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Favorite Tea Tree Oil Uses

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Oil distilled from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree contains over 100 known natural components! Actually, there are over 300 known species of Melaleuca trees in Australia, but only the Melaleuca alternifolia is the source of T36-C5 and T40-C3 Melaleuca Oils. The "T" and the "C" identify key natural components. The "T" stands for Terpinin-4-ol which is antibacterial. The "C" stands for Cineole, making the oil more penetrating. Oils with too much Cineole can cause irritation. A higher "T" and lower "C" make T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil extra healing and gentle. It is a fact that not all available Melaleuca oils are produced with these high guaranteed standards. Some oils are blends of other less effective plant species, or produced with less healing Terpinen-4-ol, or more irritating Cineole.

High quality T36-C5 is a "first aid kit in a bottle." It naturally reduces infection risk and soothes the sting and itch from bites, burns, and irritated skin. It is non-caustic, and is able to penetrate and dissolve gum, stains, and dirt. T36-C5 contains properties that make it an effective remedy for many conditions. A very recent news article lists 7 reasons to try tea tree oil for hair and skin.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Approximately 25-30% of healthy people carry Staphylococcus aureus on their skin or in their nose. And 1-2% of people carry MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on their skin or in their nose. You can visit this health department website for an overview on MRSA.

Scientists are working hard to find alternative treatments for infections such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Tea tree oil preparations have been found effective, safe, and well tolerated compared with two topical hospital MRSA treatments.

Melaleuca Oil is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and effective, not only for first aid uses, but also for more serious infections, such as antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

T36-C5 is a "first-aid kit in a bottle" and so much more. Indeed The Melaleuca Wellness Guide lists over 120 conditions that use T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil as a remedy.

~ Richard M Barry

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Did you know there are over 120 uses for tea tree oil in the "Healthy Body" chapter of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide? Read the list below along with page numbers straight from the "Products Index." There's also a whole chapter entitled "That Amazing Tea Tree Oil" starting on page 20.

Abscesses 101
Acne 103
Age Spots 104
Air Purification 104
Allergic Reactions 105
Arthritis 109
Asthma 110
Athlete's Foot 112
Athletic Injuries 112
Baby Wipes 216
Back Pain 113
Bad Breath 114
Barber's Itch 114
Bathing 115
Bed Sores 115
Bee & Wasp Stings 116
Bladder Infections 117
Bleeding Gums 118
Blisters 118
Body Odor 119
Boils 120
Bromhidrois 120
Bronchitis 121
Bruises 121
Bug Spray 220
Bunions 122
Burns 122
Cancer Prevention 125
Canker Sores 125
Cat Bites & Scratches 128
Chapped Hands 129
Chapped Lips 129
Chemotherapy 130
Chicken Pox 131
Chiggers 132
Chilblain 132
Cold 135
Cold Sores 136
Compress 136
Coral Cuts 137
Corns 138
Coughs 138
Cradle Cap 139
Cuts 140
Dandruff 140
Dental - Decay 141
Dental - Gum Disease 141
Diabetes 144
Diabetic Foot Ulcerations 145
Diabetic Gangrene 145
Disinfectants 147
Dog Bite 147
Douche 147
Dry Hair 149
Earaches 150
Ear Infection (Outer) 151
Ear Infections 151
Earring Infection 151
Emphysema 153
Fever 156
First Aid Kit 226
Fungal Infections 158

Gangrene 159
Gargling 159
Genitourinary Infections 160
Gingivitis 161
Growing Pains 162
Hair Loss 163
Hay Fever 164
Hemorrhoids 165
Hives 167
Hoarseness 167
Immune System 169
Impetigo 169
Influenza 170
Ingrown Hair 171
Ingrown Toenails 171
Insect Bites 171
Insect Repellent 172, 229
Jock Itch 174
Leucorrhoea 174
Lice 175
Massage 179
Measles 179
Mold & Mildew 233
Mononucleosis 180
Mosquito Bites 181
Mosquito Spray 182
Mouthburn Relief 182
Mucous 183
Nasal Congestion 184
Nasal Ulcers 184
Paronychia 192
Plantar Warts 192
Poultice 194
Prickly Heat 195
Pruritis 195
Psoriasis 196
Rashes 197
Rheumatism 198
Ringworm 199
Sand Fleas 200
Sand Flies 200
Scabies 201
Scalds 201
Seborrhea 202
Shaving Rash 203
Shingles 203
Sinus Congestion 204
Sitz Bath 204
Skin Wounds 205
Sneezing 206
Sore Gums 206
Sore Throat 207
Swimmer's Ear 208
Ticks 209
Toothache 209
Ulcers, Tropical 209
Ulcers, Varicose 210
Urethritis 210
Vaginal Cleansing 211
Warts 213
Yeast Infections 214
Zona 21

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Tea Tree Oil Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

Melaleuca Oil T36-C5, EVERYONE should have this! Our son took serious hunks of skin off his knuckles in Weights Class. We initially used MelaGel Topical Gel then in a few days used Melaleuca Oil and followed with Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, and everyone was amazed at how quickly and completely he healed! My husband put it on something that had started growing on his face, maybe a fungus? I don't know but it's gone! We treated two puncture wounds on our cat's chest as a last effort before going to the vet (he was losing the battle of healing them). He wasn't very happy about it but the wounds scabbed overnight! We kept applying it and he healed completely in a few days! Imagine what that would have cost at the vet? It's our first line of defense to almost everything "Put some Melaleuca Oil on it!"

My Rosacea flared up and Melaleuca Oil calmed it right down! We use it to quickly heal canker sores, sore throats, drops on a Q-tip to swab the inside of noses to clear congestion, and inside ears for colds or infections too. Our dog had a fatty tumor grow on her back and the vet said, "Leave it, no worries." It grew bigger and split open. Oooo that was fun. We cleaned it up and treated it with Melaleuca Oil. It healed beautifully in a week. You couldn't even tell it was ever there! Once again our cat came home after fighting who-knows-what but severely lost the fight. Puncture wounds in both ears, his cheek, and several in his neck and chest. One side of his face swollen, his eye almost shut. Interestingly enough when we went to douse him in Melaleuca Oil he just sat there and let us do it. I think he has figured out that this "smell" helps. The next day the swelling was almost gone, his eye looked good. We gave him a bath and re-treated him with the oil. By the third day all wounds were scabbed over and none became infected. Simply amazing!

Thank you RM Barry Publications for giving us a way to share experiences with others!


I've been a Melaleuca customer for just over a year now and have been glad to have the tea tree oil around for all of the normal uses: cuts, scrapes, burns and the like. But I have to say, this Christmas I was EXTREMELY grateful for my T36-C5 Melaleuca (tea tree) oil. My husband had gone to bed early, and my 3 and 7 years old boys and I were having a blast decorating the Christmas tree. The 3 year old, however, seemed to break an ornament every 5 minutes or so! There were 4 or 5 ornaments worth repairing, so I began super-gluing them back to life. The last ornament was a wedding gift that had been given to my husband and me so I was trying to glue it back as perfectly as possible, when lo and behold, my finger got stuck to the ornament, and I mean really stuck! Seriously I could not believe I had done this! I tried prying apart, using warm soapy water, etc, and then realized it really wasn't funny, and went into a bit of a panic. Wanting to wake up my husband but also wanting to avoid the mocking and life-long teasing I would endure by doing so, I called on my 7 year old for moral support in my panicked state! I racked my brain trying to think what you're supposed to do in this situation other than go pay for a $500+ E.R. visit, when the light-bulb went off that I had the perfect resource — my Melaleuca Wellness Guide! Sure enough, T36-C5 was the answer. As I only had full use of one hand at this point, my son and I had a real bonding experience (no pun intended) as he helped me to open the bottle and douse it onto a Q-tip which we wedged and rubbed in between my finger and the ornament until it came off! Whew was I relieved! This awesome tea tree oil saved my finger from some serious pain, saved me a doctor bill, and saved face with my husband too! Thank you RM Barry and Melaleuca!!

~ Laura

I just wanted to share that I love the tea tree oil and its many uses. I tend to get cold sores, and as soon as I feel one coming the tea tree oil is there to the rescue. Also my husband got a mole next to his ear on his head and he started applying the oil, and in no time the mole was shrinking until it was gone! He was amazed! Thanks!

~ Paola

I had a wart, of all places, on the tip of my nose near the nostril. I applied wart paint once and found the stinging and smell worse than the wart. I then began applying Melaleuca tea tree oil often, probably 4 or 5 times a day. After about three weeks the wart began to dry out, and a short time after that I realized it had gone. WOW!

~ Jill

My daughter was 13 when we became Melaleuca customers. She had sores in her mouth from her braces. She worked out a way to get relief from the sores. She would put the T35-C6 on a cotton ball and tuck it next to the sore. This would keep her from tasting the oil so much. I knew if a teenager would come asking for the oil for her mouth, it must work well!

~ Marsha

When my son was about 15, he was delivering early am newspapers for a friend. He said he needed newer, faster roller blades. We went and got them that night. The next am he is delivering the papers. He came down a hill and went to make a sharp turn to go up this small cul-de-sac. Little did he know that they had done street cleaning the day before and left all of the dirt, sand and garbage at the curb where he was turning. He was going so fast that he landed in the middle of all of this filth. He called for me to come and get him. We got him home and put him in the shower. His t-shirt was torn to pieces. He was raw from his chin on down to below his knees. Both hands up to his elbows had deep scrapes on them. I put the tea tree oil over his whole body, multiple times a day for many days. It is now almost 18 years later and all he has is one scar under his chin. The tea tree oil saved our family from having multiple medical bills. I was able to keep him out of the ER and a hospital stay. This oil has been helpful in so many different cases we have had. It was a miracle he looks as good as he does today. He would have had multiple scars over his whole body if we had used other ointments. Thank goodness we had joined this company when we did.

~ Janie

A soon as I heard the word Melaleuca, I knew I wanted to become a customer. I've always loved tea tree oil because is my favorite "go-to" first aid remedy and active ingredient for personal care products. So when my sister-in-law told me about a company named after the genus of the tea tree, I was sold. Eureka! I found Melaleuca! Melaleuca alternifolia is an incredible wonder of nature. Its oil contains compounds that provide numerous powerful benefits. After joining the Melaleuca family, I quickly learned that there were even more appealing qualities about this oil.

I had always used tea tree oil as a topical antibiotic and antifungal whenever I traveled. I bought tea tree oil soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes at the natural food store because I loved how clean it made me feel.

However, the Melaleuca brand of tea tree products amazed me with their quality and effectiveness. Now, I will only purchase my oil from this company because I know the standard of purity is the highest on the market. The company's growing & harvesting methods are organic and sustainable: nothing is wasted.

I use Melaleuca's T36-C5 pure Melaleuca Oil for scrapes, rashes, blisters, ear aches, cuts, burns, stings, and any skin irritations. I've found that application of other brands of tea tree oil sting. Melaleuca's doesn't, especially if you use the rare-quality formula. My kids often stop crying as soon as I apply the T36-C5 oil to their "owies." On surf trips, my husband and I inevitably scrape or cut ourselves on coral reef. Our skin and ears also sometimes become sensitive to different flora in the warm waters. Melaleuca oil has always prevented infection and eliminated fungal growths on our trips.

Antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral (gargle Breath Away for sore throat), solvent, aromatic, healing, penetrating: these are the many wonders Melaleuca Oil offers us. This company is a true blessing!

~ Annalisa

For several years I have suffered with periodontal battles. Knowing that, I see my dentist and periodontaldentist on a regular basis with a strict routine for cleaning.

About six months ago I added the Melaleuca tea tree oil to my teeth cleaning routine. I know that the tea tree oil's a powerful antiseptic so I started to incorporate the Melaleuca T36-C5 oil along with the other Melaleuca oral products. I place the oil on gum brush sticks and clean between each tooth with the oil and brush. Along with my flossing I do this daily. Within 6 months my checkup had improved greatly and my hygienist said to keep up that routine, — my teeth/gums had made great progress. I have used the tea tree oil so many ways with great success. Thank you Melaleuca.

~ Susan

We use the tea tree oil for lots of things. Whenever we get a burn or sore it's the first thing we turn to. But my husband's favorite use is for his psoriasis. He struggled for years with it both in his scalp, and even his face. Now he uses it on his face whenever he has an outbreak, and it clears right up. It is great knowing that it's a safe alternative to some of the other solutions that he's tried in the past. Because there is some in the Natural Shampoo, his scalp is no longer a problem either. He said just yesterday he can't live without that shampoo!

~ Evonne

Not my favorite but most important use for Melaleuca tea tree oil is the biannual treatment for my honey bees. There are many parasites and mites that can destroy a colony of 60,000 honey bees in just a few weeks. Most hives are weakest coming out of a long winter. Ergo before the nectar starts to flow, I treat them to sugar water and tea tree oil. The natural properties make the bees healthy and strong enabling them to produce lots of pure golden honey.

~ Dr. Dave

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