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Healthy Eyes

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Vision changes can be so subtle that they may not be noticed, or may be blamed on just "getting-older." As we age it is common for us to reach a point where we need reading glasses, but severe vision loss is not part of normal aging.

According to Medical News Today optometrists are diagnosing more young people with potentially serious eye conditions. There is concern that younger people will start losing their sight from conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration.


Research to prevent cataracts has focused on antioxidants and carotenoids, specifically lutein and zeaxanthin, which are naturally found in the lenses of the eyes. It is believed that some plant chemicals and nutrients may be associated with a lower risk for cataracts.

Evidence indicates that xanthophyll-rich foods (such as dark green leafy vegetables) may help slow the aging process in the eye and protect against cataracts.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can cause pain, irritation, and blurred vision. Without sufficient tears to bathe the eye, inflections are possible. Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce inflammation that contributes to dry-eye syndrome.

Macular Degeneration

Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD or AMD) is the deterioration of the central focus region of the back of the eye, called the macula. It is called "age related" because generally it occurs in both men and women over the age of 50. AMD causes a loss of vision in the center of the visual field. Imagine a penny taped to the center of your glasses, poor central vision but better peripheral vision. The disease can advance to legal blindness, making it hard to recognize faces and colors, and causing difficulty when driving and reading.

The macula, also called the "yellow spot," contains high levels of the pigments lutein and zeaxanthin. High levels of lutein in the macula can absorb blue light which is believed to be the most damaging of lights. Unfortunately our bodies do not make lutein, and most people do not eat enough daily servings of deep green vegetables needed to get enough lutein. NutraView contains the research-recommended 10mg of lutein, and 2mg zeaxanthin, plus a powerful antioxidant combination of blueberry and bilberry extract that is believed to improve night vision. Eating a diet rich in DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids is associated with a reduction in risk. Coldwater Omega-3 with 660mg DHA and 270mg EPA contain the ideal balance of DHA and EPA (2:1).

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that a major contributor to eye

challenges is the typical high-fat, high-sugar, preservative-laden American diet. Eating high glycemic foods like cakes, cookies, white bread, and sugar-sweetened foods quickly raise blood sugar. The New York Times reports on a study that found that those who ate the most high-glycemic foods had more than a 40 percent increased risk of developing macular degeneration compared to those who ate a healthier diet.

Grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can help improve night vision, diabetic eye complications, and macular degeneration. ProVex-Plus and ProvexCV contain only fresh grapes grown in California wine country. In most other grape seed supplements, grape seeds are harvested from fermented grapes that were used in the wine making process, leaving less of the healthful components in the skins and seeds.

Protect Eyes from Sunlight and Blue Light

We also may need to protect our eyes from harmful UV light when working or playing in the sun. Special filters added to our eyeglasses may be recommended if our workspace is brightly lit with fluorescent light fixtures, or if you spend hours in front of a computer terminal.

~ Richard M Barry

Healthy Eyes Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

As a Melaleuca customer since 1996, I have been a happy user of just about all of the products. I was in my mid 50s when I found the need for reading glasses, and changed my prescription about every 3 or 4 years. My optometrist always remarked that I had healthy eyes. I explained that it might have something to do with the vitamins I was taking. Then when Oligo was available I took the Total Vitality which includes the NutraView. I was able to stay with the same prescription for about 6 years! I got even better when I began taking the Coldwater Omega 3. My eyesight was actually improving, my eyes were still healthy, and I was using an old pair of glasses that served me better than did the latest pair! The optometrist was so impressed that he put in his report all of the information I had on the nutritional table that is on the Vitality Total package! I couldn't convince him to enroll, but I haven't given up!

~ Faith

The benefits of lutein for eye health are strongly supported. We even use them on our aged dog for prevention of retinal disorders. For the past three years we have been working with a study for eyes on our dog. We feel that the use of NutraView containing lutein has kept our aged dog from losing her sight. We adjusted the dose as per her size and feel it has helped her continue to see at age 13. She is predisposed to an eye disorder and should have lost her eye sight by now. I can rely on the quality of Melaleuca when using their products and am glad to have eye support as part of the group.

~ Gene

My 95 year old mother-in-law has macular degeneration. She was having increasing problems with her vision, so she made an appointment to see her eye doctor. We brought her NutraView and she asked her optometrist/eye surgeon if it was ok to take the NutraView. He said he didn't think it would help but to go ahead and take them. He wanted to see her again in 3 months, and after examining her eyes, he was amazed at how much better her eyesight had improved!! She told him it was the NutraView! He said it was helping and to keep on taking it! Now she tells everyone about the NutraView and refers them to me to get them started!

~ Bonnie

I am a Director 2 with Melaleuca going for Director 3 this month. I have glaucoma and am on medications, however I was having a hard time with lights specially when driving at night. Since I am taking NutraView I have noticed a huge improvement on my vision, especially when driving at night. And also my eyes do not get foggy as much. I highly recommend everyone to try it. I assure you the results are worthwhile. Thank you,

~ Maria

I'm writing in hopes of giving hope to other parents who have children with vision and eye disorders. My sons have RP, retinitis pigmentosa, and are slowly losing their sight. At least this is what's traditionally expected. We decided not to just accept this, as they are also profoundly deaf. For the last 9 years, the specialists have been surprised when they would walk in, unaided, for their "field test" as they had lost their peripheral vision first, so that's when we decided to start them on NutraView. They are tall boys, and we have been giving them 3 NutraView in the morning, and 3 at bedtime. And although the damage that has already been done wasn't reversed, the NutraView has quite clearly halted the rapid progression expected with their condition! This has enabled them to get their degree in Art, and continue painting and drawing, and it has also given them back their confidence, as neither one wanted to rely on their white sticks during the day, but kept them handy for evening use. I'm grateful to say that they still are not using the white sticks, and as the body doesn't store these particular nutrients, they are wonderfully priced so that absolutely ANYONE can get them! The eye specialist said that it was indeed a superior product, even compared to other similar supplements containing lutein. NutraView contains zinc that acts as a "booster" for the other nutrients, and at €10.99 we couldn't afford not to give this to our sons! And just one more tidbit of info, NutraView also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, and is one of the few supplements that can be safely taken when expecting! We have been customers of Melaleuca for nearly 20 years total, and are more than grateful for the blessings it has afforded our family! Please pass this on, as parents everywhere need to know about this! I also take it, as I was unable to drive at night! I'm 56 now, and wouldn't be without it, as my night vision has greatly improved! I could go on and on! Thank you Frank Vandersloot for such a great company, and thank you RM Barry for your attention to detail in producing The Melaleuca Wellness Guide! We have had several editions, and give them to all our new business builders and the smaller versions to our new customers! Keep up the Great work!

~ K

After having 6 kids in 11yrs, I didn't have much time to focus on my personal health, especially my eyes and teeth. I had been using reading glasses for years when we discovered Melaleuca. I started taking the Vitality 4 and NutraView right away! After about 3 weeks I was sitting at the table one evening with our Bible study group and it was my turn to read, so I read my passage and reached up to take off my reading glasses. I screamed and started grabbing at my face. My glasses weren't there! After scaring everyone half to death, I explained to my group what had happened!! I will never stop taking my NutraView! I read for 6 more years without glasses thanks to NutraView! During my husband’s time at Seminary I cut out my vitamins to save money. Needless to say, after 3yrs, I started having trouble with my vision again! Could have been age, but now I wish I would have found another way to save money.

~ CJ

About 3 years ago, I had my eyes checked with ALL of the latest technology. The eye doctor stated to me after taking one of the tests that I had the start of macular degeneration. I was shocked and surprised to say the least! Upon returning home, I immediately started using NutraView from Melaleuca. This past spring, I had something in my eye, and I called this same eye doctor to see him to see if I had damage or not. I asked him to do the same test to see if my macular degeneration was any worse! AMAZING: He stated I don't have any signs of macular degeneration! AGAIN, thank you to Melaleuca for their great products!

~ Mickey

I have always had a growth over most of the retina in my left eye. Melaleuca came out with NutraView and I didn't try it. About six years ago I decided to try and see if it would help. Six months later I noticed my night blindness was gone! Just 2 months ago I had my eyes examined for new glasses when I was offered digital mapping. It showed my growth spot . A spot! Not the mass that was discovered when I was 16 that covered all but one dust particle of my left retina! The only change was Melaleuca's NutraView in addition to my vitamins and minerals that I already was taking. Thank you Melaleuca and Thank you RM Barry for publishing such a handy Wellness Guide!

~ Eileen

I had to have laser surgery for glaucoma. The doctor burned the back of my eye with the laser so I had a jag in my vision in that eye. I was told it would heal itself, but 3 months later it was still there. I took Melaleuca's NutraView for about 3 months and it improved significantly. I stopped taking the NutraView and it stopped improving. I also noticed a significant improvement in my night vision while I was taking the NutraView.

~ Jane

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