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According to bedbug infestations are found in hotels, motels, homes, nursing homes, office buildings, schools, day care centers, and hospitals. And some infestations have been found in trains, buses, taxis, and movie theaters.

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that bedbug infestations are most common in areas of high occupant turnover like hotels, apartments, shelters, and dormitories. Infestations are spread when hidden bedbugs are transported in luggage and clothing of travelers. The bugs can also travel from one apartment to another through cracks in walls.

If you find bedbugs, take calm action. Bedbugs have become increasingly resistant to insecticides. And insecticides, especially those not designed for indoor use, can cause poisoning. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide suggests that you pull the bed and headboard away from the wall. Smear the bed frame legs with petroleum jelly. Buy extra vacuum bags. Remove all clutter from the bedroom. Do a daily thorough vacuum of the seams in the mattress, the box spring, the headboard, baseboard and floor. After each vacuuming, seal the used vacuum bag in plastic and discard. Launder bedding and clothing in hot water and dry on the hottest setting. Spray the mattress and surroundings with Sol-U-Guard Botanical or Sol-U-Mel. Be vigilant because bedbugs hatch in 6 to 17 days.

Bedbugs are becoming resistant to pesticides. At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society research was presented explaining how scientists were able to identify the genes that allow bedbugs to develop resistance to pesticides.

Fox News provides more information on avoiding bedbug infestations. The author also recommends, if needed, to "work on an eradication plan."

Money Watch gives us 5 tips to help us stay bedbug free as we travel. The article recommends that we keep our luggage away from the bed and off the floor. Laundry should be sealed in a plastic bag and washed and dried after we return home. Precaution should be taken even with clothes that were not worn.

Melaleuca customers report that using Sol-U-Mel keeps the bedbugs away. The suggestion is to lightly spray diluted Sol-U-Mel on the headboard and the area around the bed. You can also spray Sol-U-Mel inside and outside luggage.

Bedbugs are tough little creatures. It takes diligence to avoid bringing them home. And if they do find a way into our homes, it takes even more diligence to eradicate them. The guest bedroom should also be regularly examined. Limiting excess clutter, especially in the bedroom makes it easier to vacuum, control dust and will help you sleep tight.

~ Richard M Barry

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Bedbugs Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

Bedbugs are a worry, especially when staying in hotels. I travel with show dogs and always take my Sol-U-Mel. Upon arrival to the hotel room, I strip the bed and spray the mattress, paying extra attention to any cording on the edges. I also spray the carpeting. There's never a worry that the dogs will be exposed to anything harmful with the Melaleuca products, and I love the peace of mind. Thank you Melaleuca and thank you RM Barry!

~ Elizabeth

BEDBUGS! Whenever I travel I always take the advice of Lewis Rasmussen and take a small spray bottle of diluted Sol-U-Mel with me to spray all around the room—carpet, beds, everything!! Results: no bed bugs. Even your better hotels have been known to have be

dbugs from the many travelers from all over the world. Thanks for this wonderful newsletter and all the great information you share with us as well as your great Melaleuca Wellness Guide book.

~ Louise

I stayed at a motel nearby the convention, and unfortunately brought back some bedbugs with me. I didn't really pay attention to the bites for a couple of days because they were so unobtrusive, on my lower legs. When I finally realized what was going on, I changed my sheets and sprayed the area with regular diluted Sol-U-Mel for three days in a row, about half a bottle each day to make sure. After that, everything has been fine.

~ Ted

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