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Unlike a cold that makes us feel miserable for a few days, allergy symptoms can last for weeks or months. An allergic person has an immune system that mistakenly identifies pollens and molds as harmful allergens. In response, the body releases histamine, which causes an inflammatory reaction. The sneezing, stuffiness, and watery eyes are the result of the body's effort to eliminate allergens.

Allergy season can start in the spring when trees release pollen, and continue in summer with the release of grass pollens, and in the fall with the abundant release of ragweed pollen. Offending house dust allergens and mold can be present year round.

How to Avoid Allergens

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide advises, when possible, to avoid exposure to allergy-causing pollens and mold. Understanding how you are exposed to allergens can help you plan your time outdoors so that you can prevent an allergic reaction. The highest pollen counts occur between 5am and 10am.

Before heading outdoors apply a tiny bit of MelaGel or Sunshades Lip Balm under your nose (not in your nose). This can act as a pollen and allergen barrier. Wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses can also help keep allergens off your hair and eyes. When coming indoors you and your clothes might be covered with pollen. Taking a shower before bed, and using a saline spray or nasal irrigation will help you sleep better.

Indoors it is important to control dust, especially in the bedroom. Avoid line-drying bed linens and clothing. Avoid vacuuming in the evening, as it stirs up dust. Better yet, if possible, avoid having carpet in the bedroom. Regularly clean window sills, as they can be an overlooked source of dust and mold. Reduce allergy-causing dust by using Rustic Touch Furniture Polish.

To Reduce Symptoms

When exposed to pollens try a few sprays of Cool Shot Breath Spray. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends using a cold-mist humidifier with 1/2 cap of Sol-U-Mel. Using the humidifier at night will help improve breathing and reduce coughing.

Improving Your Immune System

Along with avoiding allergens, you can help your immune system and cool allergic inflammatory reactions by eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating fewer processed foods and saturated fats as found in some dairy and meat.

Probiotics - Seventeen out of the twenty-three studies found that persons who have seasonal allergies and took probiotics had milder symptoms compared to allergic persons who did not take probiotics.

The Peak Performance Nutrition Pack contains Vitality Multivitamin & Mineral, CardiOmega EPA (helps decrease inflammation) CellWise (broad-spectrum antioxidant) and Florify (probiotic with 10 billion colonies of flora). Also included are flavonoid-rich ProvexCV and Recover AI which is formulated to help with inflammation.

Avoidance of allergens and improving your immune systems is the first line of defense. But for those times when molds and pollens get the best of us we can take CounterAct Allergy.

~ Richard M Barry

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Allergies Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

Talk about spring allergies, this year I was sick for almost 2 weeks. My bones and joints ached and also had a fever, sneezing. I had everything! Thanks to the Melaleuca products I got over this and feel great now and looking forward to my 68th birthday in a couple of weeks. Thanks,

~ Kelly

Hi, well, let me start by telling you that anybody who knows me knows that had the WORST allergies on earth!! I would take up to 6 Benadryls a day!! I tried every kind of over-the-counter allergy medicine there was…They either didn't work, or gave me such jittery side effects that it made me feel worse. I would always be in bed: with trouble breathing, itchy-watery eyes, and I would go through a box of Kleenex every week!! I enrolled with Melaleuca a year and a half ago and in my first order I purchased the Counter Act Allergy medicine. I would take one when I had a flare up, and they worked, but then 4 months later, I started taking the vitamins and slowly changing over all my household cleaners to the EcoSense line. Let me tell you, I haven't had a flare up (knock on wood) In over a year now!! I truly believe it's all the chemicals that are OUT of my house!! Thank you Melaleuca!! You have a customer for life!!

~ Angel

Spring allergies aren't severe because I take the Peak Performance Pack. But when my eyes start itching, I know something has gotten to me. So I pull out one of Melaleuca's Counteract Allergy pills and within 15 minutes or so my eyes aren't itching anymore! Absolutely love it. It is so easy to let someone try one and they are hooked. It works so much faster than the others out there on the market!

~ Eileen

My immune system has gotten so much better in the 10 years I have been with Melaleuca. I think it is especially the Florify and the ProvexCV that I've taken for so long. When I get into something that makes my eyes start itching and I am out and about, I use the Cool Shot Breath Spray. It clears it up.

~ Anna

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