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Melaleuca Product Research & Reviews Newsletter
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10 Money Saving Tips from The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

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The Melaleuca Wellness Guide has often been called the "go-to" guide for effective eco-friendly tips and remedies. Sometimes we're so happy to find a safe remedy that we forget that we are also saving money. So today we thought we would focus on some of these savings.

Of course Melaleuca products are already a great value. On page 303 of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide you'll find a price comparison chart which compares the cost of Melaleuca products vs similar products at Wal-Mart. When compared on a "cost per use" basis, Melaleuca products save you money. And you're getting a much better, safer product to boot!

One of the ways we save is by using a product that we already have on the shelf but for an alternative use. Melaleuca products are extremely versatile. Just glancing at the "Products Index" on page 311 will show that many of the products have literally dozens of uses for common household and health problems. Additionally, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide actually has a chapter titled "Alternative Uses" for some of the more "off the wall" uses for Melaleuca products.

Another way we save is by solving a problem without having to make an extra trip to the doctor, or to take a pet to the veterinarian. The money-saving solutions are not based on guess work, but based on the properties of the product and the clinical experiences of health care providers, veterinarians, and people who use Melaleuca products every day.

Tea Tree Oil (aka Melaleuca Oil)

Infections, Abrasions, Accidental Burns - We know Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) is very healing and has many uses. We could easily list 10 money-saving tips just with Melaleuca oil. It is effective against bacteria, even antibiotic resistant staphylococcus aureus. It fights against fungi and viral infections. It soothes abrasions, burns, and insect bites. Tea tree oil is also anti-inflammatory.

Earaches and Ear Infections - Tea tree oil has long been used as a treatment for ear infections. Using diluted Melaleuca oil to treat ear infections and earaches saves medical costs and can reduce our child's exposure to microbiome-disrupting antibiotics.

On a personal note, this use for Melaleuca Oil has been a particular blessing to my family. We have five children, and all have had ear aches and infections from time to time. Based on our experience, the treatment recommended in the Guide soothes the pain almost instantly. Additionally we've found that, if an infection is caught and treated early enough, it will not develop into a full-blown infection. Our children learned to come to us right away when pain in the ear began to develop. Two or three soothing treatments would usually take care of the problem, which would allow us to avoid an expensive visit to the doctor.)

Insect Bites and Allergic Skin Reactions - Another first aid use for tea tree oil is to reduce the pain and itching of insect stings or bites. An abstract published in the British Journal of Dermatology acknowledged that Melaleuca oil can alleviate allergic responses, such as the itchy reaction suffered after a sting or a bite.

Infections in Dogs - The Melaleuca Wellness Guide provides several money-saving uses of diluted tea tree oil for dogs. For instance if your dog's paws become cracked and sore first bathe his paws in an antiseptic wash of 2-3 drops of T36-C5 mixed with 3 drops of carrier oil and added to a bowl of warm water. Apply with a cotton ball. Then apply a few drops of the following mixture: 5 drops of T36-C5 blended with 1/2 cup of carrier oil. Store this mixture in a dark glass bottle and apply it to the paws 2-3 times each day. If your pet will wear little socks, it will assist in the healing and help to keep the area clean.

There are many other natural Melaleuca treatments for your pets, horses, and farm animals in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide.


No newsletter about money-saving tips could be complete without mentioning Sol-U-Mel. It is a super cleaner and stain remover that gets out ink, magic marker, crayon, pet messes, nail polish, grease, paint, road tar, mold, residues, and so much more. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide lists 120 money-saving uses for Sol-U-Mel.

Pet Stains and Odors - A carpet is a big investment and sometimes our pets will have an accident, or mark his territory. If a pet can smell his scent he will return to the same area. Sol-U-Mel penetrates and dissolves the pet stain so that you can train your pet to no longer visit that area. Sol-U-Mel's natural scent also neutralizes the odor of the pet stain.

Permanent Marker - Much time and money can be saved by using Sol-U-Mel to remove permanent marker on carpets, walls and countertops.

10 Tips Out of Hundreds

Having a few safer products that are effective and save us money makes life simpler and truly less cluttered. There are over 565 sections in The Melaleuca Wellness Guide with recommendations for health conditions, home care problems, and ailments common to pets, horses, and farm animals. I have no doubt that, with this information, you will be able to take full advantage of Melaleuca's money saving products.

~ Richard M Barry

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide

The cover of the Melaleuca Wellness Guide

Widely recognized as the definitive resource for the many questions about uses of Melaleuca products, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide features over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 215 suggestions for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals.

Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have found that when they make sure their new customers have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, they are happier with their choice to switch stores. Using The Melaleuca Wellness Guide helps people understand the many applications for Melaleuca products. Understanding of the products helps create product-centered organizations which have higher average order size and retention rates.

10 Melaleuca Money Saving Testimonials

The people below will receive a free copy of The Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.

Hi, I have been purchasing your Melaleuca Wellness Guide for years for all of my new customers. I noticed you are working on a "money" newsletter, and I have a couple of great money saving tips. My family of six saved an enormous amount of money because for years I have been making a gallon a day of tasty beverages using a tea bag from the Melaleuca variety pack along with one packet of Splash from a variety of the flavors provided! I place these together in a gallon container. The tea and Splash make a drink that is second to none! That makes over a month's worth of different beverages to give my family. The flavors are great, the nutrition is fantastic, and the cost is pennies to a drink. We saved thousands over the years raising our healthy family.

~ Marilyn

I'm a cost comparison guy, and was very skeptical looking at Melaleuca. My wife taught me about Unit Pricing, so I would go to the grocery store, and write down prices of products we would normally purchase, along with servings etc. Then I would compare these with the Melaleuca products that would replace those items. It was pretty interesting to see the cost savings, especially with cleaners; however, the quality is what far surpassed everything else. Some examples are: Gatorade is $18.90 for ten 32 fl oz servings versus Sustain Sport is $10.99 for twenty 16 fl oz servings, which is a $7.91 savings. Proactive facial cleansing at the mall is $3.99 per ounce versus Clarity Clear Skin pack is $1.88 per ounce which is $2.11 per ounce savings. I could go on and on. I love this company!

~ Kerry

My 14 year old Westie has had a tough winter...who hasn't. The snow, ice, sand and salts have really irritated and hurt the pads on his feet. I consulted my vet before using T40-C3 oil and he suggested diluting it with some olive oil. This saved me a very expensive vet bill and helped so much, I was amazed. I put a few drops in a teaspoon of olive oil and rubbed it on the pads of his feet twice a day. I noticed a difference within the first day, and by day three, his pads looked perfect. Incredible!!! This worked so well I decided to try it on an abscess he had developed on his tail. The vet had said it might have to be surgically removed. Imagine the cost. Within ten days the abscess had totally shrunk and all that remained was a small black scab that could be easily cut away. It looks perfect now, and again, no expensive vet bill. My new "go to" for healing anything pet or people. YES ....amazing and it totally works!

~ Ellen

My daughter Chiara was about 1 year old when I noticed she was pulling on her ear a lot. She was in obvious discomfort; she wouldn't play or eat, and would fall asleep for a few seconds only to wake up whimpering again. I immediately suspected an ear infection. I took our bottle of Melaleuca oil, mixed it with olive oil, put a few drops in her ears, and literally within minutes she was back to herself again. I couldn't believe it! Thank you Melaleuca for yet another saved trip to the clinic!

~ Miriam

Not long after I joined Melaleuca, we got a little puppy. Puppies are notorious for chewing things! Wrangler found a bottle of black shoe dye, carried it under the dining room table on an area rug that was less than a month old. We were gone to a college basketball game and, when we got home, I found the empty shoe dye bottle and started looking for the contents. It was on the brand new $900 rug! I got the Sol-U-Mel, lifted up the rug, and placed a bunch of paper towels under the stain. I kept putting the Sol-U-Mel on the stain and changing out the paper towels. I would have to point out the area where the dye WAS because the stain is gone and my rug was saved!! It is a phenomenal product that I ALWAYS have on hand.

~ Wanda

Sol-U-Mel has saved me lots of money over the years. One incident was when our daughter was a toddler. She got a hold of my lipstick and it was all over her, the carpet, the cabinets, entertainment center and the television. My husband was frantic and called me at work. I told him not to panic and to just cover it and leave it until I got home. I grabbed the Sol-U-Mel and got busy. It removed ALL the lipstick. The second incident when our daughter was 4 years old, she decided she'd take a black permanent marker and draw pictures on her new bedroom furniture, the carpet, and even gave her Little People toys mustaches, hair, etc. Again, I told my husband not to panic and I'll take care of it when I get home. The permanent marker came off with no problem. The third incident our daughter decided she wanted to paint her toe nails with bright pink nail polish. She spilled the whole bottle on her bedroom carpet and covered it up. My husband found it all dried up. It was a thick mess. He called a carpet cleaner to get an estimate of what it might cost to remove it. They told him it would cost $50 just to come out to look at it. When I got home, I used the Sol-U-Mel and with lots of patience I was able to get every bit of the nail polish out of the carpet. I called the carpet cleaner and told them not to bother coming out because I was able to get it out.

~ Pam

My 3-year-old daughter leaned into a hot iron and burned her lips. By the time I reached the bathroom, she was already blistering. I grabbed a wet cotton ball and dotted it with T36-C5. Within a few seconds, she stopped crying. (No exaggeration!) We alternated between reapplying diluted T40-C3 and cold compresses until she fell asleep that night. When she woke up in the morning, the only residual physical evidence was a hairline red line on her upper lip. Within a few days of using MelaGel to heal the sore, she was completely healed (although she won't come near me now when I iron clothes)! Secondly, I saved myself a vet visit once by using diluted T36-C5 on an abscess on my dog. She was calm within a few seconds of the application, and by morning it was completely gone. Thanks Melaleuca for allowing me to take care of all of my family members.

~ Deanna

We have a healthy...better yet...ALIVE cat because of Melaleuca oil T36-C5. Our kitty was a stray, and he seems to like to fight. One night he came home with two puncture wounds on his chest. They wouldn't heal and as a last effort before going to the vet, I treated them with Melaleuca oil. He wasn't very happy about it, fought like a tiger, but the wounds scabbed over by morning! We kept applying it and he healed completely in a few days! Imagine what that would have cost at the vet? But one of the worst was the occasion our cat was bitten clear through his ear (there was an actual hole!). I said, "Let him alone, he will care for it." WRONG! The next morning his ear was horribly swollen and infected. His ear was hardly recognizable as an ear. We had healed his battle wounds with Melaleuca oil T36-C5 before, so we used it again. The swelling reduced significantly overnight, and over the course of a few days we watched it heal beautifully! The scab was large, dry, red, and was curling his ear backwards. So we washed it with Hydrating Facial Cleanser and rubbed in Renew several times a day for a few days and could not believe the difference it made! It took about a week, but his ear looked absolutely normal, and the hair started to grow back. He hadn't been in a fight in months, but just last week our cat came home after fighting (who-knows-what), and he had severely lost. After wiping away the blood I found several puncture wounds in each ear, cheek, neck, and chest. One side of his face swollen and his eye almost swollen shut. Interestingly enough when we went to douse him in Melaleuca oil this time, he just sat there and let us do it. I think he has figured out that this "smell" helps! The next day the swelling was almost gone, and the eye looked much better. We gave him a bath with ProCare Pet Shampoo (which wonderfully lives up to its claims) and re-treated him with the oil. By the third day all wounds were scabbed over and NONE became infected. Simply amazing! I am always excited to save money on household, food and personal items but I never thought we'd be saving thousands in vet care!!! Thanks for sending out your newsletter every week. I really learn a lot from the information and testimonies!

~ Chery

This is a miracle in a bottle! I will never be without my Sol-U-Mel! I have used this on multiple occasions and it has come to the rescue to save my couch, carpet, table cloth, and tile countertops. My darling two year old son was practicing potty training, and after giving him a few trusting moments without a diaper, I ended with a very large surprise on my new carpet. I tried several other cleaners over time, and nothing seemed to get out the whole stain. I was reminded every time I vacuumed how much it stood out. Well, once I received my Career Pack, I put Sol-U-Mel to the test. I simply sprayed the area, allowed it to sit a few minutes, then went back with a damp towel to rub on it. I waited for it to dry before giving it a full inspection, and to this day I cannot find or remember where the spot was! It's gone!!!! On another occasion, my darling son got hold of our address stamp and stamped my micro fiber couch. Instead of panicking, I simply grabbed my Sol-U-Mel spray bottle and a damp cloth, sprayed the "self addressed" cushion, and easily wiped it away. Love this product! It is also great at removing permanent ink. I got Sharpie pen on my tile counter top and easily wiped it away with a dab of straight Sol-U-Mel on a paper towel. I also used it straight when I got Sharpie pen on my new tablecloth. Didn't even need to wash it. Sol-U-Mel removed the spot completely! I have learned two very valuable lessons: 1. I will never be without Sol-U-Mel, and 2. I should probably stop using Sharpies! I also keep an eight ounce bottle in my laundry room. I add a capful to my loads if I have anything that has really bad odors, or if I forget to switch over and leave a wet load in the washer too long, I'll do a quick wash with two capfuls to remove the mildew smell. This truly is gold in a bottle!

~ Ashley

When we moved into our new home, my husband stepped into caulking that had just been applied that morning. Of course, the caulking was transferred to the carpeting. That was fifteen years ago. For the next three years, I tried every remedy I could find to remove it. No success. Then, on a conference call, I heard the words CAULKING and SOL-U-MEL together; this really got my attention. I had purchased Sol-U-Mel in my Value Pack, so I tried a small undiluted amount on the rug behind the door in the back bedroom. Two minutes later, with a damp cloth, MUCH TO MY SURPRISE! I removed that spot of caulking. Within no time, ALL THE CAULKING SPOTS WERE GONE! My $11.00 purchase saved me time, effort, and lots of money for the carpet that I didn't have to replace. Now I make sure that I always have Sol-U-Mel available for removing stains, odor elimination, and as a cleaning booster. I've been a customer for twelve years!

~ Beckie

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