Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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Favorite Yard and Garden Product Tips

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Spring and summer are finally here; and after a long dusty winter, it is time to clean up our outdoors, plant our gardens and get ready to do some of our living outdoors.

We can get some heavy-duty cleaning done outdoors, and still avoid exposure to chlorine, ammonia and other caustic chemicals by using safer EcoSense Products:

Greasy Driveway Stains - The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends 1/2 teaspoon MelaMagic and 1 or 2 capfuls of Sol-U-Mel mixed in a 16 ounce spray bottle. Spray on and scrub with a brush and rinse or use undiluted MelaMagic and rinse.

Lawn Furniture - Mix 1 teaspoon Tough & Tender and 1 capful of Sol-U-Mel in a 16 oz spray bottle filled with water. Spray this solution on furniture and wipe it with a cloth.

Pesticides - Many gardeners regularly pull out the bug spray or weed killer when they encounter an unknown insect. Everyone should know that using pesticides can potentially expose us to immediate and long-term health risks. For instance, studies have linked low-level pesticide exposure to increased risk of Parkinson's disease.

Research also reveals that some pesticides are known to be hormone disrupters. A connection has been found between two pesticides and endometriosis, a painful condition that affects up to 10% of reproductive-age women.

Safer Garden Solutions

For those times when we need to focus on eliminating a pest, or need a garden remedy, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide has a chapter entitled "Healthy Garden Solutions." When using any kind of spray, test the results by spraying a few leaves and waiting a couple of days to see if any damage occurs. To prevent damage, avoid applying sprays during the heat of the day. Irrigate drought-stressed plants thoroughly before applying any kind of spray. Since soft body insects like aphids and thrips are killed on contact, after applying a spray, rinse plants with water.

Roses - Black spot, rust, and powdery mildew are three different diseases caused by fungal infections. Try spraying diluted Sol-U-Mel on affected leaves.

If you notice the first rose flowers of spring tinged with brown edges, the culprits may be thrips. Thrips are tiny, slender, difficult-to-see little insects that cause brown edges on flower buds. Roses and peonies can be affected. Spray diluted Tough & Tender on affected flower buds. Rinse with fresh water.

Aphids are soft body insects that suck plant juices. You will usually find them on new growth. Over-fertilizing can make for lots of tender new growth that attracts aphids. Spray with diluted Tough & Tender and rinse off with water. Natural predators such as lady bugs eat aphids.

Ants can be killed with PreSpot, Sol-U-Mel or Tough & Tender. If ants are making a little trail into your home, sometimes just dusting them with clove spice or dropping mint leaves on their trail will cause them to decide your home is not so attractive after all. In the yard, repeatedly spraying water on them can make them decide to move to another part of the yard. If you have fire ants, to kill them mix the following into a two gallon bucket of water: 1 capful of Tough & Tender, 1 capful of MelaMagic, 1 capful of Sol-U-Mel, 1 capful of Tub & Tile, and always 10 drops of Lemon Brite. Stir and pour half of the bucket on the fire ant bed. Wait 30 minutes and pour on the other half. This kills them "dead" and they won't come back..

~ Richard M Barry

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

The cover of the Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Widely recognized as the definitive resource for the many questions about uses of Melaleuca products, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide features over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 215 suggestions for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals.

Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have found that when they make sure their new customers have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, they are happier with their choice to switch stores. Using The Melaleuca Wellness Guide helps people understand the many applications for Melaleuca products. Understanding of the products helps create product-centered organizations which have higher average order size and retention rates.

Yard and Garden Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I have had this lemon tree for about 15 years, long before I became a Melaleuca customer. Over the years we have had trouble with scale on this tree. It makes the fruit look terrible and leaves a ugly black residue all over. It also attracts the ants because they like what the scale excretes. When I became a Melaleuca customer in 2006 I discovered the Tough & Tender would kill not only the scale it would kill the ants as well!! I loved the idea of not toxifying my fruit and plant with pesticides. It took some time to get rid of the scale, however the tree did not have to be removed (as my husband thought we should do) and is beautiful and producing great clean beautiful fruit that we really enjoy without the toxins. Thank you Melaleuca and thank you RM Barry for your wonderful Melaleuca Wellness Guide!!!!

~ Renee

I use several Melaleuca products as safer alternatives instead of the regular, highly toxic products that are on the market to keep our yard, plants and trees free of pesky bugs, worms, ants and aphids. By using Melaleuca's safer alternatives, our yard is safe for our children, grandchildren and the neighbors kids to play in. Not to mention safer for our environment. To kill aphids on our rose bushes I mix 1 tablespoon of Tough & Tender, 2 caps of Sol-U-Mel and 5 drops T36-C5 Melaleuca oil to a 16 oz spray bottle and fill the rest with warm water, shake well and spray. Voila! I use the same mixture to kill white flies on my bushes. To kill black ants I fill a 16oz spray bottle of Tough & Tender to the solution line, 2 caps Sol-U-Mel and the rest with water and spray the outside window edges and around the edge of our house. To kill webworms on our peach trees I mix 16oz spray bottle of MelaMagic to solution line, 5 drops T36-C5 Melaleuca oil and 2 caps of Sol-U-Mel.

~ Pam

Sol-U-Mel is a life saver for us. A year ago this spring we planted some fruit trees. One day I was checking them, and what I saw was unbelievable: hundreds of Japanese beetles chomping on apple tree leaves and were MATING! I ran to the house and got my bottle of Sol-U-Mel, and started spraying. As soon as it hit them, they began falling to the ground! Other fruit trees were treated the same way. It will always be in my "garden toolbox".

~ Marie

I love using Sol-U-Mel in the summer time. I hate pulling out a patio chair and having earwigs fall out of them and last year decided to spray them all down, making sure I got under the arm rests and it worked. No more for the rest of the summer. I also like to spray my hostas with it, so they don't get eaten by slugs. Works like a charm!

~ Jo-Ann

My dog came in with 5 ticks after walking him and 2 had already started attaching to his skin. I sprayed the Sol-U-Mel diluted and the ticks came off easily and died on the spot. I then have these caterpillars white nests on my trees with 30 or more of them that hatched I sprayed the Sol-U-Mel on them and they too died on the spot! I am in love with this product...a non-toxic great smelling pest killer!

~ RoseAnn

Sol-U-Mel is one of my very favorite products!! We have 3 small children and pets and use it often!! Sol-U-Mel has gotten stains out of my children's clothing, pet odors out of carpet, cleaned gum out of my carpet that had been there for 2 years, helps them breathe easier and cough less when used with T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil in a cool mist humidifier as directed in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide - when they have had croup, gets stains out of my carpets, and is one of the ingredients that makes an awesome all natural insect/mosquito repellant. In fact before we became Melaleuca customers my 2 year old had a reaction to a mosquito bite and his left eye swelled shut...this has never happened again since we started making our own non-toxic insect repellant with Sol-U-Mel and other wonderful Melaleuca products!! We Love Sol-U-Mel!!! Thank You!!

~ Jenny

I have a very small backyard and I am thrilled to have some raspberry canes growing in a few large pots. Every year, my raspberries play host to some very hungry caterpillars! The leaves would look like lace after just a few days ... until ... I discovered the magic of 1/2 teaspoon of Tough & Tender in 16 ounces of water! Now, as soon as I see the caterpillars' lacey trail, I spray with this solution and rest easy knowing that the caterpillars are stopped in their tracks and my fruit will continue to ripen. Thank you RM Barry for these ever-so-helpful tips for everyday uses of my favorite Melaleuca products.

~ Michele

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