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Essential Oils

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There is no doubt that great breakthroughs have been made in medical science. We have greater understanding of the human body, and yet sickness and disability are widespread and taking prescription medicines is common.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that 75.1% of visits to the doctor involve drug therapy, and the most prescribed drugs are analgesics (pain killers), lowering cholesterol medicines, and antidepressants.

Drug side effects are so well known that it is no wonder complementary or alternative medicine, such as aromatherapy, is growing in popularity. Essential oils offer alternatives to two of the most prescribed medications, analgesics (pain killers) and antidepressants. The just published book: Practical Guide to Essential Oils lists several essentials oils found to be effective for reducing pain, improving mood, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Reducing Pain

A PubMed study notes that a solution of 10% peppermint oil diluted in ethanol (alcohol) and applied to the forehead and temple areas was as effective as taking 1000mg of acetaminophen. For easy use dilute in carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil.

Using a blend of lavender, marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint oils diluted in carrier oil significantly lowered arthritic pain and depression. [The effects of aromatherapy on pain, depression, and life satisfaction of arthritis patients].

Improving Mood, Reducing Stress and Anxiety

In this study, inhalation of orange and lavender essential oils helped reduce anxiety. [Ambient odors of orange and lavender reduce anxiety and improve mood in a dental office.]

This study found that inhalation of ylang ylang essential oil significantly reduced blood pressure and heart rate. The subjects reported that they felt more alert yet calm. Researchers used the term "harmonization" instead of sedation or relaxation to describe the results achieved by inhalation of ylang ylang oil. [Evaluation of the harmonizing effect of ylang-ylang oil on humans after inhalation.]

According to Medical News Today, in France and much of Western Europe aromatherapy is part of mainstream medicine.

If your health care provider is not familiar with aromatherapy, and you wish to use essential oils, it is important to look into their uses, effectiveness, and safety. The booklet Practical Guide to Essential Oils was written for those who are beginning to experiment with the healing properties of essential oils, and also for those who wish to examine what science is discovering about the use of essential oils, and how using essential oils can both simplify and enhance your life.

~ Richard M Barry

NEW! Essential Oils Booklet

Practical Guide to Essential Oils with References and Traditional Uses

Essential Oils booklet cover

Plants have been used for thousands of years to help heal, soothe and alter moods. We can imagine early man experimenting with stems, leaves, barks and roots, noting which reduced pain, which reduced swelling, which were calming, and which were stimulating. By trial and error remedies were discovered, and cherished traditional treatments were passed on from generation to generation.

An "essential oil" is the highly concentrated "essence" of the plant from which it was derived. Today research is beginning to explain some of the mystery behind the art and science of essential oil therapy. Clinical studies are currently underway, and many of these studies confirm the remarkable healing properties of essential oils.

Practical Guide to Essential Oils was written for those who are just beginning to experiment with the healing properties of essential oils. Designed as a primer, it gives the reader a basic understanding of what these natural wonders are, and what they can do. Each chapter is written as an introduction to one of the more commonly used essential oils, explaining how that oil has been traditionally used, how it is used today, and what research there is to confirm its effectiveness. Scientific studies and supportive articles are referenced for additional reading.


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Essential Oils Reviews

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

The Melaleuca essential oils have been a delightful purchase. The value of a scent in every day health is important in mental and physical attributes. I have enjoyed the blends and individual scents as well as creating my own combinations. I have the diffuser, but in the winter a few drops on the radiator immediately enhances the atmosphere of my home. An after-shower application and a bath soak with the oils with added magnesium sulfate have become my "at home spa" experience. Jar gifts of the mixture were truly appreciated throughout the holidays by family and friends. A bit of it in the dishwater keeps my hands from drying out. The high quality scents transport my thoughts into nature which is crucial to surviving a busy life or being homebound. A release of a variety of enjoyable thoughts from these scents helps regenerate emotional and physical stress. The little case that holds the bottles seems to open a world of smiles every time I zip it open to select my favorite scent of the moment.

~ Jeanette

My family and I have been in Melaleuca for almost 3 years now and are so excited to be able to order a wide variety of such high quality essential oils from Melaleuca!! With one child in preschool and one in 1st grade, we rely heavily on essential oils to help boost our immune systems and kill germs, keeping us much healthier!! We often diffuse thieves oil (a mixture of essential oils) to keep germs at bay and effectively shorten any colds that we do accidentally bring home. We also enjoy diffusing citrus essential oils to boost our moods and freshen up the house during the long winter months here in Colorado!! Thank You Melaleuca!!

~ Jenny

I love lavender oil. It's my key to a good night sleep. I have tossed and turned for years. I have even tried to cry myself to sleep! My brain keeps working! — Day dreaming, night dreaming, planning. I have tried valerian root- yuck the after-taste is as if I ate grass or trees! I have also tried other brands of lavender oil. I smelled nice but was still wide awake! With our Melaleuca lavender oil I dab a few drops on right before I climb into bed. Next thing I know the alarm is going off! Or I will sleep at least 5 hours! I will not go without it! I am so glad we have this! I highly recommend giving this a try for those suffering with insomnia!

~ Victoria

I had used a few essential oils MANY years ago, but only because I liked the smell. Now I use essential oils every single day. They have helped me with a HUGE battle I had with smoking. I was always so grumpy and upset when I even thought about quitting. So I tried the essential oils Peace, ylang ylang and Vitalize to help. Using these in the diffusers we have in the house and smelling them throughout the day really helped. Peace is the one I used the most, during the day I would turn on the diffuser and 'smudge' myself. At night I did the same and ran it longer so I would fall asleep. Being relaxed was a HUGE help in becoming smoke-free. November 30, 2015 was my first day without a cigarette and I haven't had one since. It doesn't bother me anymore not smoking; in fact I feel 100% better. Thank you Melaleuca for everything you do for us.

~ Gina

My son Isaac had gotten mono, and it was 2 weeks before college would start. So I was concerned about him getting over it before college classes would start. So I used frankincense and rubbed it on his feet and used Melaleuca oil on his swollen neck 4 times a day with Renew Lotion on his feet as well as on his neck. And low and behold in 4 days it was gone. His throat was back to normal size and he had his energy back as well. Thank you Melaleuca!!!

~ Doug

My mother-in-law came for a visit; she was very congested and was having trouble breathing, so in the guest-room I diffused Vapor and Blue Heat. She woke the next morning telling me she hadn't slept that well in days and could actually breathe. I had been feeling nauseous and a bit dizzy for about a week. It felt like motion sickness. Since I am new to essential oils, I contacted one of my good friends who knows a bit about oils and told her how I was feeling and what oils would she recommend. We would never suggest ingesting oils but she shared what has worked for her. (DO NOT do this for a child) I put one drop of Peppermint oil on my thumb, placed it on the roof of my mouth and sucked my thumb for 30 seconds (AGAIN, DO NOT do this for a child) I then mixed 1 drop of Peppermint to 10 drops of fractionated coconut oil and rubbed it on my temples, wrists and tummy. I also diffused Lavender oil to help me relax. The nausea went away and I slept like a baby. During our daughter's reading time we diffuse Pure Sharpen. We love the scent and it seems to make our quiet reading time more enjoyable. I am loving our PURE Essential Oils.

~ Pam

I started using essential oils when my daughter told me about them. She used them with her children rather than over-the-counter medications when they were ill...or could not fall asleep...or were teething. I tried them and now I'm hooked. Even though I started with another company, I know all about Melaleuca's dedication to quality products and am beginning to add to my collection of oils. They are not a medical solution...but they certainly aid in a variety of situations. Thank you for adding essential oils to Melaleuca!

~ Sue

I've enjoyed using essential oils for many years. I believe in using natural herbal products that the good Lord gave us, and that will do no harm first of all. We put tea tree essential oil plus a little eucalyptus in the "medicine cup" of our vaporizer whenever a little one, child or grandchild, starts to struggle to breathe or show any sign of a respiratory allergy or infection. We've used clove oil for a toothache, peppermint oil for painful spots, orange (and other citrus oils) for cheering us up... We've dropped the essential oils in a pan of hot water to breathe in or we've rubbed on a spot of skin, usually diluted with carrier oil like almond oil or jojoba oil or coconut oil. They are very helpful in our home. Note: One daughter does have sensitivity to essential oils on her skin so we are very careful to dilute with carrier oil and never used on broken skin.

~ Holly

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