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Diabetes (Type 2)

Diabetes (Type 2)

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More and more scientists are documenting that Type 2 Diabetes is not only preventable but also reversible. According to the CDC, Type 2 Diabetes is predicted to affect 2 out of every 5 Americans, and the risks are even higher for Hispanics and black women.

Although diabetes might "run in families" or have a strong genetic component, genetics is not a complete predictor of disease. Epigenetics, or factors that influence our inherited genetic makeup, greatly influence whether we develop a disease. Type 2 Diabetes is one of those diseases where the saying "genetics loads the gun but we pull the trigger" applies.

Consider a study comparing the Pima Indians who live in Arizona and the Pima Indians who live in an isolated-rural area of Mexico. It has been said that the U.S. Pima Indians have the highest occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes of any population in the world. This study notes that the Mexican and U.S. group of Pima Indians are genetically related. However, the Mexican Pima Indians have a 9% prevalence of diabetes compared to the U.S. Pima Indians with a 77% prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes!

The Pima Indians who live in the U.S. are extremely obese, less active and eat a Westernized high-fat, low-fiber diet. In contrast the Mexican Pima Indians eat a simple, low-fat, high-fiber diet based on beans, corn tortillas, wheat tortillas, and potatoes. Their lifestyle is active. They raise most of their own food in a labor intensive way. They plow their fields with the help of oxen or mules and harvest their crops by hand.

While few of us would want to give up our modern conveniences, the take-home message is that diet and lifestyle can prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes even in the most susceptible people.

"Skinny Fat"

Just being normal body weight does not appear to offer protection against diabetes. A person can be of normal weight but still have a high proportion of fat to lean muscle which increases their risk for prediabetes. A study from the University of Florida highlights the importance of physical activity and fitness. It notes that up to one-third of adults who are slender are prediabetic and at risk for developing high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

Reversing Diabetes

Evidence has been accumulating for years that it is possible to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. In this study volunteers were able to lose enough fat, even though they remained overweight, to restore normal insulin production and achieve major improvement in blood sugar control. Even patients who had diabetes for 10 years were able to reverse the disease.

Losing weight, especially around the waist is important because a large waist measurement is indicative of visceral fat that surrounds and permeates internal organs. Exercise helps reduce belly fat, and walking is the most natural way to start. If need be, an exercise routine can be divided up into several short 10-minute sessions throughout the day.

Science Daily reviewed a study showing that diets that reduced the after-eating blood sugar surges may be the best diet for lasting weight loss. Eating a low sugar diet also known as a low glycemic diet helps keep blood sugar and hormones stable after eating. In contrast, highly processed foods are quickly digested into damaging sugar-causing inflammation.

Diet and Supplements

First of all eat a diet based on natural low-glycemic whole foods. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends drinking Attain GC Control Shakes. Attain GC Control was clinically tested and found to help balance blood sugar levels, reduce hunger, and promote a healthy insulin response. When our body handles sugar and insulin efficiently we feel less tired and less hungry. Weight loss becomes easier.

FiberWise with 7 natural fibers, 80% soluble and 20% insoluble, plus soothing herbs, antioxidants, and probiotics, lowers cholesterol and helps keep blood sugar levels balanced.

One More Note

Having diabetes appears riskier than previously believed. A few weeks ago a published study reported that diabetes accounts for 12 percent of deaths in the United States, making diabetes the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

~ Richard M Barry

Essential Oils Booklet

Practical Guide to Essential Oils with References and Traditional Uses

Cover of the Practical Guide to Essential Oils

Plants have been used for thousands of years to help heal, soothe and alter moods. We can imagine early man experimenting with stems, leaves, barks and roots, noting which reduced pain, which reduced swelling, which were calming, and which were stimulating. By trial and error remedies were discovered, and cherished traditional treatments were passed on from generation to generation.

An "essential oil" is the highly concentrated "essence" of the plant from which it was derived. Today research is beginning to explain some of the mystery behind the art and science of essential oil therapy. Clinical studies are currently underway, and many of these studies confirm the remarkable healing properties of essential oils.

Practical Guide to Essential Oils was written for those who are just beginning to experiment with the healing properties of essential oils. Designed as a primer, it gives the reader a basic understanding of what these natural wonders are, and what they can do. Each chapter is written as an introduction to one of the more commonly used essential oils, explaining how that oil has been traditionally used, how it is used today, and what research there is to confirm its effectiveness. Scientific studies and supportive articles are referenced for additional reading.

Diabetes Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

My aunt started on the Peak Performance Pack and is a diabetic. She gets blood work done every 3 months. She had blood work done prior to starting Peak Performance then 3 months after. Her HbA1c went from 7.5 to 6.1 with absolutely no other changes in her daily routine. Three months later she lost 13 lbs! Her cholesterol has also decreased. I have another young lady with severe health issues who has blood sugars at 500 at times! I have shared GC Control with her mother and she started using it as a breakfast drink. Her blood sugars have been down to 98 following her GC Control. Love Melaleuca products!

~ Kelli

My blood sugar level was slightly elevated so my doctor wanted to place me on Metformin, most doctors' drug of choice. I really didn't want to go on a prescription medication so I told him I wanted a few months to see if I could get it down on my own. I have taken Peak Performance for years, now taking Peak Performance Heart, but had stopped drinking GC Control and started drinking Attain or the Performance Shake. I started drinking GC Control first thing in the morning and sometimes another later in the day in place of a snack. For the most part I have also stopped eating anything with added sugar and most refined carbs. I did bring my weight down; still working to bringing it down more as I know this will help and be much healthier in general. Had my blood work taken again and I'm back in normal range. My doctor was surprised, I don't know why. I've been telling him about Melaleuca for year. He told me to keep doing what I'm doing. I also make sure to drink my FiberWise every day. I wasn't always so good about this but now I make it a habit. What I notice most is that I'm not sluggish anymore in the afternoons and have much more energy in general.

~ Ellen

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November 2014 with an A1C of 12. The first thing I did was order some GC Control. In less than 90 days I brought my A1C to an 8.1.

~ Charlotte

I was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic in August 2008. For several years my sugar levels yo-yoed. By January 2013 my sugar was out of control. It would surge to over 200 every time I ate. And it would stay high for hours. In fact, by the time I needed to eat again my sugar was still around 160 to 170, which is a high launch pad. The only way to bring it down would be to go for a long walk, at least an hour. My sugar would come down to 120 or so, but even then it would start creeping back up to around 150-160. Then we went to Melaleuca Launch in January 2013. They talked about this new product called GC Control Shake that regulates your blood sugar. We ordered it that month. The first night my sugar came down about 50 points and stayed down. By the end of the first week my sugar was coming down to anywhere between 90 and 100 about an hour to an hour and a half after drinking the shake. And the best thing is my sugar STAYS DOWN until I eat again. That is phenomenal. I will be a customer for this one product alone for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to Melaleuca. I know without these products I would be on insulin by now.

~ Dave

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