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Florify - Health Benefits of Taking Probiotics

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The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that good intestinal health has numerous benefits besides regularity. "Friendly bacteria" known as probiotics help us digest food, regulate hormones, produce vitamins, and enhance vitamin and mineral absorption. Probiotics also help crowd out harmful bacteria and, oddly enough, produce natural antibiotics which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria throughout the GI tract. Scientists are finding that consumption of probiotics is beneficial for people of all ages.

Some common ailments that might affect us when on vacation may be prevented or treated by probiotics. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Lactobacillus acidophilus may help prevent traveler's diarrhea.

Probiotics may also help digestion and enhance the immune system, all useful benefits especially when vacationing.

Spending our vacation days sitting by the pool in a wet bathing suit can make us more susceptible to developing urinary tract or yeast infections. A PubMed study concludes that probiotics can be important in maintaining normal urogenital health and also help prevent and treat infections.

Florify contains a blend of 5 billion colony units of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. Lactobacillus is the prevalent good bacteria in the small intestine, and Bifidobacterium is the most dominant good bacteria in the large intestine.

Probiotics are not permanently established in our digestive tract; therefore Florify needs to be taken every day. Florify also contains the prebiotic, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). Prebiotics boost the growth of beneficial probiotics in the GI tract. Another healthy source of powerful prebiotics is FiberWise.

~ Richard M Barry

Florify in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Florify is recommended to help relieve the following conditions:

Abdominal Distress
Cancer Prevention
Celiac Disease
Good Health
Influenza (Flu)
Pruritis Ani
Urinary Tract Infections
Varicose Veins
Yeast Infections

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Florify Reviews

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My son had a bad yeast problem while still in diapers. He got some better after he was potty trained, but it didn't totally clear up. I started giving him Florify, and it cleared up quickly! There was a virus going around that was pretty bad, so I put Florify into my two little boys' sippy cups, and guess what!?!? One of them complained about a little bellyache, but that was it! Children all around them got it. Thank you for such wonderful products, Melaleuca!!!

~ Geneva

Thank you for the wonderful newsletters. I enjoy reading them and learning about new products that I need to try. I am definitely going to invest in some of the products for pets. I have cats and dogs and dogs and some of them have health issues. It would be worth the investment. I am a fairly new customer and I am enjoying learning about the different products that Melaleuca has to offer. Upon having to decide what to buy for my very first order, I just wasn't sure. So I searched the site and came across the Vitality Total Bottles. I read all about the vitamins that are in this order and decided that they were just what I needed. I have some health issues and what these products offered were a good start to tackling those battles. One of the issues that I have is dealing with digestive problems. I tend to get bound up and things don't flow properly in my digestive tract which gives me bloating, stomach pain and sickness. One of the products in this Vitality Total Bottles order is Florify. I knew I needed a probiotic to maintain the balance in my digestive system so Florify surfaced in my life at just the right time. I have been on Florify for a month now and I am noticing a big difference in my symptoms. I am not getting the constant pain and stomach sickness that I have had on a daily basis. I have also noticed that I am not so bound up, and my digestive tract is flowing the way it should be. I am very happy with the way Florify makes me feel, and I will continue to purchase it. Thanks Melaleuca for making a great product!

~ Tammy

Probiotics are so essential for intestinal health! Last winter, we traveled for a month to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. We already take the Vitality Total each day, which includes Florify, but for 2 weeks prior to leaving on our trip, and also during our trip, we took an extra Florify each morning. We were the only couple in our group that didn't get sick from the food and water changes in our diet! I might also add that I depend on the Florify and also a daily scoop of FiberWise to keep my Crohn's disease under control. I haven't had a problem with Crohn's now for several years. I really depend on these Melaleuca products!

~ Joanne

Probably one of my favorite supplements is the Florify probiotic. Whether I have an upset stomach, feel a fever coming on, or my child has an ear infection or sluggish digestion, we reach for Florify. I believe in this stuff so much that I've helped people overcome things like the stomach bug and weight loss. The recommendations are endless. I have given it to my dog when I suspected a urinary tract infection. I have also given to my toddler when he had horrible ear infections. I'd pull apart the capsule, and put into a tablespoon of yogurt. I applied the Melaleuca oil mixture around his ear and the next day he was good as new. If I want to avoid getting sick from the people I'm around, I make sure my family never misses a day of Florify.

~ Heidi

I call Florify the miracle pill when it comes to sorting out my son's health. He had become the fussiest eater telling me that he couldn't have eggs, milk, or bread based products without getting a sore gut. He went to the doctor, and the specialist had all sorts of tests that revealed nothing, and still he complained and lost a lot of weight. Cooking something different for him in a family of nine was a challenge. I eventually persuaded him to try the Florify, and even bought it for him, and after a few weeks he tried to eat the foods he used to avoid and found that he could enjoy them once again without feeling sick. He takes back all he said about pills and is enjoying being a normal person eating what everyone else does. I fully recommend taking Florify, even if you are healthy, as a cleanser-balancer to your inside health, and definitely if you do have a problem. The difference in my son's well being was well worth the cost of a few bottles of Florify!

~ Stelle

Joined Melaleuca last August. My first order included Vitality 4, which has Florify in it. Started taking it, and very soon noticed a huge improvement in a Colitis like issue I'd been plagued with for over a year, which had caused unintentional weight loss. Because of this my doctor recommended a Colonoscopy. This didn't give answers but ruled out anything serious. If I'd know about Melaleuca sooner I could have saved a lot of money on that Colonoscopy! I'm so thankful that I was introduced to Melaleuca.

~ Geri

Florify changed my life! I've been a customer with Melaleuca for eight years. Prior to that, I experienced digestive discomfort since college days that seemed to become worse every year. I had such a long list of foods I couldn't eat in order to try to avoid very unpleasant bouts in the bathroom. Once I started to take Florify, I noticed within a few days I wasn't having the bad symptoms that would send me running to the bathroom. Then, after two months of using Florify with no bad digestive episodes, I decided to eat something I hadn't eaten in 25 years...fried chicken. I'm embarrassed to admit that I stayed at the fast food restaurant for two hours afterwards, just in case I needed the bathroom. Well...I was fine! It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of how Florify has freed me from the fear of eating certain foods, and the after affects I would experience. Thank you Melaleuca and Florify.

~ Nancy

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