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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 12 Americans has asthma. That is about 25 million persons, and the numbers are increasing every year. Asthma causes wheezing, chest tightness, and coughing, and can be triggered by allergies and environmental factors. It is a two-step problem: inflammation of the airways, and episodes when airways are constricted making it hard to breathe. Asthma is a lifelong disease that needs good control to avoid respiratory damage. Practical tips to avoid asthma triggers can be found at Health Line News.

Inflammation is part of our body's healing system, but inflammation can become damaging if it does not switch off after healing. Researchers are finding that food and supplements can help cool inflammation. Science Daily notes that focusing on our diet can help reduce inflammation.

Grape seed extract has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It appears to be a safe anti-inflammatory supplement for use in the treatment of asthma.

The inflammatory process in asthma produces damaging free radicals. Vitality Pack with Oligo not only provides necessary vitamins and minerals but also protects antioxidants. Take CellWise for broad-spectrum antioxidant protection. ProvexCV and ProVex-Plus contain powerful grape seed extract antioxidant protection. And omega-3s found in Vitality Coldwater Omega-3 and Vitality Creme Delight are recommended inflammation fighters.

Environmental factors also trigger asthma. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that it is dangerous to use cleaning or personal care products that come in aerosol cans. First they send a fine mist of toxic chemicals into the air that is easily inhaled and absorbed. Second, there is the question about what types of ingredients are propelled into the fine inhalable mist. The following link tells us about the first study to examine the impact of using aerosol cleaning products in a home setting. It found that using a cleaning spray at least once a week was associated with roughly 50% increase in asthma symptoms.

Use foods and supplements to strengthen your immune system and reduce your exposure to environmental asthma triggers by converting your home to Melaleuca products, beginning with the Eco-Sense Laundry System and cleaning products.

~ Richard M Barry

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Asthma Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

I was first introduced to Melaleuca by a mother who's children's severe asthma completely disappeared when she converted her home to Melaleuca products. I remember thinking at the time that probably any "green" product would have the same result. My son suffered from asthma-like symptoms, used a puffer, had frequent chest colds, and migraines. I did not think his symptoms were caused by my cleaning products as I thought they were safe.

I decided to give Melaleuca a try and to my amazement, after 2 months of converting my home my son's symptoms completely cleared. He no longer had breathing problems, he never had to use the puffer, he no longer gets sick all the time, and has stopped complaining of headaches! I was very surprised and realized that not all green products are created equal, and there is a difference between Melaleuca products and anything else out there, as I had tried practically everything!

From reading the RM Barry Newsletter I learned that Melaleuca products are PH balanced and non alkaline, which makes them even less irritating to our skin, immune systems and environment. Also, I believe that the constant exposure to the healing qualities of the Melaleuca Oil in the products helps to improve our health instead of tax it the way chemical cleaners do. Thank you RM Barry for all the helpful information in your newsletter, and to all who write in to share their experiences. I always look forward to learning something new each week!

~ Sue

When I first started with Melaleuca in 1993 my sons had severe asthma. They had to use a Pulmo-Aide breathing machine every 4 hours. We bought a Value Pack and converted our home. Within 2 months they only needed the machine once a week. We saved over $2000 in asthma medication that first year. My dad at one point had to be on oxygen for serious lung problems. The doctor said he'd have to use it for life. My mom converted her home and in 6 months he was off the oxygen. Melaleuca is safer for your home and family we are still loyal customers 21 years later.

~ YB

I love Melaleuca! My son has horrible allergies and asthma. He had 2 adenoidectomies and a tonsillectomy before he was 5. He still had difficulty breathing at night and snored. He was on a steroidal nasal spray, Singular, Claritin, an asthma inhaler, and a rescue inhaler. I became a customer in November of 2007. I converted my home with a Value Pack. We could tell a difference within a few days of converting to healthier, safer products. Isaiah is now 13 and the only thing he takes is the CounterAct Allergy, and of course the vitamins. He hasn't used his rescue inhaler in over a year, and that was during fall soccer!! My family is so happy to have found Melaleuca!! Melaleuca has completely changed our lives!!

~ Brandy

My son was diagnosed as a severe steroid dependent asthmatic at 13 months of age, which is much sooner than children are usually diagnosed. However due to the severity of his first asthma attack (leaving him on life support for 5 days) and my families significant history of severe asthmatics there was no doubt he would be a steroid dependent asthmatic for life. For the next 2 years my toddler was on massive adult doses of steroids (both oral and inhaled around the clock). He took antibiotics just to try to stay well, they call this maintenance antibiotic. He was on allergy medicine, and he had to be on tummy medicine because the asthma medicine was so hard on his system. The steroids made him severely obese and bloated. We were literally home bound for a year and a half going only to the ER and to the Pediatricians office. We saw many specialists and they all agreed that he would never be off of daily steroids to control his asthma. I would have to get my mom to keep him just so I could clean because he started wheezing if I used any type of cleaning products while he was in the house.

My mom was also a severe asthmatic, she was admitted every few months to ICU due to her asthma. She's been to Jewish Pulmonary Hospital in Denver and she used to stay sick.

Then in January 2012 I found Melaleuca, I converted my home immediately with a Value Pack. With Gina Neef's help I immediately shared Melaleuca with my parents. My mom started with an Eco-sense Home Conversion Pack. We all fell in love with the products!

Fast Forward to October 2012 and I had successfully weaned my son off of ALL seven of his daily prescriptions! I was still cautious and watched him close for signs of his asthma flaring up again. I am so grateful to report that today my son is STILL off of all asthma medicine and has only had to use his inhaler a few times since! My mom has not been to the ER or been admitted to ICU since! She was even able to walk on the beach last summer for the first time since 1998! I now have a 21 month old that has been healthy and only had one sick visit for a red ear! Melaleuca has given my mom and my son a quality of life that we never dreamed possible. We will be Melaleuca customers for life and generations to come!

~ Cristy

I have had asthma since I was 5, (61 years ago) but had it well controlled until about 14 years ago. Then in spring I would have to wear a filter mask when I walked my dog, or end up with an asthma attack. This went on for 3 years until I became a Melaleuca customer in August of 2003. I have not had to use a filter mask or had an asthma attack in 10 years. I credit not having the chemical allergens in the house to compound the outdoor allergens.

~ Jane

I've been with Melaleuca for about 5 months, and let me tell you I'm so happy. You saved my oldest son Aaron. He suffers from asthma, and with the all natural products that I use to clean my home, he has no flare ups any more. He's is not coughing anymore, and I can finally clean my home and know we are all safe, and I'm not slowly killing my family. Thank you so much Melaleuca!!!

~ Demetra

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