies and eczema in their children. In the study, probiotics were taken as a supplemental capsule, powder, or drink. The article notes that most yogurts do not contain enough probiotic.

Good to Know

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that out of "germ-phobia" some parents constantly spray disinfectant in the air and on surfaces in their baby's nursery.

What they may not know is that they are exposing their baby to an assortment of chemicals, and that it takes much less chemical to harm a baby than an adult. Chemical exposures are especially problematic to babies and young children with their still developing immune system.

Some scientists think that children need a certain amount of exposure to microbes. Exposure is believed to be one of the ways our immune system gets trained. True, sanitizing is still recommended to clean contaminated areas, and hand washing to prevent colds and flu, but over-cleaning with toxic chemicals is not recommended.

~ Richard M Barry

Pregnancy Success Stories
The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

In 2015, we found out we were expecting child number four. As a woman in my 40s, I thought I was done, with my 3 boys who were all in school. Prior to finding out, I was taking the Peak Performance Pack and was experiencing amazing results. I started taking the Prenatal Pack and, because of my age, I also had to have lots of tests and blood work done to ensure there weren't any developmental problems. Not only did the results show my daughter was healthy, when MY blood work came back, my levels were that of a 15-year old. I had lots of energy and even maintained my workouts up until a week before my scheduled C-section. My daughter was born on April 15, 2016, 6lbs, 12oz of perfect health. She was very alert, made immediate eye contact with me, attentive, and a full head of hair. Her developmental levels since birth have always been ahead of the curve and currently she is testing at the level of a 3-year old.

I have always been grateful for Melaleuca and their products. Renew saved my son from his eczema when I first opened my shopping account, and our family has been so much better because of it. My daughter is a true Melaleuca baby from birth up until now. She knows nothing but Melaleuca products and has not had many sick days in her almost 2 years on Earth. She is a true testament of how having safer products in your home is better for you and your family.

~ Dionne

Hello. Thank you for your newsletter, I appreciate the wealth of information it brings! I'd like to share my fertility story, it's not a pregnancy story, but it applies. My doctor told me she was concerned that because of my hormones being out of whack, my body wouldn't be able to support a baby. I was in my late 20's and longing to be a mother, so this was a very difficult statement to hear. After a few moments of panic, I decided to make this a challenge, my only goal was to prove her wrong. I started eating cleaner, took my sleep seriously, and took the Total Peak Performance Pack. I knew that if I gave my body the right tools it would heal itself. And heal itself it did! My sweet boy just turned one.

~ Elise

My first pregnancy, I used doctor prescribed pre-natal vitamins and had toxins in my apartment because I didn't know about Melaleuca. My daughter was born and got sick a week later. She stayed sick for three straight years until I found Melaleuca and converted my home to safer products. She got off her breathing treatments and oral meds within a few weeks of me switching stores. I believe she would have been healthier from the start if I'd been on Melaleuca pre-natal vitamins and had that brand of products throughout my home during pregnancy and her early years. My second pregnancy, I was using nothing but Melaleuca Prenatal and all of the cleaning, laundry, and grooming products, and that child was born extremely healthy from the start. She is at the top of her gifted class in school each year and I believe Melaleuca has a lot to do with how well she is doing.

~ Jen



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