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Healthy Joints - Replenex

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According to the Centers for Disease Control 50 millions U.S. adults have been diagnosed with one of the 100 different forms of arthritis. Symptoms include pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling in or around the joints. Some forms of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, can affect multiple organs and cause widespread symptoms. More than half of adults with heart disease or diabetes also suffer from arthritis. Inflammation appears to be a common factor in both diabetes and arthritis. We know that arthritis involves inflammation; the word arthritis literally means joint inflammation.

Now research is providing evidence that type 2 diabetes is also an inflammatory disease.

And a PubMed study found that diabetes is an independent predictor for severe osteoarthritis.

It makes sense that reducing inflammation will help reduce arthritic pain and further damage. Maintaining a healthy weight is important, not only because excess weight is hard on knees and hips, but also because doctors now know that some forms of fat cells promote inflammation.

Avoid inflammation causing saturated fats, trans fats, and processed foods which tend to be high in omega-6 oils. A recent PubMed abstract tells us that omega-3 alleviates the progression of osteoarthritis and has exciting potential for preventing cartilage degradation that comes with joint inflammation. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids helps decrease the need for NSAIDS drugs. Coldwater Omega-3 contains the research recommended omega-3 fatty acids.

Bone destruction is commonly seen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. PubMed reports that grape seed extract may be beneficial for the treatment of bone destruction caused by autoimmune inflammation. ProvexCV and Provex-Plus are concentrated super antioxidants and sources of grape seed extract. ProvexCV in particular has the flavonoid power of nearly 10,000 grapes in every bottle. Flavonoids are known to be powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that damage tissue.

Patented Replenex and Replenex Extra Strength help rebuild, cushion, and strengthen joint cartilage. Besides 1,500mg of research-recommended glucosamine HCI, Replenex formulas also contain ginger, green tea, and bromelain which promote healthy joint function. If you are over 50 years old, and are involved in moderate to strenuous activities and or are overweight, Replenex Extra Strength might be your best formula. Replenex Extra Strength contains chondroitin, MSM, manganese, and A.I. Blend for comfort. A.I. Blend is a patent-pending combination of six well-known anti-inflammatory herbs: Devil's claw, ginger root, aronia, turmeric root, angelica gigas root, and green tea extracts.

Another important tip to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis is exercise. Movement is needed for a joint to receive lubrication. Exercise pumps nutrients in and pumps wastes out of healthy cartilage. Some people who have complained of painful hands have found relief by taking up an exercise that pumps the hand joints: knitting!

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends Replenex for arthritis, athletic injuries, back pain, bursitis, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue, eye, fibromyalgia, gout, lupus and osteoarthritis.

In review: Eat colorful, whole foods. Avoid inflammation-causing fats and processed foods. Take your supplements including Coldwater Omega-3, ProvexCV or Provex- Plus, Replenex or Replenex Extra Strength. Keep moving. And, if you find it hard to take those first steps, rub in Pain-A-Trate for soothing relief.

~ Richard M Barry

Replenex in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Replenex & Replenex Extra Strength are recommended to help relieve the following conditions:

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Replenex Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

There are so many products that have helped me this past year and Replenex is just one of them. I have herniated discs in all 3 sections of the back. After I started taking Replenex last year, within 3 days I noticed a big change. I was vacuuming, dusting, etc that I had always put off due to the pain. If for some reason I did not get Replenex ordered or forgot to take due to hectic schedule, within 48 hours my back was hurting. I would wonder what did I forget and it was the Replenex. Back on them I go and within a day, I am fine again. Replenex to me is like gas for your vehicle. Thank you Melaleuca!

~ Vickie

I've been shopping the Melaleuca store for nearly three years and for most of that time have been taking Replenex. I'd had such pain in my hips that I had trouble sleeping at night and standing for hours while I worked was an issue. My doctor wanted me to use Tylenol every day but I was against using it long term. That's when I decided to give Replenex a try. Before the first month was finished I was experiencing relief at night and soon was comfortable working my usual long days. A side benefit is that my bunions don't cause pain anymore! I'm living healthier and cleaner with Vitality and Replenex plus I have converted all cleaners to Melaleuca’s wonderful products. Thank you Melaleuca and R M Barry!

~ Elizabeth

I had an arthroscopy for a torn meniscus in June 2013. Whilst the surgery was deemed "successful" my knee actually felt worse, with swelling, locking, pain and constant awareness that it just wasn't right, in fact I wished that I hadn't had surgery. I have had physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments and even resorted to visiting a traditional healer in Bali and spent dollars on products from chemists and health food shops. In April this year I started on the Replenex Extra Strength and what an amazing difference! I noticed a change within about a week and the improvement is continual. Last week I was walking into a shop and it suddenly struck me that my knee finally felt "normal" This is my Melaleuca testimony to prospective customers; I will never stop taking this product because it is the only thing that has helped me.

~ Narelle

I broke my back in 3 places over a year ago. I, fortunately, did not need surgery or a brace. However, I was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. The doctor at the hospital had prescribed a heavy duty pain medication for the pain. I have been using Melaleuca products for over 6 years and I thought about the Replenex product because both my mom and my father-in-law had been taking it and it had improved their back and joint pain. So, as soon as I got home, I borrowed some from my mom while I waited for the ones I ordered. It worked so well in relieving the pain that I was able to cut back on the prescription pain pills, only taking them at night to sleep. Within less than a week I stopped taking the prescription pain pills completely! I continued to take the Replenex for a year and am now fully recovered! I still take Replenex when I overwork myself and it works wonders for any back or joint pain I have! I am really grateful this product worked so well for me! Replenex was so much better for me to take than the prescription medication with all its possible side effects. Thanks Melaleuca!

~ Angela

I started taking the Replenex Extra Strength for my joints as my knees and back got messed up when I was in the military. I could not really do any physical activities that were adventurous or just working out. I had stopped doing all of that due to the ongoing pain I would get if I would do any activity. After taking Replenex, my joints have improved and I am now able to lead a normal life of physical activities. To me it is a big deal due to the fact that I am just 30, so imagine having been in your 20's and already having joint health problems. I am so grateful for Melaleuca's Replenex Extra Strength!

~ Keila

First of all thank you very much for these weekly publications. I love reading all the Testimonials from these wonderful products. As for Replenex, I played a lot of soccer in middle school and high school and as a result I have bad knees. There are days that after bending down for something it is a very painful struggle to get back up. The first couple days I noticed a huge difference. I can bend a lot easier and my knees do not crack as much. In addition to that, I see a chiropractor for routine adjustments and they gave me exercises to help with my SI joint in my back but I was still waking up with a lot of pain and had to do stretches before getting out of bed otherwise I would be in a lot of pain. When I take Replenex I wake up with no or very little pain. It is a great product that I will continue to use. I have even been able to taper down to only 1 a day and it still works very well for me.

~ Karen

About a year ago, I had been having severe pain in my feet. I'm a home health nurse and am on my feet a lot during the day. When I would come home, if I would lie down on my bed to rest or to work on my charting, when I would go to get up, my feet wouldn't want to work for about 4-5 steps. The pain was terrible! I started taking Replenex Extra Strength and within a few weeks noticed I wasn't having that severe pain anymore. I would take two in the morning and two in the evening. I ran out for a week before I could place my next order and I noticed the stiffness and pain coming back. Once I got my Replenex and started taking them again, the pain was once again gone. Wonderful product!

~ Susan

My husband is a diesel mechanic and his hands were really getting sore. It also was in his shoulder and elbow from the constant repetitive use of his hands. We were using the Vitality6 and Replenex. He did end up having to have carpel tunnel surgery on both hands the beginning of August and by the end of September. His shoulder and elbow have no pain now also, he was pulling a bow back[for hunting] and also back to work with no restrictions. We attribute his healing so quickly to the quality of the supplements and also the Lords Healing. The doctor was amazed he recovered so quickly! He is doing great!!!! Thanks for The Melaleuca Wellness Guide. It is really helpful.

~ Rachel

Last year I had terrible pain in my right hand and my doctor sent me to the hospital for an x ray. Well they told me that I had advanced! My hand was like a club. I could not use it and it was very painful. I could not write, fasten my bra, open anything, etc. etc. I could not shift the gears in my car so it was very difficult and really not safe for me to drive. On the advice of my Integrative Medicine specialist, who knows our Melaleuca products. He told me to double up on my Extra Strength Replenex and take Turmeric Capsules, which I started doing several months later.....there is no pain in my hand and wrist anymore and I have complete use of it once again. I Am So Very Thankful!!! I will never stop taking that Extra Strength Replenex and the turmeric capsules!!!

~ Louise

What can I say about Replenex, It Works!! If I don't take it I can really feel it, makes it very difficult to walk without pain. It worked so well for me that I shared it with a friend and now she takes it every day. She told me she felt the difference within a day for her.

~ Michelle

My 17 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic and has played basketball for 5 years. She has had to brace her knees and ankles because they were always giving her problems...being sore, achy or just uncomfortable. Last year I decided to put her on Replenex to see if it would make a difference. It definitely did! I noticed that she began to leave her knee braces behind when she went to practice or games. When I asked her why she quit wearing them, she said they just didn't give her trouble any more. I recently began having trouble with my knees feeling tight and uncomfortable when bending them. Since it worked for my daughter I thought I would give it a try. I am happy to say that since I am taking my Replenex, I can bend my knees without any feeling of discomfort!

~ Susan

I'm not as young as I used to be, actively creeping towards my 60th birthday. My knees starting aching several years ago, so when I became a Melaleuca customer over two years ago I started taking Replenex. My knees gradually began feeling better and all was well, until March and April when I forgot to put Replenex on my orders. My knees starting aching again and it was mid - April before I thought "Replenex!" "I forgot to order Replenex!" So I ordered some, began taking it as soon as it came in, and my knees are much better now at the end of July! Thank you, Replenex and Melaleuca!

~ Steve

Some time in my past I had broken my femur, maybe as a kid. It developed a calcium deposit on the top so it couldn't go into the joint. I developed a list to my walk. Then in about 1984 I had a collision and went through the windshield of the car. I developed arthritis in my neck. I started using Replenex and both the arthritis and the calcium depot disappeared. I had to learn to walk with my body straight. I use the Replenex Extra Strength since it came out. At 83 I still love to dance and tell people I am 38, they believe me...sort-of. Yes, I have been a Customer since September of 1988, and wouldn't be without my Vitality Total.

~ Norma

I have had back issues now for 13 years since I am a nurse. We lift and move patients all day, and that really does a number on our bodies. I wanted to try the Replenex to see if I could get some relief, and not be in pain constantly. I have been on so many prescribed medications that made me sleepy and unable to work. I was very pleased with the Replenex, and how I started feeling better without being "medicated". I am able to still function, and have relief at the same time. Very much needed in my life!!!

~ Kelly

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